February 21, 2009

The Return Of The Sun.

Even though Miss Winter is holding us still in her firm grip (and it is snowing heavily as I am typing this), she can not keep back the sun. The sun is returning slowly, raising up higher in the sky and each day many more minutes of light are added to our days. The contrast between winter and summer, when it comes to daylight, is incredibly obvious this far up in the north. While in the winter, we have days with only twilight at the best, in the summer, the sun is still shinning late in the evening and if I stay up really late, or wake up really early, I can see the sunrise and the sunset simultaneously. I am still in a complete awe of this natural phenomena and will remain fascinated by it forever.

Finally it is now light in the mornings, when I get up to go to work, which makes it less painful to actually leave the bed.
One morning, this past week, when I awoke and looked out of my bedroom window, I could watch a spectacular sunrise, almost a celestial show, a feast for the eyes. The sun moves so fast at this time of the year, that I only managed to capture the event with the camera on my phone; nevertheless this was the first sign foretelling the sun is returning once again.


Gal Friday said...

That IS one spectacular sunrise. A good reward for one who has to rise so early in the morning.
I am pleased about the light now in the morning, too(and hearing the birds outside my window, too--a good sign of the coming spring). It makes it much easier to get up ot of bed.

Hilary said...

Gorgeous shots! I know what you mean about the changes. Though far less dramatic and distinct, each day is absolutely starting earlier and ending later here too. I just can't imagine the beauty and joy of simultaneous sunrise and sunset. Now that you've said that, you're just going to have to catch a video of it.. a surround view. :)

Betsy said...

Beautiful! I love it when the sky turns pink with a sunrise or sunset! I've noticed it isn't dark while we are eating dinner anymore...a sure sign that winter is in it's final weeks!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Aw, the flattery<3

thank you :]

How's the weekend treating you, dear??

The song is fantastic and catchy, no? I love finding 'new' stuff for you guys! :P


SarahA said...

A sign that Spring is nearly here in all her glory. She has one step already over the threshold and soon the other will follow, for sure. Beautiful colours painted across the sky and captured.

Keera Ann Fox said...

What a beautiful morning glow!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Incredible shot of the rising sun. Very interesting phenomena you have up north. Thanks for sharing.

noelle chantal said...

Wow, beautiful photos Protege! I love seeing the sky turning into golden orange. :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Donnetta Lee said...

So, so pretty. And looks so peaceful. I am really ready for spring. D

Protege said...

=Tina, as you live in similar climate as I do, you too know the feeling of the sudden change in daylight hours; a very welcome sign of spring.;) The birds do not sing here yet, but hopefully will very soon.;))

=Hilary, my pictures are nothing compared to yours.;) I so do not understand how you can for example capture the detail of the moon and the birds, you will have to share your secret one day.;)
The video sounds like a great idea!;))

=Betsy, thank you. Happy to hear you too can feel the difference in your neck of the woods.;) Hopefully the spring is just around the corner;)

=fashion chalet, it is the truth; gorgeous is the word for both.;)
My weekend was good, thank you so much; hope yours was too.;))

=SarahA, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the pictures, they might speak to a poet such as you.
Thank you for stopping by.;)

=Keera, thank you, I am sure you must recognize such sunrise as well.;)

=Mahmud, I am sure a talented artist, such as yourself must like the colors; they remind me of the ones in your paintings.;)

=noelle, thank you sweetie; I am sure you must see many exotic and gorgeous sunrises in your part of the world.;)

=J Cosmo, thank you for that poignant compliment;))

=Donnetta, I so agree, I am VERY ready for spring. Hope it will arrive soon.;))

steviewren said...

Awesome! I've wanted to see the sunset and sunrise at the same time ever since I read about that phenomenon a long time ago. We don't experience such dramatic seasonal changes with the sun in the south as you do there, but I am happy to be driving home from work in the daylight again. I hate coming home when it is already dark.

Protege said...

=steviewren, here it is still dark when I drive home, but the again, I work long hours. Once it gets light when I go home from work, then I know summer has truly arrived.;))