February 26, 2009

I Remember When...

In some way, I feel I was born and have lived until now in particular time, when technology has evolved with light speed. Having lived in different countries and being born in the former east block, I feel I have experienced tremendous advances, which - although I have accepted - still intrigue and amaze me.

Below is a list of things I still remember that existed or did not exist, which exposes me for the dinosaur I really am.

1) I remember when a telephone was not common at all; and I remember the telephones with a crank handle being still in use. Of course my whole childhood was spend with a rotary dial telephone only.

2) I remember when mobile (cellular) telephones were science fiction.

3) I remember when personal computer was a wishing tale and the word computer meant a huge, wired monster that took up a large room in a secret building somewhere filled with computer nerds. I actually remember hearing the word computer for the first time.

4) I remember the introduction of Internet late in my adult life.

5) I remember when owning a car was a rarity.

6) I remember when horse drawn carriage was still a common mean of transportation in the country side.

7) I remember when the only heating source in a room was an ceramic or steel oven.

8) I remember kitchens without running water and with stove that was heated by coal.

9) I remember the time when television was black and white, not colored.

10) I remember when remote control did not exist.

11) I remember when there were no digital clocks or displays.

12) I remember the first time I saw a calculator; when only one family owned one in the whole neighborhood.

13) I remember when fax-machines did not exist.

14) I remember writing with a pen that had to be dipped into inkwell.

15) I remember the introduction of escalators and sliding doors.

16) I remember LP's and tapes, I remember the time before CD's.

17) I remember radios so big, they were standing on the floor and took up half of the room.

18) I remember how impressed I was when I saw a VCR for the first time.

19) I remember when microwaves and dishwashers did not exist.

20) I remember when refrigerators were rare, freezers non existent and milk not pasteurized.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am with you on virtually all of those memories, Z - We can be dinosaur sisters together!

Diane said...

Wow, you're old ;)

I love the look on Ryan's face when I tell her about 'the way things were'... she's incredulous. The idea of being attached to the wall when she talks on the phone is something she simply cannot comprehend! ;)

Gal Friday said...

It is so interesting to me that while you are younger in years than I am, you remember things like a using a crank telephone and kitchens with no running water(these things to me were only in vacation homes and cabins)and your perspective of having grown up in a still Communist society of course makes things different for you.
I DO remember black and white television, LP's and cassettes and having to wait for the radio to "warm up" before you could listen to it.
I wonder if you still own LP's and have a turntable? We do in our home, so at least my daughter knows what these are and knows how to work one(and knows the joy of setting the speed higher to 45 so the recording is speeded up hilariously)

Julie Hibbard said...

I thought we were about the same age. If I am correct with this, then it must be that I have grown up in South Orange County California, USA that makes things so different.
I will write a blog about this very soon. We always had a phone (more than one), a TV, (always more than one!) cars (usually two or three), running water. I have never seen a piece of coal or been in a horse drawn carriage. Interesting!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE technology. LOVE my iPod, my laptop, my BlackBerry. Can't wait til the NEXT generation of stuff like that.
And, I love YOU! Can't wait to meet you someday...maybe soon. We have so much to catch up on!
Thanks for the great idea!

j. said...

Hi! Yup, I do know your preference for brighter colors- which is why when I saw the earrings that my aunt made, all I could think of was how it fit your style so much. She gave me a couple and whilst I love her for them, I cant really wear them with anything. :-)

I wanted to give a pair to you-- like the friendship gift I sent Cate and a few other people. hehe. I think they'd look super nice on you. :-)

So yea, let me know.



Claus said...

Hello there and greetings from Guatemala. I'm a friend of Gal Friday's and when reading her blog I always find your comment. I had to come and read your blog and you have such interesting entries and topics!! If it's OK with you, I would like to keep on coming and read what in my opinion is one of those websites/blogs that are interesting and informative, and that somehow lightens up your day :-)

I do remember a lot of the things you listed, like dialing phones, old radios (grandma's collection...some still work), life without cellphones, and people and civilization without a PC. Simple times those were I think, don't you?

Melanie Gillispie said...

My sister and I were just talking about how we had to stretch the phone cord of the only phone in the house across the hallway from the kitchen to our bedroom to get some privacy. That would be unthinkable today since kids have their own cell phones and numbers. We thought it was amazing when some parents would let their kids have a phone in their room or GASP! their very own phone number, separate from the main house number, and that was only 20 years ago!

Holly said...

I remember many of those things, but definately not all of them. I guess we really are getting up there in years, huh? :( No matter,...we are both very young at heart!! I know that I have already told you this, but I am still Fascinated by the fact that you learned to use ink from a well.

Hilary said...

I must be younger than you after all! Ok, we both know that I'm significantly older, but many of those things that you remember, no longer existed in my part of the world. Interesting to note history evolving at different paces. Great post, Z. :)

And that letter I owe you should be on its way soonish. :)


I'd love to get more large rings, it's a crazy obsession haha. I would love any size, any color!!! yeah!! =]


Hazel Designs said...

Wow, horse drawn carriages? That's awesome.

Zuzana said...

=Fhina, glad you recognize all that I listed, it make m e feel like I was not born in the stone age after all.;))

=Diane, I can so understand that; but to be honest, doesn't the land-line still have to be connected to the wall? I only own a cellular phone and have so for over 10 years (no land-line), so I have no idea how land-lines work these days.:P

=Tina, that is exactly it; growing up in Eastern Europe, I got to see all these things as in the country side the time stood still. The difference between the cities and he village was - and still is I believe - quiet distinct.;)

=Julie, yes you are definitely blessed with technology growing up in the west.;) And I so agree, I love the gadgets of the modern world; as you know I am a mac fan too.;))
And thank you for that kindness you are showing me; right back at you! Always glad when you stop by.;))

=Valentine; you know me, the gypsy girl.;))
And in regards to the earrings; that is such an honor, are you serious? What a lovely gesture, of course I am interested. Interested is not the right word; I am very flattered and very surprised. You are so kind and so sweet.;))
Please feel free to mail me, the email is on my profile page.;)

=From, welcome and thank you for a beautiful and kind comment.;) Always glad to meet new people.;) Guatemala sounds so exotic! I am happy to hear you like what you read here and please feel free to come back at any time.;))
And I agree with your last sentence, sometimes I truly miss the simplicity in life.;))
Thank you for stopping by.;)

=Mel, that is so true! Having your own phone was unthinkable! It is very strange that just 20 years ago the world was such a different place. I often think about the kids of my cousin, living in Prague. They were born after the fall of the communism, which means to them that is history, while to me it is like it happened yesterday. Although it will be 20 years soon. Odd indeed;))

=Holly, young at heart will work for me.;)) Yes, ink well it was and I remember the smudges still.;))
Thank you so much for your comments that always warm my heart and keep it young.;))

=Hilary, you always struck me as my age or younger! You ARE truly young at heart and a never ending inspiration.;))
Yes, sometimes when I think of my past I feel I have lived many different lives and everything feels like ages ago, but then again, it has all gone way too fast...
Your comments and letters mean the world to me.;))

=fashion chalet, I think if I was young today, I would be like you (or hope to be).;)) It is so refershing follow your site, I so love my visits.;)

=Hazel, always happy to be able to make someone say "awesome".;)) Yes, they were, but again, it was really out in the countryside, at the end of the world.;) But a beautiful place nevertheless.;)

Betsy Brock said...

I don't think you are old, I think it is the country life of Europe, like you say! Although, I do remember a lot of these things, too! It's amazing the inventions that have come about in the last few decades!

Zuzana said...

=Betsy, yes, that is it; as I grew up in the east, where the development of technology was slower, I did get to experience some unusual, old fashioned things.;) I agree, the inventions of just the past 20 years are amazing;)