August 30, 2009

The Last Sunday Of Summer.

It has gone by so very fast. One minute the summer was about to begin, and suddenly August is leaving, taking the summer, or at least, the term of the summer with it.

I am a summer child and I love summers endlessly. Every time they are about to leave, I experience a wave of melancholy. Perhaps, a lot of it has to do with the fact that the summer months feel so short in my part of the world.

Changes are inevitable. Some are good, some are bad, but they are necessary. I know that the change of seasons is a vital progress, important for the well-being of the animals and the plants. As much as I dislike when the summer is about to leave, I do love the changes that the nature goes through during a year.

To summarize this years summer, I can only conclude that it was very ordinary. We had a few warm days, we had many rainy days and some sunny days as well. We had about five really hot days and unfortunately, the summer was nothing like the beautiful, sunny and warm spring, which proceeded it. Statistically, each year that the summer rains away, as it did this year, we are getting a better chance to have a really excellent summer the following year. Therefore, the hope is still alive.

Below an update on the progress of the changing of the foliage, which my beautiful birch tree undergoes. Nothing obvious has happened yet, although on closer inspection, a few more golden leaves are visible.

Good bye summer!


Blogaire said...

Our Summer was also hit and miss this year PROTEGE, some good days, some bad days, but no long period of sunshine. Still, I have a feeling September might still bring some joy. It will be interesting to see the changes in your garden as Autumn progresses...

Hilary said...

I know exactly how you feel because that's my exact sentiments about summer's end. Though it's still officially summer for another 3 weeks. I'm going to hold onto that fact. ;) I love how you wrote with seashells. You're so creative. :)

j. said...

Sigh... You love summer whereas I keep on wishing for more cold weather.. hehe.. :-) I kind of wish that we had 4 seasons here but that would be bad..

I wish you endless summers.. metaphorically.. at least.



Baron's Life said...

I'm with you on this one...Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn...If you want summer all yera round, then you need to move to a tropical country like Singapore or Malaysia

Unknown said...

I agree with you about summer ending. Although I am here in Arizona where 90 degree's is considered a cooling trend after our annual 3 months of intense triple-digit temps.

Enjoy your Sunday!!!! :)

Reasons said...

That's how I always feel about the end of summer too. Exactly. So sad to see it go but at the same time the initial change is interesting and cosy. It's just too long before it comes round again!

Claus said...

Though us near the Equator, Autumn/Fall does not exist, to me the ending of August and the beginning of September does bring a different air. In my mind, it it the beginning of our very own "season", one that I have named Autumn, with shorter days (by an hour only), cool afternoon, and wind gusts that make us take our sweater out, maybe a scarf. I'm really looking forward to it.

Diane said...

We'll still have summer for another few weeks to a month or so... but I'm always happy to welcome fall... then winter... then spring... then summer again :)

Sumandebray said...

Seasons come and seasons go.... but interestingly it is not the same seasons that people in different parts of the globe look forward to. The part of India that we belong witnesses 6 seasons, though it is more perceptible in the countryside than in the cities.
But where I live now is a very different place. If you love John Denver's song which goes "Sunshine on my shoulders...."you are in the wrong place.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I am sad to say goodbye to summer you, I am a summer child and I have a particular FONDNESS for this season!

Donna said...

It is sad when summer is over. I love summer too, however, here in the south we still have another month or two of warm weather.


Julie Hibbard said...

Fall is my favorite...and it's OH so close...
your photos, as always, are beautiful.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Summer did go by fast. ;-( We had a very nice summer. I miss "not" being so busy. Your pictures are beautiful. I wish we had trees. I love that birch tree!

I hope you have a wonderful week.

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

I agree on all accounts. Here too September can September can be really warm and even more sunny than July. So all is not over yet.;) Always enjoy when you stop by.;))

you are a true optmist and so right you are. I always count summer month, so September is offically autumn month.;))
Glad you notoced my artwork, I had a lot of fun with it on the beach about a month ago.;))
Thank you for your always kind comments.;)) xo

thank you so much! I wish so for endless summer too.;) I guess we always want what we do not have.;))
Hope you will have lovely week dear friend.;))xo

=Baron's Life,
true on every account. I guess I only would like the summer season last just a bit longer.;))
Lets hope autumn will be splendid.;))

lucky you! I remember Arizona weather, the dry heat. To me that was very exotic. Enjoy it and send some my way please.;)

I guess we living in the northern hemisphere need to find something good in every season. And all the traditions we have also make every season special.;)) Hope you enjoyed your home alone weekend.;))

I am always so amazed by your climate. I would love to spend a year close to the equator, just to see how it feels. The closest I have come has been 3 weeks spend in Brazil, 10 days of it south of Rio in a rain forest. It was in November and it felt like summer.;))
Thank you always for taking the time to stop by.;))xo

you av have the right attitude, I wish it was contagious.;))
Hope you had a great weekend dear friend;)) xo

six seasons, wow, interesting. I love sun and summer and in a way, as my roots lie in the continental Europe, I will never completely get used to Scandinavian climate. But I guess the beauty of the nature here outweighs the weather almost at all times.;))
Hope you had a great weekend.;)

happy to find a kindred spirit in this respect.;)) Now we can only look forward to next year.;)) xoxo

yes, I recall the NC weather, it was warm long into October. Ah, how I miss that.;)) xo

I am sure the fall you have is splendid.;)) Much better than the rainy, windy here.;))
Always glad when you stop by, thank yo for your kind words.;)xo

ah, I am sure your summer was hot and sunny! And I know you like autumn, so *your* season is about to start.;))
Glad you enjoy my birch tree pictures.;))) Thank you for your always kind words. xo

sujata sengupta said...

Summers are not the most sought after season in my part of the world, summer means a lot of sunscreen, staying indoors with the ac on full blast, and things like that. I love the winters. You have written quite a few posts..I have been a bit tied up and today when I had been prolific!!

sallymandy said...

I adore your birch tree. It is indeed gorgeous.

The end of summer is sad, I agree. I feel it too, though I keep telling myself to go by the calendar, which says we officially have summer until the solstice. We have had very warm weather where I live, and I hope to make the most of it through September.

Love your tree photos!