March 06, 2009

Friday And Numbers.

Ah, finally Friday. This week has been busy at work; I have been out of things to write about here, experienced fashion crises and felt extremely tired. I am sure it is the famous spring tiredness, that we all suffer from after the long winter, which is slowly retreating.
Today is Friday, my favourite day of the week, and a love day as well. Besides that, it is a day with a quiet interesting date. It has a 3 and a 6 and a 9 in it. Depending on how one writes the date, it becomes quiet interesting. Especially when it is presented with the month written first; 03-06-09.
I hope it means something good.
I am now to load up on more coffee and try to face yet another day.;))
Happy Friday everyone!


Julie Hibbard said...

I like the thought of the day's pleasures DOUBLING and then TRIPLING!
Have a GREAT weekend!!

Betsy Brock said...

Yes...double and triple pleasures to you this weekend! Enjoy your Friday...and the coffee! said...

that is so sweet! i'm so glad you like them! thank you!!!


I'm caffin' up right now... haha!

Who would have ever thought those babies on Full House would become what they are now???? I met "DJ" from Full House in person 2 years agooo, sooo super down to earth and sweet. I would do anything to meet the Olsens though! =]


Gal Friday said...

I am about half way through this Friday and didn't even notice the "times three" in the today's date!
Have a great and restful(I have been tired, too, at night all this past week--going to bed quite early)

Gal Friday said... continue...I meant to say(but interrupted myself with my usual excessive use of parentheses)..Have a Great and Restful Weekend, Zuzana! :-)

Melanie Gillispie said...

Oooh...and if you double those added together, you get 18, which is a good number for me! Have a good weekend, Z!

I think I get to bring Nick home on Sunday, so expect some kitty pictures from me next week!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Hope you'll have a marvellous weekend.I'll cheers to that. But ooops,I need to fill my cup of tea first.

G said...

Today (Saturday) I woke to the first morning birdsong of the year... what a balm to my soul that was. We still have a good dollop of Canadian winter to withstand, but I know Spring is coming. I hear a lot of people talking about tiredness and just general winter-fedupness. Hope you have a wonderful, restful and re-energizing weekend Protege! Hugs!

Zuzana said...

yes, lets triple our pleasure, I like that idea.;)) Hope you are having a great weekend.;)

right back at you - hope your weekend is great as well.;))

I love your art; it has a sense of freshness and innocence, yet it is very sensual.
Thank you for stopping by, hope you are having a great weekend.;)

I guess we all get inspired by someones style and their unique fashion choices. Glad you find the twins inspiring; however, you yourself seem to be inspiration to many as well.;))
Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.

I hope your favorite day of the week was great as well, Gal Friday.;))
I love your comments as the intensity and the passion in them remind me of myself; sometimes I have to laugh over how similar we are.;))Always glad when you stop by and I hope you have likewise a great weekend.;))

I look forward to all the updates and pictures of Nick!! I am so glad you did this, you will be so happy together, I am sure.;)
Have a great weekend with your new kitty.;))xoxo

right back at you! Enjoy your tea in your tropical paradise; great weekend to you as well.;))

I am so happy that spring is just about to arrive in your neck of the woods; isn't it just so lovely with these changes in the seasons? Despite the tiredness and occasional late snow fall; it is a joy to see the nature come to life, once again.
I wish you likewise a wonderful, relaxing weekend - you are and will always be my special visitor..;))