August 24, 2009

Bohemian Historical Glass.

Bohemia, or today's Czech Republic, has a long and famous history in glass making. Czech Crystal is renowned for its quality and beauty. The superb craftsmanship dates back to the Renaissance period, when abundant natural crystal was discovered throughout the Czech Republic. Bohemian glass workers early on realized, that mixing the crystal with potash gave rise to a glass ware of unusually high quality and the famous term Bohemian Glass was born.

Although I do own glass ware made out of the famous Czech crystal, my favorite two pieces are replicas of the Bohemian historical glass. Not many know that such glass can today be purchased in Czech republic, although the stores dealing with this interesting product are getting fewer by each year. This is a sad development, but also a subject for an entirely different discussion...

The pieces presented here were bought on my recent trip to Prague, in a small, beautiful and genuine store that specializes in selling this kind of art and are one of the most unique stem wares I own. Depicting wine glasses from the 16th century, they could be so very fitting to serve drinks from at a table in a Czech castle. Thus making me feel like a queen.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Another richly informative read Protege,I have often wondered about the origin of Bohemian Glass!

Your collection is very grand indeed and an unusual colour, I think.

Thank you for your lovely comments over at mine!

Jeanne x

sallymandy said...

Those are gorgeous, and once again you've taught me something new to start my day. I had never heard of this kind of glass. Thank you, dear..

G said...

They're beautiful! I love the soft green hue...

Anonymous said...

How Beautiful! like it! x

Hilary said...

Two lovely wine glasses. Perfect for sharing with an Irish man.. :)

Claus said...

Unique pieces indeed! Love the green-ish color of them.

Betsy Brock said...

I've never seen anything like these...very unique! The green is beautiful, too! They almost look like you could turn them over and get a whole different look!

Sumandebray said...

Those two pieces looks grand, Your Majesty!
I like the design, very solid and bold and not too ornate.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Those glasses look like they'd be great to drink out of!

Blogaire said...

Beautiful wine glasses Protege, and I also enjoyed the history via yor links to Bohemia and Czech Crystal. Oh I just have to see Prague...

Zuzana said...

you are so kind, glad you liked this piece of information and the design of the glasses.;))

always happy when you stop by, I missed your comments.;) Welcome back! I hope you had a nice time off.;))xo

thank you.;) There is a reason they are green, I am not sure now what, some chemical additive they used in old glass making. I have to find that out.;))

thank you so much sweetie.;) xo

so right you are.;)) But he will most likely fill his with Guinness.;))

thank you, yes the green makes them unique.;)) xo

thank you.;) And that is a great idea. You have a good eye.;)) xo

well, that is the first and last time I will ever be called that.;)) It feels good!;)))
I agree on the design, I too like it because it is simple.;))

I have given them away to friends and they all say exactly that; some designs have in fact hollow foot and you can really "fill the glass up"!;))

always a great comment; I hope you will make it to Prague one day. It is a city like no other.;))

Baron's Life said...

"Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved."

and you are so right. I have bookmarked your site and will be back often...great place!

steviewren said...

Interesting, I had no idea. Your glasses are wonderfully unique.

Zuzana said...

=Baron's life,
thank you so much for stopping by and welcome! I always appreciate new visitors. Thank you for your kind words as well.;))

thank you, glad you like the historical glass.;))

MsTypo said...

Thanks for sending me this way! :)

We found several glass shops but they fell into two categories: boring selections or ChaChing prices.

ketz said...

This is the best thing that I'd seen. Very unique. All of them are beautiful especially the green one.

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