March 08, 2009

8th Of March.

Today the International Women's Day is observed in many countries. I remember this holiday particularly celebrated in the former east block, where I grew up as a child. It was more a political holiday in those times, celebrated as a tribute to the working women in the communist society.

I think today that is not the case any longer. However, my feeling is that this celebration remains in the former east societies, even if apolitical and more celebrated similarly to the traditional mothers day in the west. A few years ago, the Polish exchange students in our lab (all boys) brought roses to the lab on the 8th of March and distributed them among all the girls and women. It was a wonderful gesture and a surprise, as no Danish man would ever do such a thing. Shame but true. In Denmark, the holiday is acknowledged, but not widespread.

Today is a cold and rainy day outside. However, the sun is peaking through the clouds and the light has changed; it is more intense. My spring flowers are growing by each day. It almost feels as if by each hour. There is no way back now; spring is just around the corner.


Mom Fashion World said...

you're welcome.
mr. freddy and i say thank you too.
i would love to exchange link with you.

Mahmud Yussop said...

In Malaysia Mother's Day is more acknowledged than Women's Day. Here, women are increasingly in the forefront of national development. In all our public universities the female gender make up 60-70% of the student population,where the men become the hunted.In my time it was just the opposite.Being liberated and more independant now women in Malaysia also face one of the highest divorce rates ( about 20-30%)and in certain states like Johore it is increasing. Are Malaysian men slow in giving out flowers? I wonder. Looking forward to see more spring flowers in your future posts.

sallymandy said...

You know what's really interesting? In the U.S., I've never even heard of International Women's Day in my 45 years--before now, when I've seen posts on it from several of my blogger friends in other countries.

I've always thought we were weird as far as women go, but now I have more confirmation. Like Mahmoud in Malaysia, Mother's Day is the big, big deal. We certainly tend to see women as more attached to the role of motherhood. I'm a mother and that's fine, but one does want to be recognized as an individual first.

Thanks for an enlightening post about your experiences in different countries, Protege. And thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I always look appreciate them.

Michelle H. said...

I agree with sallymandy. This is the first time I ever heard of this holiday. What a wonderful thing to celebrate. Thanks for this post!

Keera Ann Fox said...

It's not a holiday, people! It's a day for acknowledging all the hard work women before us put in to give us the right to vote, the right to work, the right to have our own bank accounts, the right to keep our name, the right to kick an abusive husband to the curb, the right to be as free with our sexuality as men are with theirs, the right to decide over our own bodies, and the right to be paid equal to men for the same job. We've come a long way, but there are still some details to iron out, so we definitely need to acknowledge March 8.

IMO, of anyone should be giving anyone flowers, it should be us younger women giving them to the women who came before us. The men can give us flowers the other 364 days of the year. Along with that equal pay.

*gets off soapbox*

Gal Friday said...

To Keera Ann above: That was great!! :-)
Only in the last few years have I even heard of this date--it SHOULD be more widely known here in the U.S.. It is Women's History month in March in this country, though, and taught in the schools
**Ms.Z--your flowers are so much farther along than mine(just the little tips poking out still)--how encouraging to see your flowers and I know what you mean when you can almost *see* them growing before your eyes! We have had two days straight of extremely warm and sunny weather here and I am sure things got a little boost from it and I'll see a marked difference in the growing plants by tomorrow.


Yellow flowers mark the start of Spring! Happy Sunday, pretty! =]


Diane said...

I had never heard of this day until now... but I think it's fantastic!

BTW, it was 75 degrees here today. Last Sunday, it was 0 degrees and we were in the middle of a snowstorm. March... weird month!!

Missed you... hope your week was wonderful!!

Hilary said...

I'm envious of your flowers. It sure has become more springlike here, but there's still chunky ice all over the place. It can't be too much longer, can it?

steviewren said...

I've never heard of Women's Day, but I hope your day was full of peacefulness, happiness, contentment and love.

Unknown said...

hi. i love this post. i miss my mom!

the first pics of our summer getaway is ON. hihi. hope you visit it.

my blogging will resume i don't know when. hihi. still on the road right now.

Zuzana said...

=proudly says,
thank you for the link and thank you for your nice comment, please feel free to link to my blog.;))

I always so enjoy your well articulates comments; they always make me smile. I am happy to hear that women are a vital part of your society. As for the men and flowers, perhaps they should just be more like you.;))) Your flower arrangements are the most beautiful I have ever seen.;)))
I will make sure to update with more pictures of my spring plants and flowers.;)

I agree with everything you say. Motherhood is a traditional and deeply anchored view of women.
Loved your yesterdays post; I always enjoy everything you write about and enjoy my visits to your place;))

yes it is a bit odd that it is not celebrated in the US, considering it originated from there in fist place;)))
Hope you had a great Sunday.;)) Wrestling.;)))

LOL, "someone take the mic away from that woman!" Hehe, joke aside, I can feel you are very passionate about this subject. And I find it is vital to be passionate and care about issues that are important to us.
Hope you have had a great 8th of March.;))

yes, reading your yesterdays post it was clear that winter is on retreat; such wonderful news! Not to worry; here everything is a bit advanced as we did not get any heavy snow this winter and thus spring is early, almost by a couple of weeks. Not to worry, your spring flowers will catch up.;))

right back at you gorgeous, always happy that you find the time to stop by here, among the thousands of fans you have to visit.;))

You are back!! How great, I missed your comments.;) But I read your blog nevertheless, two posts were new to me.
Hope your break was fruitful, happy you are back online again.;))
Yes, spring is now arriving, ever so slowly, but still, almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere.;))

your seasons are so much more intense, I am sure once spring arrives it will be with all the splendor! Living next to the ocean, the borders between seasons are somewhat diffused here. I guess one can't have it all. Hope your Sunday was lovely dear friend.;)xoxo

thank you so much, it was very peaceful and relaxing and in the evening with a spectacular sunset.
I hope your was likewise wonderful.;))

thank you, hope you are enjoying your trip. Thanks for stopping by.;)))

Melanie Gillispie said...

That's so sweet they brought you all flowers!

We're getting ready to get cold again after our beautiful 75 degree days. It's to remind us that just a week ago the city shut down for a couple of days because of the snow! Weather is so strange!

Zuzana said...

yes, April is arriving a month earlier this year I guess.;)) But not to worry, there is no holding spring back.;))