February 16, 2009

Fashion Tag.

I got tagged a week or so ago by the lovely Valentine. This tag was a particularly fun one to play.
Anyone who feels up to the challenge please be my guests;)

Describe your personal style?
My personal style could be described as a combination of vintage fashion with bohemian and eclectic influences. I love over-sized jewelry, vivid colors, bright patterns, flowing and loose fabrics and lots of bracelets. I prefer when my hair is free and wild and love to wear makeup that accentuates my eyes.

What are the staples in you wardrobe?
Jeans, loose tunics, tight sleeveless dresses or tops.

What's your signature look?
I guess jeans and loose vintage tunics made of Georgette fabric with wide sleeves in the winter or bright colored, tight sleeveless dresses in the summer. All worn with multitude of bracelets and over-sized earrings.

What inspires you?
Music and any form of art. Life stories and people's experiences; the way they manage to overcome the difficulties by keeping their optimism and their "Joie De Vivre".

Who is your fashion muse?
Would you believe that I do not have one? I guess growing old(er) means I acquire my own style. Today I pick and choose a bit here and there and make everything my own. I do not need a fashion muse for that.

Favorite purchase of all time?
Without question, my house.

Biggest Splurge?
My fireplace. It was costly, but it was oh so worth it!

What's your beauty routine?
I am high maintenance, which means I have a specific beauty routine, or rather routines. I spend one hour in the bathroom in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening. It would bore everyone silly if I listed everything I do; but I can say one thing; I never ever go to bed without removing my make up and brushing my teeth, no matter what.

What jewelry do you never take off?
A small, delicate golden cross on a thin golden necklace.

What are you wishing for?
Personally, for good health and love.
Overall, I wish the economical situation in the world would improve soon.

What are your obsessions?
Obsessions? I am not sure I am directly obsessed with anything. I take pleasure in certain things; such as relaxing in front of the fireplace in winter, while drinking hot coffee, watching romantic movies. In the summer I love to spend time in the sun, on the beach or in my garden. And I love to blog, which is, I guess, my latest obsession.


Diane said...

My style is 'anything that's clean (or not too dirty)'... I never wear tight things on purpose (though I do wear them... sigh)... and my fashion influence is 'whatever is on sale at Target'. I should turn in my Girl Card, shouldn't I? ;)

Rosezilla said...

I so enjoyed getting to know you just a little bit better. Your fashion style sounds lovely and artistic.

Donnetta Lee said...

Yes, you remind me of an artist. My style is very boring. Usually blue jeans and a boring top. Maybe I need to branch out! I think I'll start wearing hats! D

J Cosmo Newbery said...

An interesting snap shot!

noelle chantal said...

Your style def suits your personality. I like it very much Protege. The first time I saw your profile photo, I said.. "This lady is very pretty! Her makeup is just gorgeous as well as her stylish chunky accessories." And I even showed your profile pic to my boyfriend. hehe :)

Your beauty routines truly work on you. You look stunning Protege! :)

Protege said...

=Diane, I bet your fashion style is as unique as you are.;) I have always been interested in fashion, but that doesn't mean that my style is any way great. On the contrary, just ask my mother, or sister:P They always think I am overdoing everything.;))

=Rosezilla, thank you so much, glad you enjoyed this post.;) I guess I just like the whole "gypsy dancing with flowers in her hair" picture.;)

=Donetta; yes, why not! Hats are very cool, unfortunately they do not fit me. Though I have tried to wear them in the past.;)) I have always liked a woman or even a man in a hat, that is so stylish;)
Thank you for stopping by.;)

=J Cosmo, thank you.;) Snapshot it is.;)) Thank you so much for stopping by.;))

=My dear Noelle, you are so sweet! What a lovely comment that just made my morning.;)) Every "aging" woman needs to hear those words, particularly coming from a young, gorgeous beauty such as yourself;)
What a great compliment, that is for sure.;)) Although I wonder if the reality reflects the picture;))

Cairo Typ0 said...

A fireplace is always a great splurge!! I used to love curling up with a good book in front of hte fire. :)

Valentine said...

I love your answers and your style. You remind me of a gypsy! Ive always been fascinated by them. :-) I used to love big, dangly earrings too but after cutting my short I realized that they no longer look nice on me.

I cant wait till the day I buy my house.. I want a fireplace too-- but that'd be weird.. I dont think fireplaces would serve their real purpose when used in a tropical country. (lol)



Mel said...

I'm very happy for your latest obsession! ;)

Gal Friday said...

All I know is...you radiate a certain eye-catching, unique style just from what I have read in your blog the last few months, and from your photos.
Also, I want house numbers(the tiles) just like yours!!!!!

Protege said...

=Cairo, so glad you are back! Yes, I love my fireplace, especially right now.;)

=Valentine, glad you liked my answers to your tag.;)) You thinking me as a Gypsy is a great compliment to me.;) And I am sure you will buy a house one day; knowing the little I know about you, you are one ambitious young lady.;))

=Mel, I am happy my obsession is appreciated!;))

=Tina, right back at you! Your style is unique and captivating; please feel free to tag yourself with this meme, should you wish to.;))
The tiles were bought on my trip to Côte d’Azur; I loved them at first sight.;))