October 04, 2009

Stormy Weekend.

The storm is continuing today as well. Although it is partly sunny, the wind is very fervent. I do not like the wind. There is something about it that makes me anxious. A gentle breeze or a majestic wind that fills my lungs with fresh air and caressed my face upon a brisk walk is very welcomed. But a fierce wind, that can be damaging and devastating to trees and to people holds very little of my affection.

I hate seeing the birch trees just outside my windows bending to the bursting point and the sound the heavy gusts create in my chimney fills me with extreme unease. Even more unsettling is seeing the window pane of my windows facing west, against the wind, flex in and out, as if made of cardboard. I guess this fear comes from the fact that here autumn and winter wind storms can be destructive and have caused floods and damages to houses and people before. Our European storms, just like the Atlantic hurricanes are categorized and named. The last major storm, called Anatol occurred about ten years ago, just a few days prior to when I was returning from my nine year long stay in the US. It devastated parts of Scandinavia. The storm that I remember best from my years in my white house on the hill was Gudrun in January 2005. It vividly brought back my two hurricane experiences in the 90's and reminded me of the fact that nature's fury can never be underestimated.

Below my ongoing update of the birch tree, that slowly gains more colour by every passing week.


Beverlydru said...

I've seen the devastation of winds but for some reason, if I'm safe at home and curled up with a book, I find it a comforting sound. Of course, I would have be in a room away from the glass window! Curl up with BatCat and be safe.

Keith said...

Hello there. Great post as usual. I really do enjoying seeing what you will post next. I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Take care. Have a fantastic week ahead. Cheers!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

After the storm it comes the calm. Have a nice new week!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I agree with you. Heavy winds are not very pleasant. ;-( I hope the storm is not damaging. Yesterday we got a lot of rain which was very nice.

Wow, the color of the birch trees are looking beautiful. I love it!!!

xoxo, Shelly

Holly said...

WOW!! I have missed 6 posts this time. I feel like I am not a very good "bloggy" friend. I know that there is a season for everything, and I guess right now it is my season to RUN around. :):)

I thoroughly enjoyed ALL of your posts. I know that you are already aware of the crazy wind storms that we get here in the desert, and all of the sand that comes with them. I don't think that one ever really gets used to them. They are always a little bit unsettling. Maybe it is just being so aware that you have absolutely no control whatsoever over the elements?!

Your Autumn garden post was just beautiful...like eye candy! Your stone and glass jewelry post was very interesting. (I like unique jewelry as well.) And,...of course...the romantic in me got a good kick out of your chimney sweep post. They are pretty good sports to pose for a photo. :) I enjoyed the other posts as well, but I fear as usual that my comment is getting way to long. So,...have a lovely day!! xoxo- Holls

Hilary said...

I understand how wind can make you uncomfortable and anxious. Maybe a fire in your newly-swept fireplace can add an element of comfort to your day until the weather improves. And a glass of wine couldn't hurt either. ;)

Brian Miller said...

we hada pretty nasty wind storm just last week. it did not even seem that bad, but in the morning trees were left shattered.

Helen McGinn said...

We've been having storms too. I used to love strong winds, stormy weather but several things happened; on a trip to Canada, fascinated at the amazing electrical storm, we found out the next morning that people near us had died. That put things into a different perspective in my young brain. Then, my big sis had her house blow away...just blow away across the sea, during the huge hurricane some years ago in the Cayman Islands. That was terrifying and I wasn't even there. So I see things from a rather differently now. I still can't help my excitement at thunder and lightning though, so dramatic! :O)

Unknown said...

Wow! Such a contrast to me living here in the desert. But I recall the Mid-West storms here with vivid detail. A gentle evening rain can be romantic. But the storms you are encountering sound very dangerous, Protege!

Take Good Care!
Michael :)

Blogaire said...

I am arriving late Protege so I hope the storms have abated by now. Have a good week - hope the sun shines.

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Wind is not my favourite as well...unless it,s a light wind on the beach...LOL. But I love rain and summer storms...

Have a great week dear Zuzana and thanks for stopping by, cheers, Evi

sujata sengupta said...

A gusty wind spooks me out as well. You write such vivid lines on nature, absolutely love your pieces, just that I cannot keep up with your speed, you are way to prolific a writer!

Zuzana said...

I agree, as long as yo are safe in a well built house or shelter, there is no problems. I guess my fear comes from past hurricane experiences.;) Hope your weekend was great.;)xo

thank you, you are always so kind in your comments.;) I hope your weekend was great too.;)

so true, today is a sunny wind still day.;)

glad you like the tree, however the wind ripped all the golden leaves off, so now it is mostly green again.;) Hope you had a great weekend dear friend.;)xo

you are the best blog friend one can ask for. Please leave as long comments as you like - I LOVE your comments, they are so much fun to read.:))
Thank you for always saying something kind and refreshing; wishing you a slower and more relaxing week ahead, dear friend.;)

right on you are; I did enjoy that exactly, except that wine was substituted with something a bit stronger.;)) So glad when you stop by my friend.;)) xoxo

the same here! I thought it was bad, but not that bad, however this morning I can see one beautiful majestic tree in front of my house has lost half of its crown, big branches are everywhere.:(( I hate sight like that..
Hope your weekend was sunny and pleasant.;)

those experiences (scary ones!) are for sure what made you anxious. The same happened to me after I survived two hurricane, one a direct hit.
Hope you had a great weekend.;) xo

right now I have dreams of sunny and dry desert.;) Enjoy the dry heat for me as well - always glad when you stop by.;)

yes, now it is Monday morning, sunny and calm, however bitterly cold.;) Wishing you likewise a great week ahead.;)

and wind does havoc with our hair as well.;) I hope you will be having a wonderful week(s) ahead of you traveling; thank you as always for your kind words and for stopping by.;) xoxo

thank you so much for that great comment, your visits are always very much appreciated.:)) xoxo

Maria said...

Yes, the power of wind can be very frightening!

Zuzana said...

yes, it can, particularly here on the west coast it causes devastation and floods.
Thank you for all your lovely comments.;) xo