October 08, 2009

Just Jeans.

I am experiencing a fashion crises again. I have those once in while, often when the seasons change. As a typical woman, I love clothes and I love the idea of putting together outfits that just work, because they are unusual in colours and style. Well, these days all I can decide on wearing with certainty each morning are my jeans. I wonder how many people out there do not own at least one pair of jeans. Even more interesting would be to know, how many do. This must be by far the most successful piece of attire ever created. Sturdy, durable, comfortable and endlessly fashionable.

The word "jeans" comes from the French phrase bleu de Gênes, literally meaning the blue of Genoa. Jeans fabric, or denim, originated independently in two places: the French town of Nîmes, which denim owes its name to; and in India, where trousers made of denim material were worn by the sailors of Dhunga, which came to be known as dungarees.

Traditionally, jeans are dyed to a blue color using indigo dye. Initially, blue jeans were work trousers worn by factory workers during World War II. Popularized by Hollywood and movies such as the Rebel Without a Cause, blue jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s. As the decade passed, the relaxed atmosphere of the 60's made wearing of blue jeans more acceptable and by the 70's, they became a general fashion, at least for informal wear.

I myself have owned many pairs of jeans in my life and many different brands and types as well. Even today I wear them almost every day. When I was in my early twenties, with the arrival of Cable TV to Scandinavia in the 80's, Levi's sultry and sensual commercials made jeans an absolutely sought after item. These adds even launched carriers of young actors and performers, such as Brad Pitt and Nick Kamen.

The below is a favorite Levi's commercial of mine from that decade. Featuring a Levi's classic with a classic tune and sensual theme, it feels as timeless as a pair of jeans.


Bhushavali said...

Nice post on Jeans - The most wearable and versatile piece garment after the LBD, ofcourse... :)
My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Who doesn't like jeans?

MsTypo said...

I didn't own a single pair of jeans until i was 18. Now they're a staple in my wardrobe.

Mahmud Yussop said...

The first ever jeans I bought with my scholarship money was a "Texwood". I couldn't afford a Levi's jeans 49 years ago! Wearing jeans make me feel young and easy going like the "Easy Rider". A nice post to recall of my younger days and still feeling 'young at heart' still:))

steviewren said...

How I wish I could wear jeans to work everyday. That would be heaven! Jeans are so comfortable.

In my youth it was hard to find jeans with legs long enough for me. I'm not that tall, but my legs are long in proportion to the rest of me....the distance from my shoulders to my waist is shorter than most. That means I look better in pants than dresses. I hardly ever wear dresses anymore for that reason.

You are right. Everything looks good with jeans.

Sumandebray said...

Here is a bit of History I was unaware of. I always thought that jeans originated from the states.
They no doubt are the most popular pair of trousers with the teens and youth... The frequency of wearing jeans does go down once we start getting a bit older...
But interestingly a certain kind of softness is coming back to the jeans with floral pattern and embroidery being introduced by designers!

Gal Friday said...

Got my jeans on right now--kind of a uniform for me(it is more casual at the frame shop and most days I wear jeans there) and like you said, an easy no-brainer fashion staple.
I am wearing mine with a sparkly jacket on top today and high heeled boots. I am trying to imagine how you dressed up(or down) yoiur jeans outfit today, Zuzana. :-)
And I agree with you as for their comfort, good looks, and the fact that they'll likely never go out of fashion.

Betsy Brock said...

Jeans are wardrobe staple for me, too! I love how the styles have turned in recent years to be very dressy or not...you can wear anything with them and it works.

Keith said...

I love jeans. I think everybody I know wears jeans. It's such a staple in most people's wardrobes these days.

julochka said...

jeans are a brilliant invention. and i'm missing mine this week, when i'm in the office....

Helen McGinn said...

Funnily enough, they were discussing blue jeans on the radio the other day and apparently, 60% of people have a pair of jeans in their closet at least 25 years old! This is assuming, I suppose that you are over the age of 40...they didn't say. *L* Apparently though, we find it hard to throw jeans out, particularly men. Just sayin'...*L*

I love my jeans.

United Studies said...

Oh I LOVE jeans and have many, many pairs and colors. For me, the older the pair, the more comfortable they are. :-)

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Whoo, steamy video, lol! Makes you want to run right out and buy a pair of jeans. I remember my first pair so well. But they were only made for boys then, so my mother had to take tiny tucks all around the waist so they wouldn't stick straight out from my hips. These days I have a jeans skirt, and a jeans jumper, but believe it or not, no actual jeans!

Brian Miller said...

jeans are pretty much my wardrobe of choice, and luckily i have a job that allows it every day.

Donna said...

I don't know what I would do without jeans. I wear them pretty much every day.


Anonymous said...

Money talks But it don't sing and dance And it don't walk And long as I can have you Here with me, I'd much rather be Forever in blue jeans!!!


Oh how I LOVE my 501s!!!!

Claus said...

Jeans are indeed comfortable, popular, and almost a necessity in today's wardrobe. They can also be a tricky thing to get: finding the right pair of jeans can be complicated, and often frustrating. I've been there. Thought recently I have found not one, nor two, but three great pairs of jeans! Which make me a very happy woman :-)

Dani said...

i own so many pairs of jeans... i live in them. my best friend just bought his first pair of his life and he's 20. i couldn't get over that - like, how can you not have jeans??


Holly said...

That comercial was hilarious!!!

I adore my jeans. I have several pair,...but only one that I fall back on again and again. That pair that feels like it is made for your body and when you wear it you feel all "I am woman, hear me roar." You know the pair.

I don't think it is a fashion crisis at all. The real crisis would be if you didn't own any jeans!!:)

sprinkles said...

Thanks for the history lesson! Didn't know where the word "jeans" comes from or why they're mostly blue.

I don't think my mom owns any jeans. She says they're uncomfortable. I don't agree!

At my old job I could wear jeans every day if I wanted to and I usually did. At my current job, we can only wear them on Friday's.

Zuzana said...

glad you agree.;) I am maybe a bit ignorant, but what is LDB?;) Thanks for always leaving such kind comments.;)

so right you are.;)

I think I can relate to that as jeans has been going in and out of my wardrobe over time. There has been a period when I only wore long skirts and dresses and never any trousers.;) Today I have at least 10 pair of jeans in my closet.;) xo

ah, I can totally recognize the not being able to afford Levi's. I think I only owned one pair in my whole life. The jeans I have are of obscured brands, but it doesn't matter, as long as they fit. Love your comments always.;)

I so forget that in the US you have a dress code. Of course, being in a lab I can wear anything I like and even often over dress.;) xo

you are close as jeans really started the fashion trend in the US.;) I too like jeans that are a bit different and have beads or embroidery in the fabric.;)

the look you describe sound stunning.;) But you are a fashionable lady with a sense of style, so I should not be surprised.;) I ended up looking very eclectic with a long, brown georgette brown tunic, jeans and my favorite moccasin boots.;) xo

I agree fully, it seems that I wear jeans so much more often now, ten when I was younger.;) xo

so right you are.;) Both men and women love jeans. Thank you for always taking the time to stop by.;)

too bad you cant wear them to work.;) But I guess they are even more appreciated then.;) xo

that is truly interesting.;) The only time I have gotten rid of mine is when I grew out of them.;) Hope you are feeling better.;) xo

so true.;) The seem to fit better the more we wear them, just like shoes.;) xo

glad you liked the add.;) Steamy is a good description.;) What a fun recollection of your first *altered* jeans.;) I too at times did not wear jeans for years, perhaps you might own one pair again one of these days.;) xo

likewise, I have about 10 pairs and I wear them every day.;) Almost.;)

the same here.;) They are the only item I seem to enjoy wearing all the time.;) xoxo

that was a a great way of commenting, who doesn't like Neil Diamond.;) Thanks for stopping by.;)

so right you are; for me it is sometimes a struggle too, particularly with the more famous brands.;) Glad you found three pairs that fits.;) Always so happy when you stop by.,) xo

yes, that is unusual, I think I had many pairs by the time I was in my 20's.;) So happy when you visit!;) xo

yes, it was very sultry, wasn't it?;) I recall watching it as a teenager, that was when adds were still well made.;)
I totally recognize that, a pair that is so perfect and fits one's body as if tailor made.;) I have a par or two like that as well.;)
You last sentence made me laugh.;) xoxo

my mom did not won jeans for years and now has many pairs. It is sometimes just a matter of taste.;) And one that can change over time.;) I hope you are enjoying wearing your jeans today.;) xo

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I LOVE this post...and just laughed out loud at remembering THIS ad!!! Jeans have NEVER been SO cool!

I like jeans too...you can wear them casually or all dressed up with sexy heels!

There is a young singer (popular right now) Jessie James...and she has a song called Blue Jeans...and I love to hear it!

Unknown said...

And I thought that I had an active imagination! :D)

Unknown said...

oolala!! I have not seen that commercial before. WheW! think I need a cold shower.

Kidding aside, I have many many jeans. probably too many. some I can't get into right now,put on some weight. (working on that)

have a wonderful weekend!!

Maria said...

Those Levi's ads were classics in themselves. Jeans look great with Indian kurties so they are a favourite wardrobe item.

Hilary said...

Oh..umm.. gee... well.. I was going to say something here.. I know I was. But I kind of got sidetracked by those.. umm jeans.. yeah by his jeans. ;)

Zuzana said...

so right you are, those Levi's adds were one of a kind, right?;) I agree, jeans can look good in any way on a woman.;)I know of Jessie, she is the new big thing.;) xo

hehe, great ad though, right?;)

yes, oolalaa is a great exclamation so appropriate here.;) Hope your weekend is great as well.;)

I agree and I so can imagine how lovely they look with the Indian fashion.;)xo

hehe, your comment made me laugh! Just like Doreen says, cold shower might be needed after watching.;) Or at least pants from the refrigerator.;) Hehe.;) xo

swenglishexpat said...

Great post Protege. I think I have four pairs (black and blue) of OK jeans, and then I have two old pairs for gardening and suchlike. Who doesn't wear jeans? And who could forget THAT 80's TV commercial!?

Zuzana said...

glad you too recall those sultry ads.;) And happy to hear you are likewise an owner of several pairs.;) Welcome to the club.;)
So happy to see you visit every time.;)

valeria said...

Very interesting post! I LOVE JEANS and I end up wearing them 9 months a year. It was really nice to see this "old" commercial...I remember it well, Tatiana Patitz looks great and so does the guy...!Ciao from Italy xxx

Zuzana said...

welcome and thank you for your kind words and for stopping by.;) I am happy you remember the commercial as well.;)