October 24, 2009

Final Splendor.

My garden is now in its absolutely last display of mature beauty. The surroundings are drenched in every shade of golden and red, as we experience the culmination of the fall colours.
In a couple of weeks, the same spot will become a cold and uninviting place. Barren as well, when all the beautiful leaves have turned and disappeared during a late autumn storm. The naked branches of caprifolium and clematis, with its dried brown left overs of the foliage, will stretch in a snake like manner, enveloping my fence, creating a winter nostalgia. It will be difficult to believe that once these were carrying scented white or cobalt blue flowers, with juicy green leaves, in the midst of the summer.

But until then, my terrace still is a secluded spot, which can offer a couple of hours of fragile sunshine, if the conditions are right. When the high pressure brings crisp air from the east, it becomes a shielded oasis, where the last rays of the autumn sun can be enjoyed.
Covered in blankest with a hot cup of coffee, I love to relish in the last splendor of the nature, before it retreats to enjoy its long winter sleep.


G said...

That view from your window is stunning! I like how you don't have curtains on it, just to keep it as open as possible.

Kat Mortensen said...

It's a beautiful time of year, isn't it? What a spectacular view (and I love your window, chandelier, table...the whole thing!

MsTypo said...

Your garden is so lovely. I love the photo of the ladybug. Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Your garden lingers in beautiful, rich color. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Brian Miller said...

love teh colors! though i bet they are ready for their nap so they can come back all the richer next year! happy saturday!

Maria said...

The extremes of the seasons are like the extremes of life.

Betsy Brock said...

Just lovely....and you sound so cozy with your coffee and blanket...the perfect Saturday!

Reasons said...

It certainly does look wonderful through that window!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Such beautiful and descriptive words! I just found you through Zuzu, and clicked over to meet another gardener! I live in Texas, a long way from you. But we gardeners are a fairly tight-knit bunch, no matter where we might live.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos that make us feel we are right there with you, Protege! You have an obvious gift for graphic work as well! Very nice. Thanks for sharing!!!:D)

Nessa said...

Beautiful collection of nature's Autumn offerings.

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Elizabeth said...

Your words are such a joy to read when you write about you house and garden. Just than you add something extra, don't know exactly what it is but your love for it shines through and through. Just love it. Have a great sunday.

Claus said...

It's still beautiful outside Zuzana...the red and gold is simply gorgeous. I now know why Autumn is gold and red for you :-) I'm curious to see what it will look like in winter. Surely beautiful too, though humanly unbearable temperature-wise. Great pictures, once more!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Oh my...THAT VIEW...oh, it is just soooooo beautiful!! SO very lovely.
How I love this time of year! Thanks for sharing your view!

Pearl said...

Minnesota is sincerely winding down as well. Still beautiful, but tenuous...


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Your garden is so beautiful, a part of your life and soul! Have a great day full of flowers and light!

Sumandebray said...

I am sure you will come up with some ideas to make that place inviting ...
Nature is always pretty .. in all its forms; All we need is to reocnfigure our perceptions

Zuzana said...

thank you; glad you like my view.;) Indeed I have kept it open as the view is so stunning, a curtain would just obscure it. Always glad when you stop by.;) xo

thank you.;) It is a very Scandinavian and laid back style.;)

thank you for noticing that.;) I think it was most likely the last one of the year, soaking up the final rays before finding a place to sleep for the winter.;) xoxo

thank you for that kind comment and for stopping by.;) xo

that was a great way of looking at it.;) Hope you are having a great Sunday and will have a great week as well.;)

so wise and so true.;) Always so happy when you visit.;)

it was very cosy, only your chocolate cookies were missing.;) xo

yes, that is my favorite west view, where I watch the nature and those stunning sunsets.;) xo

welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by and for those kind words, please do come back again.;)

thank you, you are always so kind. I enjoy making collages very much as well as taking photographs.;) And it is all so easy with the modern technology.;) Always happy when you visit.;) xo

thank you very much.;) xo

that was a very kind and sincere comment, thank you for such a compliment, it means a lot to me. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.;) xo

your words always make me smile.;) Yes, red and golden.;) Winter is not as stunning here I am afraid but I will do my best to show it from its better side.;) Always so happy when you stop by.;) xo

ah, so glad you like my favorite view, so do I.;) Thank you for this great comment.;) xo

glad to see you stopping by;) Ah yes, Minnesota must have very similar climate.;) Enjoy your beautiful fall.;) xo

thank you for those kind words, likewise.;)

so very true. That was a wise sentiment, I shall remember that.;) Hope your Sunday is great.;)

Hilary said...

That's a beauty of a view, Z. And another great mosaic. I love how you've dotted the fiery colours of autumn with amazing shades of blue. Perfect.

Unknown said...

you really have a beautiful garden.
someday when we have our own house i want a big big garden. I love planting flowers and watering them everyday. And when the flowers finally bloom i got this amazing feeling deep within me. They relax me.

I Am Denise Katipunera

sprinkles said...

I love that blue on the flowerpots!

Zuzana said...

so happy you enjoy my collages.;) I too love the blue pots.;) Your comments always mean the world to me. xoxo

I hope you will be able to get that house and a big garden one day, but I am certain you will.;) xoxo

so glad you too love those pots.;) All flowers look lovely in them.;)