March 04, 2009

Relic Hunter.

I am officially experiencing a slight "writers block", or I guess, a "blog block". This is due to the fact that my life is extremely un-eventful, only filled with monotonous days, creating weeks that are all alike. Boring. Nothing fun or exciting to report, except keeping busy at work and trying to catch up on things badly neglected due to blogging, actually.
It is at times like these that I do daydream a lot. These reality escapes might include thoughts on such subject as "what if...?"

What if I could choose to live my life in a fantasy reality? Who would I want to be? The answer has always been very obvious to me - I would choose to become the female Indiana Jones.
In fact, about a decade ago, such a heroine was starring in my favorite TV show ever, called "Relic Hunter". I loved everything about it, including the look and the style of the heroine herself, Sydney Fox, played by the gorgeous Tia Carrere.

What appealed very much to me about her was the fact that she was not just beautiful and physically strong, but also very capable, independent, highly intelligent and fearless. While still managing to be completely feminine.
Well, it is a fantasy figure after all. Furthermore, history and archeology has always fascinated me and what can be more exciting than to live ones life as a never ending adventure. Then we are talking exciting blog posts and a complete absence of a writing block. Ever.


steviewren said...

I know what you mean about being out of blog ideas. My life seems the same week in and week out to me. I see the same things everyday. I'm always happy whenever I get some new ideas.

As to my dream job. I've always wanted to teach history. I'd love to inspire kids to love history instead of hate it. I'd love to show them how music and art and drama reflect world events.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Ooh, "Relic Hunter"! I loved that series!

I suffer from "blog block", too. I can't stand it, really. That it seems that one has to be miserable in order to have something to write about.

sallymandy said...

Protege: Well, if you have writer's block it doesn't show. This is such a draggy time of year, though...does that have something to do with it? I know it does for me. The days that I post "Thought for the Day" are the ones I don't have anything to say, or time to say it.

Have you ever read "The Artist's Way?" Very inspiring for writer's block.

Melanie Gillispie said...

I don't think I've ever seen The Relic Hunter, but I love Tia Carrere. She's the full package, just like Sydney Fox, it sounds like. I've been having daydream block lately. I miss my daydreams.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Tia looks gorgeous. I think I would froze to see her in the flesh.

Zuzana said...

happy to hear someone shares my feelings about the monotonous days.;)
Teaching history seems not even like a fantasy job, more like a very true profession and a significant calling. I am sure you would be really good at it.;))

how fun that you too liked Sydney!;)) I wish there would be more shows of that kind on TV.;)
Yes, the blog block is just the pits. I think my posts from now on are going to be somewhat dry and boring:P

yes, this time of the year is a bit difficult; spring is almost here, but then again not really. And we feel tired and blue after the winter.
That is why I like to be tagged, makes for something to post.;))

here is hoping for your daydreams to return. They might, very soon, with the return of the sun. I am sure in NC the spring is just around the corner.;))

LOL! What a great statement! I so get that sentiment, thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning.;)