April 07, 2010

Passion In A Cup.

Considering my recent post about Chocolate, I thought I would dedicate one to a another wonderful addiction of mine.


This rich and bitter, yet so smooth, aromatic and almost seductive drink is is my drug. I used to drink coffee with cream, but after I have became the owner of a new, wonderful appliance; the Senseo; I take it black only.

With Senseo, I have finally left the coffee cave of the primitive human and joined the modern coffee drinking world. In fact, it was a Christmas gift from very good friends and although I had my doubts at first, I am now a true believer in this technology. Making a cup is the easiest thing each morning and it never tasted this good.
Drinking coffee has become not just luxurious, almost clandestine pleasure, but being very cost effective, the most guilt free one as well.


tony said...

Zuzana.Have you ever come across this blog? The King Of Coffee!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Sometimes passion takes the most amusing of forms! This time it's the Senseo's Coffee.

Happy coffee drinking dear Zuzana.

Joy always,

Gal Friday said...

I'm sippping my second cup of coffee(I take it with a drop of milk--no sugar)of the morning as I read this. :-)
I have heard of the "Senseo" system and wonder if I might also "graduate" to drinking my morning coffee black with it.
To me, the gurgling and sighing sound of the coffee machine in the morning, as I anticipate my first cup, is a happy sound.

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Julie Hibbard said...

I drink 8 cups before I leave the house each morning. (Well, that's 8 cups on the machine, two giant mugs!) I set it at night and don't get out of bed til I hear the beep.
LOVE the aroma...love the taste...it is definitely my drug of choice as well!
I will have to look into that machine!

Roger Gauthier said...

Hello Zuzana,

I've been away for some time... and now I discover this "thing" that I knew nothing about. Let me think a bit about it. :-)

Brian Miller said...

see this just isnt nice...you know from FB that i gave up coffee april 1st...nice to rub it in...smiles.

i do like mine black as well.

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I wish I like coffee...my husband and me never drink coffee. We have a coffeemaker for the guests ;)

Nessa said...

You make coffee sound so decadent.

Sukanya said...

Coffee is my energy booster every morning.. Only after having a cup of coffee can I do my other chores for the day..And coffee is the best drink for having long conversations... I always love to sit with friends with a cup of coffee and start on with all the girls talk :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I wish one day to taste your coffee!

Claus said...

I find it strange that though living in a coffee country, I don't drink any!! :-o I prefer tea, but can't have much either. Apparently not tea is not all that good for kidney, and since I have experienced problems with it, I have to be careful. Luckily, tons of fruit in this country, so my passion are freshly squeezed juices :-)
have a lovely day!

Sandy said...

Zuzana we share another passion. I love coffee too. In fact, there is NOTHING like coffee and chocolate together. A double caffeine hit makes my day. I usually drink coffee in the winter months but not as much in the summer. Hubby doesn't drink coffee so it is just me. I wish he did - he doesn't mind me getting a cup of coffee after a meal out but it would be nice if we could talk and both drink our coffees. I feel like I should hurry up because he is done. LOL! I thought about getting one of those single cup coffee makers but it's so easy to heat the water in the microwave and use my Folgers Cappuccino (instant coffee beverage mix). I love that stuff. Cute photos.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Zuzana,
Me too! But I do mine in a cone on a commuter cup with water from an electric kettle. Had to switch to soy creamer, though, not as good and creamy! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love my morning coffee, too. Have wondered about the Senseo and now I really want one. Maybe when out coffee maker gives out, we will try one. Hmmm...now to sabotage the coffee maker : )

Reading Tea Leaves said...

What a wonderful gift from your friends - I've thought about getting one of those Senseo machines - as well as a good cup of coffee they look very smart too.

I'm more of a tea drinker Zuzana but I do like a cup of strong coffee for my elevenses!

I have a little Bialetta stove-top Espresso maker which has had lots of use over the years!

Looking back at your previous post about the dawn chorus - I can sympathise with those early morning wake up calls - 3am in the summer is way too early! We get the dawn chorus at its zenith in May at about 5am and I have to admit to actually like being woken by birdsong, but then I am an early riser (definitely not an owl any more)!!

Oh and the image of Batcat snuggling down on the blanket is such a lovely one. He is such a sweetie.

Jeanne xx

Lynne said...

You make it sound so wonderful.

Dan said...

Sorry Zuzana, I just can't share your love of this bitter bean!! The coffee from Starbucks really looks appetising with it's frothy top, but I just never got the taste for the brown stuff underneath.
Have fun with your new machine though!
Loved the Batcat post too! We have the blackbird gang, who never fail to disturb on a sleepless night (or very early morning, but they do make me smile when I can't sleep and hear them singing...
Hugs to Batcat

Margie said...

Dear Zuzana,
I so love my morning coffee, just the lovely aroma of it brewing gives me a head start on my day.
But, I only have one cup and then I'm a tea drinker the rest of the day.
Love my tea as well!

I have a friend that has the Senseo machine and loves it!

Hope you had a wonderful day.
Guess what, we got snow last night.
It's beautiful though!
I post a poem about spring and old man winter pays me a visit...LOL!

Margie :)

G said...

I've never drunk coffee even once! I'm sure I'm missing out on something, and this post almost makes me want to try it. You are a most delicious writer!

steviewren said...

I never developed a taste for coffee or tea. Growing up we drank milk with every meal and water in between. Unfortunately, I do love my cokes though.

sprinkles said...

I don't drink coffee all that often but I do love a good cup of cappuccino now and again!

Unknown said...

this is so funny! I just posted about coffee also and my new Bunn coffee maker. way too funny! I guess great minds think alike.....

glad you are happy with your coffee, that is very important for us coffee lovers.

Hilary said...

Oh bad time to make me crave a cup.. just before bedtime. I was given a cup of coffee on Sunday which I'm going to assume is as you described. It was the first time I had coffee without milk in it and it was wonderful!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I must say you've piqued my curiosity. I will have to check this out because I also love my coffee--especially in the morning. I love tea also! V.

Cheryl Kohan said...

Mmmmm. Coffee is my drug of choice, I have to admit. Freshly ground coffee beans are critical. I like mine very strong with cream or milk but no sugar.

Zuzana said...

Tony, Susan, Tina, Cosmo, Julie, Roger, Brian, Kata, Nessa, Sukanya, Philip, Claudia, Sandy, Sherry, LadyCat, Jeanne, Lynn, Dan, Margie, BPG, Stevie, sprinkles, Doreen Hilary, V and Cheryl, it was wonderful to learn that many of you love coffee too.

I always find it incredibly amusing that as a child I thought it was way too bitter and a strange “grown-up” drink indeed. However today I can not live without this simple pleasure. I do enjoy a cup of wonderfully aromatic tea as well, once in a while.

Thank you all for your lovely comments that I so enjoy to read, always.