April 20, 2010

Slightly Postponed.

The picture here to the left is taken on the 22th of April last year, that is almost exactly a year ago. It depicts the early flower of my birch tree, so called catkin.

If you look closely at the image, you might even notice some fresh new leaves present in the background. The fun fact about this photograph is the incredible difference, if one would capture the same image today. This year the birch trees barely have any flowers in bloom yet. Not to mention any leaves.

The nature is about three weeks behind its normal progress. Considering that last year our winter was very mild, our spring was ahead of itself. At this time in 2009, my surroundings had a significant green hue and many trees were in bloom, including the cherry trees.

Thus it will take a while before trees and plants catch up and in fact, I also start to feel the impact of this delay. I long to finally see some green leaves, like never before. Every day as soon as I wake up, I look out of my large windows across my garden, trying to see if any progress has taken place since the day before. And I guess even though this progress is very slow, it is there, in the very minute details.

Even the birch tree update below (one day delayed, sorry about that) will show it, if one looks more carefully. A week later, the new view looks almost identical to last week. Still, after closer examination, the bushes to the right on the new picture display the first, albeit tiny green leaves (please click the below to enlarge). Likewise, the buds of our lovely cherry tree (to the lower left) have significantly grown.

Arming myself with patience, I am hoping that as the sun grows stronger and shines longer by each day, this progress will become more obvious.
After all, good things come to those who wait.


Sandy said...

Zuzana - my River Birch tree had those things all over it this year. I didn't know what they were and thought maybe they were bugs. I even made my hubby go out and check them to make sure the tree wasn't infected. I checked the internet and found out they are part of the tree last week. Now I can tell my hubby they are called "catkins" and are the beginning of flowers. I don't recall seeing flowers on my River Birch before. I think I had this tree planted in 2004. Will these turn into flowers - do you think? The birds loved this tree they are all over the bark. Have a lovely day my good friend.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Avo said...

Although we can't hold back time when we are happy, this does also mean that the passing of time can to bring us new marvels to behold.

Spring here started two weeks ago... It was like champagne cork unleashing allergies, skimpy, clothing, and the rebirth of nature into my city.

Nice photography as usual, did you use a tripod to get the same shot twice or did you just eyeball it?

Brian Miller said...

it will be here soon enough...everything is coming on quick here...though we have had cooler mornings here which i hope does not kill our fruit...

Sukanya said...

Zuzana, Im really impressed about your observation. You even remember the date that photograph was taken.Amazing. And yes I totally agree that we have to wait to see good things :)

Thanx so much for stopping by my blog. I am always glad to see your comments on my posts :)


Absolutely Ladylike said...

My dearest Zuzana...you highlighted a very important fact here....I feel kind of uncomfortable as well about the weather. Here in China in the middle of the city (almost no green at all) I just feel that it's still cold inside our apartment and I still have to heat...This time of the year here in Ningbo usually is much much warmer and I don't need to heat at all from the middle of April...Hope it will get warmer soon!

Hope you're having a great start of this week, much love: Evi

steviewren said...

I hope your spring won't be much affected by the volcanic ash. I can sympathize with you wishing spring would hurry. It was such a relief when it arrived here this year. (well a relief for everyone except those affected by pollen)

Maria said...

Hi, I just love the new look of your blog and your beautiful photo. You're constantly updating and redecorating and the effect is wonderful. Lovely to be back again - I've been a bit disorganised lately.

Claus said...

I am sure you will have, when you least expect it, the most beautiful green view, filled with flowers and the most magnificent trees and bushes. It just takes time, and humans are not precisely known for their patience ;-)
Lovely pictures as always!
have a great day.

sprinkles said...

Alesa Warcan said...

Nice photography as usual, did you use a tripod to get the same shot twice or did you just eyeball it?

^^^ I wondered the same thing! The camera angle looks exactly the same! The tree looks pretty much the same but the bush on the right has grown fuller.

No need to apologize for asking a personal question. I don't know why but I've never liked giving my age.

Dan said...

Hi Zuzana
Our cold winter also seemed to have slowed down nature, but it's making up for lost time now. Plants appear to be growing almost overnight. How lovely that you have a photographic record to compare!
Best wishes

Donna said...

I hope things will start blooming real soon for you, Zuzana. I know the feeling.

Enjoy your day,

Kath said...

Our Amelanchier is stunning today, but the blossom can dissapear in one heavy downpour. Fingers crossed for dry weather for a few days, so we can enjoy him in all his glory X

Reading Tea Leaves said...

My magnolia is already dropping its petals - such fleeting beauty. Plants seem to be growing almost overnight here and things are really greening up in the woods and in the gardens. It won't be long now Zuzana. Soon you will be sitting on your terrace admiring your lovely plants and flowers!


Reasons said...

It's good to be back and to read your lovely blog again. Indeed, good things come to those who wait.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

hope that you stay well,
Happy Tuesday!


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Anonymous said...

I hope your spring progresses quickly. Great photos of your birch tree.

Hilary said...

Oh it will happen for sure. We're the opposite here... enjoying an earlier than usual growth. It all works out in the wash. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope these start to come out for you soon. Things are moving along just right in my neck of the woods.

Laura said...

Here it is the opposite...everything is blooming earlier...a very odd year.

Anonymous said...

A very slow progressive spring for you. The lilacs here have been bloomed for a week now and the fragrance is heavenly! :) The Bach

Sumandebray said...

it is a matter of time.... Wait and watch

Unknown said...

love the first photos. they look like triplet worms. hahaha.

happy day Zuzana!

I am Denise Katipunera

Gal Friday said...

And we, over here on the other side of the Atlantic, have a spring that is about three weeks AHEAD this year! Such a strange weather year....

Zuzana said...

Sandy, Alesa, Brian, Sukanya, Evi, Stevie, gaelikaa, Claudia, sprinkles, Dan, Donna, Kath, Jeanne, Reasons, Ji, LadyCat, Hilary, QMM, Laura, The Bach, Sumandebray, Denise and Tina, it was very interesting to read your comments as to hear how differently spring has been progressing across the world.
This week the weather has been very strange, including hail and snow. I am not sure how much that has helped our spring moving forward.

As for my photography, to those who asked, no tripod has been used.;)) I estimated the shots by using the garden furniture in the lower part of the images to guide the position of my camera. Furthermore I have gained some practice from photographing this tree last year.;)

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to stop by, I love all your visits.;)