August 10, 2009

On The Beach.

I have stated previously that Scandinavian summers are fleeting and elusive. The citizens of the North opt almost at all times for travels south during June-August, to soak up the sun and the heat of the Mediterranean. Staying at home is very risky, as the summer here can very likely rain away, offering only cold and windy days.

However, there are exceptions.

When the easterly winds bring warm air from the continent, my immediate vicinity becomes a dream vacation destination. EVERYTHING is just right. The light evenings, the absolute proximity to culture and history, the many cafes lining the city channel, the dining at the water front and the evening entertainment with a selection of musical styles, once the night settles over the city.
Not to mention the nature. I live a stone throw away from beautiful woods and meadows, with trails offering a plethora of walks in the pristine country side.

And then there are the beaches. Beaches out of this world, I must say. I can reach them if I drive - or walk - in any direction. They all differ in size and composition, some facing east, some west, creating a harmony of light and colours. Always clean and never crowded.
While my parents were here last week, the unusually sunny and warm weather allowed for visits to several nearby beaches. Some are covered with pebbles, with rolling, blue-green waves hitting the shore, filling the air with aerosol of salt and water.
Some pristine and untouched, calm and almost tropical, with white sand and warm, turquoise sea.

Almost never am I a tourist in my own home. On those rare occasions, when I show my visitors around, I do realize that I need not to travel anywhere, as so much beauty seems to lie just outside my own door step.


Sumandebray said...

Another great Post!
It is nice to realize the way you see the world. you actually pause and spend a few moments to look around... to appreciate the nature and to live the life.
Generally people of today's world are always running ... always running

Barbro Andersen said...

I love being a tourist in my own town, it's so much fun!

Hope you had a great weekend and that you will have a beautiful week :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post!

Unknown said...

wow pretty! i love beach. always and always looking forward to every summer. It's rainy season here now in my country, but still it's hot and humid.

btw my photographer is my husband. hihihi. I love his photos too. Am his number one fan.

Julie Hibbard said...

As I leave for my short vacation, this is inspiration to enjoy every second of every day! I WORK at the beach, yet have not touched the ocean in years...will plan to do that when I return.
See you Thursday!

Unknown said...

a beautiful post. a good way to start my Monday with. your beaches remind me of Lake Michigan here except our beach is all sand. love the sound of the waves. I could listen to that all day!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I guess you are not a tourist but rather a good traveller! Stunning pictures.

BLOGitse said...

beautiful post! i love the sound of the waves...just close your eyes and - relax!

Keera Ann Fox said...

You're luckyy to be so close to such lovely beaches! We don't really have beaches in Norway. We have rocky shorelines, but even those are a bit inaccessible to me since I don't have a car.

I recognize the annual migration to the Mediterranean. :-) July did not turn out well, and August is also not being summery, so trips to "the South" (syden) from southern Norway are all sold out now. We should go north; northern Norway has been having a fabulous summer, hot and sunny!

Blogaire said...

Wonderful beach photos and video - AND words of wisdom from Protege as usual. You are so right, we travel thousands of miles in search of something when it is often just there already on our doorstep...
P.S. loved the little Ladybird

Noelle Chantal said...

wonderful post! i like how the sea and the sky mirror each other. there's nothing more relaxing than a calm turquoise sea, fine white sand and bluer than blue sky. :)

very beautiful photos, Protege!

Betsy Brock said...

You do have a bit of everything! I love the pictures of the beach...really beautiful!

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

I think it's wonderful that you enjoy so much beauty right where you are.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

Two fantastic posts - the Sunsets you see from your window and the pristine beaches right on your doorstep - wonderful! I had no idea that in Scandinavia days shorten by two hours in the space of 8 weeks; and those beach photos are sublime. Is that you on the beach?

I V Y said...

lovely photos!

Claus said...

What a luck to be close to the beach!, and such beautiful ones. The waves and water sounds are so relaxing, don't you think?
I have always thought that one desperately wants to go to other countries and learn and meet their beauties, often forgetting that there is plenty to see in one's own area. It is fun to travel away, of course, but there's equal pleasure to know that there's beauty very, very near. Great entry!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful snaps. You stay n a world which is close to nature, where meadows and lovely beaches are at a walkable distance. You are lucky.

Zuzana said...

and another great comment from you; I think you just summarized the essence of me. You are right, unfortunately the demands of modern life take away the magic of it at times...
Always glad when you stop by.:)

I think this is the first time I leave a individual comment to you.;)) I have been way to busy with my visitors to do that for weeks. I appreciate you stopping by immensly.;))
I hope likewise you will have a great weekend.;))

thank you so much.;) xo

here the rainy season will start soon, which is the autumn.;))
I think the picture at your place are so great as you are probably your husbands greatest inspiration.;))

always leaving the kindest comments; please enjoy your short time off!;)) xo

I am so happy to hear that I could brighten your Monday; I agree with you on the sound of the ocean, it is very therapeutic.;)) xo

love the way you use your words; short but poignant.;)

thank you so much for coming back and for leaving a lovely comment.;)) Glad you share my love for the sound of the ocean.;)

I always love when you stop by as you relay understand much of the Scandinavian sentiments that we all share up here in the north when it comes to the weather and the short summer season.
And I do understand the heat in the north of the country; I think that Finland often experiences a heatwave too in late summer.;))

your kind words always make my day.;) And the compliments too.;) And I have to say I am impressed you noticed the Ladybug.;)) I love that picture too.;))

sweetie, I am so glad you are back with your cheerful and happy comments that make me smile.;)) So glad you liked the pictures.;))

thank you so much.;)) Yes, I think you are right; I have a little bit of everything indeed.;))

I guess I am always paying attention to the little things.;)) Always love when you stop by.;)

thank you so much for those very kind words and compliments.;)
yes, unfortunately, the difference in light in Scandinavia between winter and summer is 10 h, so by now we are losing more more minutes every day...
Yes, it is me on all the pictures.;)

thank you so much and welcome.;))

thank you dear friend.;)) And you are so right; traveling is important as it widen our horizon and make us more aware of the beauty all around the world. But it also often reinforces the fact that true beauty can be found in our immediate surroundings as well.;))

that is such a compliment coming from you who posts pictures that are so very intriguing and interesting.;))
And you are right, I should feel lucky.;))

Gal Friday said...

Isn't it great being a "tourist in one's own town"?!! You are right to feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world and I enjoyed seeing(and hearing) YOUR coastline(seems similar to mine, but until mid September, our beaches have more people on them...)

Zuzana said...

yes, I feel blessed for sure.;) I totally understand that the beaches here must be so very similar to yours, considering we share similar climate. Even though your summers are hotter and winters colder.;))

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

What amazing photographs...and there you are looking absolutely lovely AND "fairy-like" with your hair blowing in the breeze and in your flowing and lovely dress/cover up!!!
The beach is SOOOOO mysterious and inviting!

Zuzana said...

thank you so much for those kind words and compliments.;)) xo

G said...

Beauty on the Beach!

Zuzana said...

Aw, G you are so sweet and so good with word play.;))