August 01, 2009

Mandevilla Trellis.

A few days ago I purchased a new plant and I simply love it. It is a a climbing flower, resembling a vine with deep red flowers. Named Mandevilla, it seems to be sturdy and the blooms are abundant. It is always exciting with a new "living" addition to the household. I have placed it next to my entrance door, in a azure blue pot. It seems to thrive and makes the entrance look inviting.
Today is my fathers birthday; it has been many years since I have had the privilege to celebrate both my parents birthdays in their company. I am trying to enjoy the precious time we have together as much as I can.

I hope everyone is having a splendid Saturday.:)


Unknown said...

It is really a beautiful plant! I love it!

j. said...

I love the red blooms against the blue pot.. really beautiful. :-) Happy Bday to your dad, Ms. Z!



Betsy Brock said...

absolutely perfect with that blue pot accenting the whole look!

Reasons said...

It's gorgeous and the plant/pot colour combination is great.

...and yes kylie is a treasure!

Happy weekend to you too.

tony said...

Have An Ace Weekend.Regards T.

DucDV said...

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sallymandy said...

That is gorgeous, Z, and I love the blue pot. The viney tendrils at the top are beautiful, elegant lines.

Have a wonderful time with your parents.


Unknown said...

cute. i can't wait for it grown and climb on your house. hihihi.

we have a yellow belle on our patio. it's cute, getting taller and wider by the day. we're hoping that it will cover our front house. hihihi

Zuzana said...

Catanya (welcome), Valentine, Betsy, Reasons..., Tony, MMO (welcome), sallymandy and Denise; thank you so much for your comments and best wishes.;))
I will update you on the growth of my Mandevilla.;))

Have a lovely weekend!


Hilary said...

Look how gorgeous it is with the blue! Wonderful. Happy birthday to your Dad. :)

Zuzana said...

thank you dear friend.;))

Gal Friday said...

What a gorgeous flowering plant you have there! Your blue pot and the red of the flowers make it seem like something one would see in Greece,
Will you take in, in the winter?(I think this type of plant can even flower indoors)
Sorry I missed your father's birthday..and am glad you were all able to celebrate together on this birthday. :-)
In my family, there are also birthdays around this time of year--late July for my father(just turned 73) and my grandmother(who just passed away last Aug. at age 93)was born on Aug. 2.

United Studies said...

So that is what my parents found and planted in their yard! They found little plants at a garden center and decided to plant them in their yard, but they had no idea what they were. Now I can tell them. :-)

Maria said...

It's lovely!

Zuzana said...

glad you found this fact out here - hope your parents will enjoy the plants for a long time.;))

thank you so much;))