October 11, 2009

Colour Countdown.

The colours are ever so palpable all across the nature in my surroundings. It is now only a matter of a couple weeks before the foliage has lost every trace of green. It has been a calm Sunday weather-wise. There is almost no wind, which is very unusual and the sun is there in intervals. This is a quiet a difference considering that last week stormy weather passed through Denmark. It did some damage, even to our front yard, where it ripped off branches from a magnificent ash. It is indeed a shame as that tree displayed the most stunning red foliage in the end of October. Most of the tree still stands, as seen on the picture on the right, but it can not be compared to its former glory.
The branches that came down has been collected and are now lying in a pile in front of our birch tree. They will not go to waste but will be cut in a few weeks (hopefully with a help of a strong, handsome Irishman) into smaller pieces and will be stored on my terrace. Next year, after drying, the branches will become a great fire wood for my fireplace.

Below yet another update on our majestic birch tree. Most of its golden leaves were ripped away after last weeks storm, still, the colour countdown of its foliage turn is in full progress.


Hilary said...

So sorry to hear that the weather has been a pain in the ash..

But really pleased to know that your handsome Irishman will be visiting in the nearish future. :)

MsTypo said...

I miss the beautiful colours of autumn. Sorry to see the negative effects of this these weather patterns on your trees. :(

Keith said...

Hey there. Great post. Beautiful photos. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!

sujata sengupta said...

I want a pic of the handsome Irishman!! love the fall colours, so royal. Also loved your flashback friday post and the six ribbons video. What you leave behind is not always lost.

steviewren said...

Yes, yes...a picture of you and the Irishman!!! Please, pretty please....

Our weather here is still swinging back and forth between muggy and warm and just right cooler but still short sleeve weather. The trees are turning ever so slowly. Sunday, November the first daylight savings time will end. Instead of getting dark around 6pm it will revert back to dark at 5pm. I don't look forward to that either.

Pseudo said...

First time visit. Love your photos and your fall colors. I miss fall, we don't really have one over here.

sprinkles said...

While I love the beautiful colors fall brings, I don't love the weather that comes along with it.

Elizabeth said...

Love the fall colors. The different yellows, reds and greens. The sun trying very hard to cut through the clouds. The sparkles because of the moist. A hot coco after a long walk. All of that is a part of a colorfull fall.

Donna said...

Beautiful fall colors! Our leaves are still green. A few more weeks and we should see some color.

Maria said...

Well, Irishmen are great for chopping logs and the like. I can't say the same for Indians, but in general, logs are not required here. Hope your man comes soon!

Zuzana said...

I love the way you lay with words, but hen again, I know you enjoy it too.;) Your comments always make my day.;) xo

yes, that is the what storms can bring, hopefully we will not have too many sever ones this year.;) xo

thank you, hope your weekend was great as well.;) xo

yes, that is such a perfect description; the colours of fall are truly royal. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the song.;) Always appreciate you stopping by.;) xo

I think the Irishman is flattered by all this attention.;)
It is indeed unbelievable how different your climate is; here we have not worn short sleeves for over a month.;)xo

welcome, glad to have you visit.;) I take you live in a warm, tropical climate; I envy you that.;)

could not agree with you more, I am the same.;) Hope yo had a lovely weekend.;) xo

so happy to know we share the same weather.;) I agree with you on the long walk and a hot (or strong;) drink.;) Hope you had a lovely weekend.;)xo

yes, I recall you are about a month later with the change; but I bet it will be out of this world.;) xo

ah, yes, my Irishman is great in many things.;)
And he will be here in a couple of weeks.;) xo

Claus said...

I was walking on Sunday with my puppies, when we found a whole bunch of brown leaves on the ground. "Look! - my mom said - it's Autumn!. Then we realized it was consequence of a poor tree dying :-(
Lovely red and orange colors on your pictures. And such a great idea on using the fallen branches for future fireplace purposes!

Zuzana said...

ah, too bad it was a dying tree. I can imagine how you long for autumn; hopefully some of the images I post will bring it a bit closer to you.;)xo