January 23, 2010

Snow Therapy.

The other day I heard on the news that snow, or snow covered landscape, helps ease our winter depression. The white colour reflects light and aids greatly in making us up here in the cold and dark North feel happier.

I have to agree. January is usually a dreadful month. Dark, drizzly, cold and absolutely endless. This year though I perceive it very differently. I do indeed feel happier and I am less tired. Snow has been covering the ground for the past five weeks and with the returning daylight my surroundings indeed look beautiful and enchanting.

It has also been extremely cold. This is the third week of constant subzero temperatures and the effect is very obvious on the evergreens. I have never ever seen them looking so sad. Their leaves look thin and flat and have rolled into themselves like ancient parchment. Particularly the Rhododendron looks unrecognizable. It already displays buds, which will result in beautiful magenta flowers in June and it will then become the most beautifully coloured bush in my garden. Its appearance right now makes it absolutely impossible to imagine that this will come to pass, as it indeed doesn't look very much alive. It is enticing to ponder how such a delicate plant can survive this extreme weather.

Nature is a constant source of magic, at any time of the year.


Gal Friday said...

I agree completely with about the snow on the ground at least making things easier on the eye. Right now, most of our snow cover has melted away and it's so depressing looking at the brown and grey dead earth, so I am hoping for some more snowfall to cover it up.
I don't mind January so much(the novelty of winter is still fresh)-it's March that is the worst for me.
Well, Zuzana, it's nearly to the end of Jan. with Feb. to get through. We can make it! :-)

Kat Mortensen said...

Hi Zuzana!

It's true! When the sun is glinting off the snow it is uplifting, but when the skies are grey and the snow is dingy, down go our spirits, don't they?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Calli said...

Amazing each season to see and feel and experience the emotions and how they affect us...and they do.

My son pointed out the other day how all the bushes and our new apple tree looked near dead. I told him that is what happens in winter and when "deer" get a hold of out arbor vitae's and eat them :). I told him even though it is hard to imagine, they will all come to life when the time is right. I do hold hope for those deer eaten arbor vitae's to flourish again.

It is amazing even to me a grown adult to see this 'transformation' every year.

Calli xo ~ Have a great weekend, Zuzana!

Kath said...

Yes, the ugliest places look lovely in the snow! Our snow has long gone and we are left with mud. Our younger dog came back from her run today, absolutely plastered. Good job we have outside taps, hot and cold, she had a shower. Good job it was a mild day!

Keera Ann Fox said...

I too am finding that the usual winter blahs are staying away this time because of the bright snow and the long stretches of clear weather.

I do have to quibble with your description of your rhododendron, though. :-) They originally come from the Himalayas, and can thrive almost anywhere, so "delicate" is hardly the correct term. ;-)

Margie said...

Great post, Zuzana.
I love the snow and especially when I am cross-country skiing in it!
(Going next weekend.)
It's such a wonderful part of winter!

When the sun sparkles like diamonds on the beautiful, white snow, it's such a gorgeous sight!

Have a wonderful weekend dear Zuzana and thank you so much for your visits and always such kind words!
You add joy to my day!


Betsy Brock said...

I agree with Kath..snow makes everything look better! Ours has washed away in the rain and the look is so dreary!

Anonymous said...

We are fortunate to have blue skies and snow on the ground for our 7 months of winter. When we do have gray skies, I feel like a flower without water.
One thing Hubby figured out was to mount our solar panels on the side of our shed, next to a hill, where the snow reflects additional light onto the panels in winter. Thus, more free electricity!

Your evergreens will be OK. Like you said, Zuzana, "nature is a constant source of magic".

Enjoy your weekend!


so true - just a promise or a touch of light and bright can and does make such a difference in our lives - and to see even the tiniest bit of nature prevailing - divine! from here in delaware, i'm yearning for a louisiana spring where i could watch my little redbud tree bring it's first whisper of what was to come -

Brian Miller said...

what is left of our snow is dingy and black. now we just have wet and cold. not much fun. did go for a hike today though and there is still beauty to be had.

sprinkles said...

We got some more snow yesterday, just enough to cover the ground. This morning it's all gone. Can't say that I'll miss it.

I have some rosebushes that I don't take very good care of. Sometimes I remember to water them but often I don't or it's inconvenient for whatever reason so I don't do it. And I'm simply amazed each year when they come back just as beautiful as the year before!

swenglishexpat said...

I prefer snow to cover the ground just enough to create that wonderfully softening feature. Sounds are muffled, light is reflected and it hides the ugly. And when temperatures rise, birds start to sing and snow drops shoot up through the disappearing snow, then you sense another beautiful season in the making.

Sandy said...

Yea, our rhododendron looked the same way in winter and our winters here in NE PA aren't that cold. But they always came back in the spring and bloomed and bloomed. In fact we took out all of our front door landscaping this past year. Regardless of how often we clipped and trimmed our shrubs back they quickly grew too large for the space. Now we can see our front door again.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

♥Mimi♥ said...

I love your summer/winter photo! Reminds me that snow is not always present and will leave - sooner or later. Honestly, I don't mind it all that much. My kitchen floor stays nice and clean in the winter because the dogs can't track in any dirt☺

Anonymous said...

Wow... what you have to look forward to when the weather breaks for Spring to come. Your flower garden is beautiful. I brought some flowers in to save them for the Spring. I think I'm going to build a pergola this Spring so the honeysuckle will grow on it. I won't get too fancy with it sense I plan to let the honeysuckle have fun with it. :) The Bach

Diane said...

I'm glad you're having a happier January!! xo

S. Susan Deborah said...

I cannot say anything about the snow as I come from a different clime but then I absolutely liked both the pictures of the Rhododendrons. I last saw these flowers in the Himalaya in 2006. You should visit the Himalaya sometime dear Zuzana.

Joy, love and passion,

Bhushavali said...

Oh. That's a new bit of info that snow eases out winter depression..
Thanks for it dear..

Driving thru Vazhachal Forest
Shopping in Paris

Zuzana said...

Tina, Kat, Calli, Kath, Keera, Margie, Betsy, Zuzu, Gypsywoman, Brian, sprinkles, swenglishexpat, Sandy, Mimi, The Bach, Diane, Susan and Mitr – yes, snow makes everything more beautiful and bright. I hope it will last a few more weeks and then I hope for an early spring.;)

Thank you all so much for stopping by, leaving interesting comments. Your words mean so much to me always.


Hilary said...

It is indeed magic.. at all times.

Claus said...

I've been having "mouse" trouble, and haven't been able to come by. Great new look!! I love it. New year, new look, huh? ;-))

What a comparison the June and January pictures!! Lovely, for once, but drastic indeed. I'm sure it will just as lovely again this coming June.