January 21, 2010

My Red Toolbox.

Recently my very talented blog friend Betsy wrote a fun post about the necessity for us girls to own - and be able to use - at least a few tools. Those that enable us to fix things on our own, when our men are not around.

When I lived in North Carolina, I realized at one point that I had to buy at least one set of the most common and important tools. I recall it as if it was yesterday. It was a warm day in July, one of those typical hot and humid afternoons in the southeast, when I decided to drive to Sears in one of the local malls. I was in my late twenties, very tanned, with long blond hair, wearing a short summer dress. When I entered the tool section in the store I could see the question marks written all over the sales personal faces (all men). I half expected them to tell me that fashion and cosmetics stores are in the other end of the mall. However, the men soon found it slightly intriguing when I politely explained that I was looking into buying my very own (first) tool box and some tools. And they were all very helpful, even though that slightly confused and amused look never left their facial expression.
Within twenty minutes I walked away with a small red box filled with a hammer, a set of screwdrivers and even some nails and wrenches.

I use all of these to this day. To be honest, I am not big on DIY, but I have put up pictures on the walls, fixed loose bolts and even assembled furniture. Even though most of the heavy duties I save for my handy Irishman, who helps me with much of that during his stays here.
Despite the fact that today I own many tools, which I have collected over the years, of better quality, I still use - and love - all those that I bought in Sears those many years ago; such as those displayed below, including that cute little hammer. And I still keep all my tools in that red toolbox of mine.


Sandy said...

I have a little yellow toolbox that is all mine. I told my hubby I wanted my own box so I could have all the tools I needed to do little jobs around the house (especially when he wasn't there). I have a tack hammer too! I put all my picture hanging thingies in there. Well, it filled up so I bought a larger one to for the overflow to keep in the garage. I keep the little one in my laundry room. Cute photos!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Unknown said...

I love this post! I'm actually thinking of having a toolbox of my own!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

My toolbox Zuzana is yellow! Have a great day my sweetie friend!

Brian Miller said...

nice. my wife is fairly andy and has a red tool box still that came with her when we got married.

Call me "MOOD", Mahmud. said...

I have been a building maintenance contractor for about ten years in the 1990's. Trust me your investment in a toolbox is a most valuable one when it comes to 'first aid' problems because calling contractors to do 'fire fighting' solutions can be unneccessary costly. Keep on sharpening your tools.

Anonymous said...

Yay Zuzana! You were ahead of your time! :)
I learned how to use power tools when my son was 9. He begged me please-please-oh-please to be the Cub Scout Den Leader, so I had to learn fast and teach safety to ten little 9-year-old boys all at once while we made wood projects together. I loved it as much as they did! :)
I hope you have a wonderful day,

Julie Hibbard said...

Though I was married for 23 years, my former husband never touched a tool. He is quite intelligent, but could not ever figure out fixing anything. I am also the oldest of five girls...we just learned how to do things ourselves early on.
I was so proud to always be able to do this! I always hung our pictures, fixed leaks, and put together every single thing that came in a small box.
Since being single the last five years, these skills have come in handy! I have built all my bookshelves, installed shower heads and even, most recently, built myself a work bench in the garage.

If I can find a man who can COOK, we'll be a great team!!!

Claus said...

My mother always say that us women are as capable as men in many areas. I think she is right. We have plenty of supplies of everything, including tools, at home. My box is grey, huge, and filled with everything. I have all sorts of nails, various hammers, even hand saws, wire for cable and telephone...and I have learned, through the years (and mostly from my brother) to be able to fix things, and connect things...it's kind of cool to be a handy person! :-))
Have a great day!

Betsy Brock said...

"they were all very helpful"....haha...yes, I BET they were! Too cute...your red tool box is great! :)

Cat in the road said...

This is a funny coincidence. Both of us post an article about tools but each one is somewhat reversibly gender specific.
I’m glad we both know how to use our tools (Snicker, snicker) “Love your comment”

mrinalini said...

this is Mrinalini from India .I accidentally hit ur blog.The first thing that caught my eye was ur profile photo then I READ more about u .U life is interesting and wish I had ur life.so eventful.

Margie said...

Hi Zuzana
Loved the post!
I don't have a toolbox but I do know how to use a hammer and nails...lol!

Have a wonderful day and stay warm!


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As a kid I use a toolbox (a plastic one) to store all my little toys and collections in. ;)

Happy 2010, gorgeous!


Blogless me said...

I came to your blog via a funny post you commented on about the name of a cat - the DP cat - can't stop smiling when I think of it.
I really love your life motto. Do you manage to live by it? Good luck!

Dan said...

Hi Zuzana
The only tools I own are a trowel, fork and spade. I can hang a picture if necessary, but that's about my limit I'm afraid - my hubby does everything else of a DIY nature!
Good on you for being handy! Sounds like the guys in Sears would have done any DIY you wanted for you with that outfit on!
best wishes

sprinkles said...

I have a small toolbox that my father got me for Christmas one year. It doesnt' contain many tools but that's ok. It doesn't need too! I've used it around the house too and am happy to have it.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Great tool box! I am sure those gents at Sears were MORE than happy to be of assistance!! ;)

Nessa said...

A girl has got to have her own tools. Very important for ones' independence and self worth.

Kath said...

Yep, I have my own tools. My first collection was put together for me by my Dad. Having my own means I know where they are when I need them and Husband and son can't pinch them!

Jeannette StG said...

I'm coming from the other end, Zuzanna...since hubby is a master carpenter, his tools are like my painting supplies, anywhere and everywhere in the house. so I'm the one telling him to clean up his tools;) or to sell some, because we have too many!

The upside is that I never have to pay for a handyman, electrician or plumber. I guess they changed at Sears, whenever I walk through the tool dept. they always ask me if they can help me.

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Great post Zuzana. Once we had a neighbor over to fix some electrical something. I was on a deadline in my studio, and this guy (who was actually a lumberjack at other seasons of the year; and he was built like Popeye) asked my wife if he could borrow a hammer. So she went and got her favorite hammer. It was a tiny thing with flowers painted on the white handle. He just stared at it for a few seconds trying to register what it was. Finally he said, "I can't use that thing. I just can't."

♥Mimi♥ said...
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♥Mimi♥ said...

How FUN! I have one, too, baby blue with a pink hammer. My boys gave it to my years ago for Christmas - just as each of them was getting ready to marry and leave me on my own. Of course, they were always nearby for the big problems, but the little ones, heck, I can DO them myself!

Rebecca said...

I have a tool box but it's filled with art supplies! LOL!!

I do have a small hammer and pliers, just for framing and hanging my artwork:)

tattytiara said...

Your toolbox is so different than mine. It looks like a person could actually find something in it.

United Studies said...

One of the first things my Dad made sure I had when I move out on my own was a toolbox. :-) I still have my tools....they come in handy. :-)

Rajesh said...

Interesting and wonderful post.

Unknown said...

i am a freak with my toolbox too. Husband can't touch it unless given my permission. hahahaha. my dad's a carpenter so i know how to use a hammer. and am good.

I am Denise Katipunera

Zuzana said...

Sandy, Catanya, Phillip, Brian, Mood, Zuzu, Julie, Claudia, Betsy, Scribe816, mrinal (welcome!), Margie, Erika, Blogless me (welcome!), Dan, sprinkles, Jill, Nessa, Kath, jeannette, Richard, Mimi, Rebecca, tattytiara, Jacki, Rajesh and Denise – I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your own toolboxes and your experiences with tools.:)

As always, thank you all for taking the time to stop by and for your kind words.


steviewren said...

I have a yellow tool box, but most of the tools are scattered all over the house. My youngest son, who helps me lots, has trashed the garage, my toolbox, etc. I need to put collecting all the tools back into the box on my list of must dos...along with cleaning the garage.

Beverlydru said...

Hi Zuzana!
I'm enjoying catching up on my favorite blogs. We gave my daughter's boyfriend his first tool box for Christmas and I know he will have it forever. Good quality, basic tools in a special handmade wooden box. Everyone needs a toolbox!
Enjoyed my visit, as always.

Zuzana said...

Stevie and Beverly, thank you both for your visit and your own recollection of your toolboxes.;)