March 03, 2009

The Alpha Cat.

Besides Charlie, that comes for his daily visits with Batcat (one of which was captured here), there is another cat in the neighborhood. His name is Tiger. He is the Alpha Cat and the oldest cat around, even cooler than Charlie.
This weekend, both Charlie and Tiger were hanging around my terrace. At one point Tiger was making sure Charlie understood who is in charge. Just a friendly quarrel to keep things in perspective. Batcat, safe and warm in his kingdom, scrutinized the whole incident with amusement.
Cats are always a joy to observe.

(Note: The video is not the best quality and the microphone is overly sensitive; the noise in the background is NOT a plane landing in the vicinity but cars on a nearby road; interestingly enough in reality one can barely notice them.)


CT said...

Hi Sweetie,
Thanks for sharing…I saw the other video too. I guess Charlie likes to tease Batcat:))
Btw those cats are gorgeous!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Wow, Ninjacats no less!

Michelle H. said...

Good video! Cats just want to have fun!

Gal Friday said...

It's all a bit like West Side Story(Sharks vs. The Jets) on your terrace!
Tiger does look the part of the top cat/toughie in the photo.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Good video! Yes, cats are always entertaining to watch.

Your "soundtrack" reminds me of one video I shot of a snow storm through my living room window. I happily played it back on my computer, only to discover that I'd recorded the sound from a large segment of the Oprah show. ;-)

sallymandy said...

Ah, so funny. I love watching animals! I like the little close ups of your cat inside the window.


Hazel Designs said...

Aww! I love the shots of Batcat the most - he looks v. curious.

(Your terrace looks so cute, I bet you can't wait to use it!)


Another Cat. I love it. So cuuuute!! =]

I agree Payless used to be my little secret shoe source 4 years ago, they've gone downhill recently though, unfortunately :[ .. I do, however, love to mix low and high end; so fun! :]

Glad you like the music, it's always fun picking out a new one for you guys!! <3


Noelle Chantal said...

Tiger is so cute too and quite bossy, ha! Yes, I can see that he's the furry friend in charge by watching that video. It's fun to see their friendly fight. hehe :)

Hilary said...

Fun feline antics. I'd give that chair a good scrub-down before you want to lounge on it in summer. At least one of those Alpha kitties will probably get territorial with it. ;)

Zuzana said...

yes, Charlie definitely is very cool, while Batcat is more high strung.;))
Thank you so much for your visit.;)

love that description, how fitting!;))

yes, they do; at all times, We should follow their example.;))

I guess the animal world is a bit like ours. And absolutely, Tiger is in charge at all times.;)

I so know what you mean; I get always surprised about how dominating the background noise is; you might feel it is quiet and in fact it is quite noisy as the microphone picks up radio and TV as well.;)

yes, he is a cutie, love him to bits.;)) As an inside cat, he is always curious as soon as the window or door is open.;)

thank you; however it is quiet barren and cold and not so pretty right now, but it will get better in time.;)

(I finally know your name;) That is to bad in regards to Payless, but I guess things change.
You have a great taste in fashion and music, always a joy visiting your place.;)

it was indeed a friendly fight.;) One of many that keep happening once in a while; I was just lucky to capture it this time;))

LOL, yes, you are right, it would be very good idea to clean that chair. I always do, as it is a bit yucky after the winter.;))

Tereza Š. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I am so glad that I can tell- Taky mám ráda Lovce pokladů a Indiana Jonese :) A jsem hrozně ráda, že konečně čte můj blog někdo, kdo umí česky. Hned si tě jdu dát do linků :)

Měj se hezky, Tereza :D

Zuzana said...

hello and thank you for stopping by!;))
Ano, umim cesky a taky budu sledovat tvuj "blog".;) Promin, ze moje psana cestina neni gramaticky spravna, muj keyboard nema ty spravne pismena;)))

Melanie Gillispie said...

I expected Charlie to peek out from under the lounger like, "Is it safe to come out now?" Maybe I'll have a kitty video to upload soon! ;)

Zuzana said...

looking forward seeing Nick!;)))

Unknown said...

Alpha cat (tiger) and Charlie are cute, but of the three, Bat Cat is the most handsome. I like to link to older posts.