August 06, 2009

Altering A Tag.

Yes, I have been tagged once again and I do not mind. This time by the lovely MelRox.

This is a very interesting meme, which prompts me to list 7 words that would adequately describe me.

I like this one, I have to admit, as it actually proved more of a challenge than I originally thought. I feel at times it is difficult to write posts that focus on my person so directly. It can easily become a somewhat self centered subject, likely boring for others and it is difficult to keep it bias. So I cheated a bit.

I asked my family - my mother and the Irishman - to write down seven words, that they would think describe me. Here are the words that they wrote down (without consulting each other) in no particular order:



Interestingly, the words that I would use to describe myself, were not far removed from those used by my family:



There you have it, all these together must give a pretty good image of me, I would presume.;)
Anyone interested in doing this tag -with or without alteration- please feel free to be tagged.


United Studies said...

I agree with your family about you being all of that. I, of course, don't know you in "real life" but I can tell from your posts that you are beautiful inside and out.

Barbro Andersen said...

Re: Haha, we all should start a group: Anonymous Overpacking Bloggers (AOB), or something :)

Claus said...

Very interesting words to describe you! From what I know about you, and how I "perceive you", I definitely agree with creative, individual, determined, enthusiastic, fashionable, sentimental, nature lover, happy, live lover and responsible.

Describing oneself is often rather difficult. It even becomes a inner search of who you are, don't you think? And not that you don't know who you are, but putting words to it is not always easy.

steviewren said...

Whenever I think of these type of things I'm afraid that I only say the negative stuff about myself. It makes me seem so dysfunctional...which I might be but I don't like to advertise it. haha

Maria said...

Good answers, and a nice way of handling this tag too :))

Zuzana said...

Jacki, Barbro, Claus, Stevie and gaelikaa; thank you so much for stopping by.;)) It is a bit difficult to get these tags right and I appreciate all your lovely comments and compliments.;))

Sumandebray said...

very well selected set of words to describe oneself .. gives a fair idea of the human that you are

Zuzana said...

glad you liked this post, even though it is a bit self centered, I feel.;)

Noelle Chantal said...

the descriptions are so perfect for you, Protege! from the time i've been reading your blog and learning a little something something about you, i can say that these are THE best descriptions for you..

-nature-lover / life-lover
you like to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

-creative / artistic
i can see it from the way you write and from the ideas you share in your blog.

-happy / determined
you always enjoy everything around you, nature, work etc. your happiness shows in your beautiful house and with your supportive loving family and Irish man. :)

Zuzana said...

wow, that was so kind of you; I think these can easily apply to you as well.;)