October 01, 2009

Stone And Glass.

I do not make my own jewelry, but I think I would enjoy it if I had the time and the experience.
To me jewelry appeals the most when it is different, unique in material or design. I like it to resemble or reflect the beauty of the metal, glass, or leather, using the motifs of nature or history. As in ancient times, jewelery was adornment, but it also had a meaning to the bearer. To me the most beautiful pieces are those made as copies of actual Historical Jewelry. Such as the Native American, Viking or Celtic jewelry.

When I took a walk with my parents on the beach this summer, I found a stone that was naturally hollow. Interestingly shaped, it immediately resembled a pendant to me. When some left over glass pebbles and a dark string was added, it created a piece with a natural feel of stone and glass. I love the result perhaps not because it is well made, but because it is a beautiful gift of the sea on a sunny summer day, bringing back memories of the best things in life.


Gal Friday said...

It's a one-of-a-kind! Beautiful! I think you did a great job, too.
So many times I will bring a special stone home(or a shell with a little hole in it)and say I will do something with it(like turn it into a pendant) but I never do and they just end up gathering dust on windowsills instead.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

What a great find on the beach - it makes a lovely pendant full of character and memory:) I loved the post on the chimney sweeps too, in their crisp black uniforms and jaunty hats - they look so charming!

Jeanne x

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Creative imagination and talent is a perfect combination for a lot of things in life!

Keith said...

These are wonderful. I think it would be great to make some jewelry. I love seeing creative people and the things that they create.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Very interesting item of creativity.(BTW,we are safe and sound in Sarawak (Borneo) and are not affected by the eartquake that hit Padang,Sumatra Island(Indonesia)on 30th Sept.Thank Goodness.

Helen McGinn said...

I think that is gorgeous! I recently bought a ring, made from the seed of a tree, known as 'vegetable ivory'. It is dried for two years before being polished and coloured. It is also fairtrade which makes it all the better and I am amazed with it. Natural products are just so beautiful.

G said...

So you made this? It's wonderful! I love natural elements for jewellery too. I started beading last year, but don't put much time into it. You've inspired me to pick it up again.

Brian Miller said...

i met an old man last week on a walk that invited me into his garage...he was a retired mayor and spent his days making jewelry to give away to the elderly. he graced me witha gift for my wife. too cool.

Betsy Brock said...

I couldn't agree more! Jewelry can be such conversation pieces ~ the more unique, the better! :)

Unknown said...

Life is about creating memories and you have created a very beautiful memory here, Protege! Have a wonderful day. :)

Sumandebray said...

Jewellry design... how interesting! Never tried myself. But in my mind it can be either a beautiful piece itself .. ornamental, decorative with jewels studded etc. It usually suits almost eveyone! the third person admire both jewelry and the person wearing it.
But the one you are refererring to is probably dvoid of any jewels and is custom made to suit the personality of the person wearing it and probably together they make a great piece of art!
Nice peice of art but not every one can carry oneself with such jewelry.
That is my view point and others might tend to differ!

Tom Bailey said...

It reminds me of rock art .... with obsidian arrowheads.

Cat in the road said...

Just stopped by to say I’m not posting a comment today. Oh wait, that is a comment…never mind.

sprinkles said...

What an interesting rock! I love that you made a pretty little pendant out of it.

steviewren said...

It's great...very in keeping with your own bohemian aesthetic. You did a fantastic job. Too bad you don't have more time to play with jewelry making as a hobby. I'd love to see more pieces you might design.

Zuzana said...

I am the same, I too have brought back natural elements to make into jewelry, but never did. However, this was so simple. I am glad you like it, but it truly is not my skills, I just added a string. Nature did the rest.;)

thank you so much.;) Yes, the sweeps do look dashing.;) I agree.;) Always glad when you stop by.;) xoxo

so true, you summed it up eloquently.;) Thank you.;)

I agree.;) I wish I had a bit more time to improve the skills, I am a completely novice in this field.;) Thank you for your always kind words.;)

thank you.;)
I am so happy you are fine! The images we see here on the news are dreadful, what a terrible ordeal.
Thank you for letting me know.;)

I would love to own such a ring.;) I agree with you, natural jewelry is the best.:) xoxo

yes I did, but I really only added a string. I guess that is the beauty of it all, it is simply nature that is the artist.;)
I bet you can make beautiful craft, I have seen what you can make with pastry (the cake projects) I am still in awe!

what a beautiful moment in time with a special encounter ending with a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing such a romantic story.;)

I have seen the pieces you make, they are gorgeous!;)) xoxo

so right you are, thank you for this poignant comment.:)

I understand what you mean, I am flattered you consider this *art*.;) To me adornment has very little to do with how precious or shiny it is, I rather treasure the occasion it was given at and its connection to nature or history.;)
Always happy when you stop by.;)

I like that, I really like that description.;) Furthermore I love obsidian.
Thank you so much for stopping by.;)

thank you for stopping by and telling me that.;)) Hehe. Great non-comment, I must say.;))

so glad you like it, nature is the greatest artist of all.;)) xo

you got it, very bohemian indeed.;) The connection to nature and simplicity ever so palpable.;)) Always so happy when you visit.;)) xoxo

Beverlydru said...

You CAN make jewelry! I like this. Some of my favorite pieces currently are items I purchased from the indians in Panama this summer made from seeds and such. Not only pretty- but it's the memories that accompany them.

Hilary said...

That's perfect. There couldn't be a better gift than one which nature provides. Beautiful.

Zuzana said...

I am not sure how well made it is, but it means something to me.;) Thank you for your kind words; I bet the jewelry you describe is stunning.;) xo

thank you my dear friend and thank you for taking the time to read and comment all my crazy posts, it means the world to me.;)xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Have made something similar years ago. Use it very seldom because the stone is just too heavy. It feels like a stone around my neck, which is a dutch saying for something you find very hard to bear.

But thanks for showing your piece. Hope your stone isn't too heavy.