August 29, 2009

Late August Saturday.

The weather has turned very unstable, making it feel more like April than August. It rains heavily one minute, while the sun shines the next, making the air hot and cold, in a fast, alternate manner.
This is the first Saturday for a while that I am spending entirely inside. I am back to my "Lazy Saturday Afternoon" with a good cup of coffee, Batcat relaxing languidly at my feet and a couple of good magazines, which I have not had time to read yet. As I am reading, once in while I lean back to watch the rain pounding at the window pane, followed by the sun shining through the drops.

I love reading magazines and still today have two subscriptions; one is a fashion magazine and one is an interior decoration/culinary magazine. Both excellent and very inspiring. A perfect company for a rainy day.


Blogaire said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing Saturday for Protege! It's nice looking out at the rain, not so nice if you have to go out in it. Here, it's got really cold and Wintry, but we live in hope - sometimes we get an "Indian Summer" in September.
Enjoy your weekend.

Baron's Life said...

It's still sunny here today..hopefully it will be so tomorrow as well...Is that your cat in the picture...we have one exactly the same...I thought in Denmark all cats should be white lol
Have a great weekedn, relax and enjoy your reading

steviewren said...

It sounds like a perfectly restful day to me. I've got to clean house and run to the store for a birthday gift for my dad. I'm going to visit him tomorrow. I spent some time early this morning flipping through a new decorating magazine. Maybe tomorrow the weather will be nicer for you.

Reasons said...

How lovely and relaxing that sounds! I feel calm just reading it. Hope it was as good as it sounds.

Holly said...

Sounds like my kind of Saturday!!

I just love that picture of Batcat all lazy and content. He is just too cute!!

Sharodindu said...

Seems a nice comfortable weekend ahead!

We too have same climate here...
Nice post!


Claus said... does sound like a relaxing kind of afternoon!! We kind of had some of that today, though by 5 pm it was sunny and clear...fresh though, which make it perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood with Mateo and Lucas (my puppies).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hilary said...

That sounds like a fine way to spend a Saturday.

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Looks like such a relaxing way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Batcat looks adorable in that very cute sleeping position!

It's sunny here this morning with blue skies, but cool. Autumn is a-coming!

Jeanne x

Zuzana said...

yes, the same here; cold and very autumn like weekend this one was.;)) And I agree; we always get a heat wave in autumn, in fact September is often warmer than August. I hoe your Sunday is lovely.;))

=Baron's Life,
lucky you! We have rain and wind.;) No, white cats are unusual here as everywhere else. And no, there are no polar bears walking the streets either.;) Hehe.;))
Hope you are having a great weekend as well.;)

hope you found the right gift.;)) The weather is as bad today as yesterday, but it is cosy in some way.;)) Wishing you a lovely Sunday with your dad.;)) xo

thank you; yes indeed it was very relaxing and I feel happy I could convey that in my post. Always love when you stop by.;) xo

Batcat is cute, you are right, he always manages to relax so completely and it is highly contagious.;)) I hope you are having a lovely Sunday dear friend.;) xo

thank you; and thank you for stopping by.;))

I always miss having a dog, when I go for a walk. I would feel better and more importantly, he would get me out of the house more often.;))
Hope your weekend is relaxing as well.;) xo

thank you, it was a good day after all indeed.;)) Always glad when you stop by.:) xo

thank you for your always kind words. Batcat has always an easy time relaxing.;)
Yes indeed, the autumn is in the air here as well.;) Hope your Sunday is lovely with another one of your lovely walks.;)) xo

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

OH how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a lazy Saturday!

Zuzana said...

I love lazy Saturdays too; soon there will be plenty of them when the weather becomes autumn like.;))