October 07, 2009

The Silver Disc.

This past weekend the moon was full again. This becomes very obvious to me, when the night skies are clear around the time of the full moon. I live on the outskirts of the city and even though there are street lights nearby, I always have a clear view of the stars and the moon, if the clouds are absent.

I sleep underneath a rooftop window as well, therefore during clear nights, the starry skies and the moon is the last thing I see before closing my eyes. It always surprises me how much light the moon provides. Its illumination is so strong, it at times feels like a lamp has been left on in some of my rooms.

I have always found this cool silver disc very intriguing. Its glow is so enigmatic, it surface so near, yet so distant. Born in the sign of cancer, I am suppose to be effected by the moon, exhibiting moody behavior and transform according to it's different phases. I am not sure how true that is. All I know is that every time the moon is full, I can't help standing still for a while, gazing at it...
Now I only wish I could be able to capture the beauty of this natural satellite of the Earth on pictures as well. I can look at its relief surface and see it so clearly and vividly, yet all my camera sees is a white blob. I guess there still is no measure to the quality of images our own eyes can capture.


Gal Friday said...

I envy you that rooftop window you have to sleep under! I HAVE to sleep with my window open all year round, with it inches above my head, but to *almost* be sleeping under the stars...ahhhh...
Over on the other side of the sea, I noticed the full moon the last few days--a giant yellow orb over the ocean--gorgeous!(October's full moon is called the Harvest of Falling Laef Moon by the Native Americans)

Gal Friday said...

er...Harvest Moon or Falling Leaf Moon, that is...

Hilary said...

It sure was a beauty of a moon this week. Luckily though all of our rainy weather, we had a clear night when it was full. It it indeed a difficult image to capture but your hazy images are quite moody and lovely.

Anonymous said...

i didn't even notice the moon this week!

Keith said...

I bet having a rooftop window is so awesome. I love the moon. It's so beautiful. I love to just sit outside and gaze up at the moon. It's so alluring.

Bhushavali said...

Beautiful moon shots...
My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

Mahmud Yussop said...

Beautiful and dreamy full moon shots.I can imagine how you love your place with the moon and stars to entice you to sleep.

Julie Hibbard said...

During the full moon, my ride into work, along the Pacific Ocean, is breath taking. The moon sits in the sky and casts an amazing stream of light on the water...it is something that brings a tear to my eye every single time...it is absolutely spectacular!
And, I have tried to take a picture many times. It just does not come out as beautiful. I just have to keep it in my mind....

Holly said...

Wow,...that is a fantastic moon!! I love the full moon. I swear that I can almost feel it in my system when the moon is full. (Maybe I am part wharewolf.;))

Claus said...

While coming to work today, in the bright blue morning sky, at around 7:45 am, I noticed the moon was still out! The outlines were white, and it looked rather big. How unsual! Because we've been fortunate to have some rain at night, the sky has been cloudy, so no sight of the moon. But it can be so bright, entire rooms are lighted, and curtains have to be used in order to have "proper darkness" to sleep. Beautiful shot of the moon seen on your side of the planet :-)

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Ah, there is nothing more mysterious and romantic than a full moon. Except when you are trying to sleep and it is shining like an interrogation light in to your face, that is, lol! (I tried to research your paintings with no luck. Do you have Antique Roadshow over there?)

Tom Bailey said...

It looks a little like an eclipse and not the moon at first glance for me. Great photos.

Unknown said...

very cool to have a sky light to sleep under. I am a star gazer from way back. the stars and moon and planets are so captivating. and I am a Leo, I wonder if the moon effects me also?

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I enjoy the full moon so much...and think it is awesome that we enjoy it about the same time even though we are countries apart!
We had the most GOLDEN glow to the moon tonight...BEAUTIFUL.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

The moon is very beautiful. I wish I had a rooftop window in my room so that I can view the moon and the stars. Beautiful pictures. Better pictures than I have captured of the moon. ;-)

xoxo, Shelly

Cat in the road said...

You lucky stiff. To be able to look up at the moon through a window in your roof. When you enlarge the bottom pic you can clearly see the colored halo surrounding the moon. We had clear skies here so I went for a nighttime motorcycle ride last weekend. As I rode I felt like I was on a spirit quest. It's so nice to enjoy the simple things in life.

steviewren said...

The moon and stars fascinate me. I am too close to city lights to see the night sky as clearly as I would like. Once when I was a teenager I saw the Milky Way. It was so awesome. I would love to see what I saw that night long ago again.

MsTypo said...

I def missed your beautiful posts while i was away from the blogosphere. :)

Zuzana said...

yes, I love my window, I admit, but sleeping under a normal one can be so beautiful. I often envision this big wooden bed with lots of white linen and flowing curtains in a gentle breeze.;)
I love the way the Native Americans call full moon and I too love when you leave more than one comment.;) xo

the same here. We had a storm through out the weekend but Sunday night the clouds retreated revealing a beauty of a moon.;) Always love when you stop by dear friend.;) xo

it still out there; I see it during the early mornings and late at night it shines right through my window.;)xo

so right you are, I love that window.;) Your comments and daily visits are always very much appreciated.;)

thank you so much, glad you like them even though they are not prefect.;)

exactly, it is the bets view in the house.;) Thank you so much for your always kind comments.;)

the way you describe that drive reminds me of my own drive home from work, the moon reflecting in the bay is one of a kind sight.;) xo

I love the full moon as well.;) There is something very mysterious and eternal about it.;) Always love when you visit.;) xo

well observed, yes, the moon here is out until about 11am here as well.;) I know some people hate sleeping under the moon as it indeed has a bright shine, I on the other hand can not sleep in complete pitch darkness.;)

so true, very romantic and yes, it can really shine so bright, but I actually love that.;) No, no Antique roadshow, but I can perhaps send an inquiry to an art expert.;) Thank you for taking the time to do a search, I appreciate that and your visit.;) xo

yes, you are right, it does look like that now when you mention it.;) Thank you for stopping by.;)

glad to meet a kindred spirit.;) I think all signs are affected by the planets in one way or another.;)xo

yes, it is fantastic isn't it; we are so far apart but we see the same moon.;) It helps me often to think this when I miss my Irishman.;) xo

thank you so much, glad you like these.;) Always glad when you stop by too, your words area always so kind.;) xo

I am sure that ride can not even be described in words, it must have been almost a spiritual experience. Yes, simple moments like those put our life in a a quiet a different perspective, don't they... I so enjoy your poetic comments.;)

once when I was in Texas, I saw the Milky way too; I agree with you, it is an experience one simply can not forget and long to relive again.;)xo

thank you for those kind words and glad to see you back.;))

Unknown said...

When one doesn't sleep well at night, these images become familiar friends. You have an adventurous heart, Protege and that lends a wonderful authenticity to this Blog. It's always a pleasure to stop by here! :)

Maria said...

I believe the moon has some affect on the hormone cycles because of it's influence on water, but I do not know how scientific that theory is!

Zuzana said...

thank you for your kind words and compliments.;)And likewise.;)

that is an interesting take on things, there might be some truth to it.;) In any case it is stunning.;)