April 17, 2010

My Cherry Laurel.

Today is a windy, chilly spring day. Clouds are moving across the sky with incredible speed and being outside is anything but pleasant.
This is in such a contrast to yesterday, in fact to the whole week, which was sunny and relatively warm. Typically, as soon as weekend arrives, the weather shifts.

The skies are covered by clouds, but devoid of anything else. The air space is completely clear and has been over 48 hours. Due to the presence of volcanic ash in the atmosphere, almost all airports in Northern Europe (Denmark included) are closed and all airplanes are grounded. This is the largest shut down of airspace in Europe ever.

I decided that today I would prune my Cherry Laurel. This beautiful shrub is my pride and joy. It lines my front patio, a beautiful, serene spot where the morning sun offers tranquil moments while I sip my morning coffee.
It consists of four plants - two planted in the autumn of 2004 and two additional ones in spring 2005. They were barely 40 cm long at that point and has since then grown beyond recognition. I love these evergreens, that are luscious and green year around. Comes May, they bloom with fragrant white flowers.

Unfortunately, the hardest winter on record has severely affected this resilient plant. In March I noticed many leaves were turning brown and by last week this frost damage became very palpable. This is to be expected, as we had subzero temperatures for months at end this winter.
I remembered with joy the beauty of the cherry laurel just a year ago. It was at it's most magnificent, the growth was tight and strong, the plant was extremely healthy. Today it looks week and fragile.
I trimmed it back quiet drastically, particularly the oldest plants, hoping that this will spur its growth once again, making it as stunning and striking as it was last year.


Unknown said...

you must be a very patient person to tend to your plants. I can only do the watering, aside from that husband does all the work.

you have a very lovely house. Hope to own one someday.

Brian Miller said...

sometimes pruning is just the thing we need to get growing again. with the love and care you give it, i imagine it will be smiling beautifully again soon. happy saturday.

Anonymous said...

I think it will return beautifully, now that you have pruned it, Zuzana.
Winter is playing tug-of-war here... one day it is sunny and temps are up, the next (like today) it is snowing & windy - and our waterline remains frozen.
To see your Cherry Laurel for April 2010 is a joy - all that gorgeous GREEN! I did find two small strawberry leaves poking out of the ground here, and instead of brown or gray, they are green! And there's no pruning required. :)
Happy day to you, dear friend!

Sandy said...

Plants can surprise us...just when we think they will not make it - they do spring back. Especially yours with the care that you give it - I'm sure it will return to its former glory. It's windy here today but the sun is trying to shine through the clouds. It's been cooler here too. We grilled hot dogs outside this week. Our first time this year. I love your paved patio - it is so pretty. We are getting estimates to replace our old front sidewalk with pavers. The process is so slow. And we probably won't be able to have the work done until fall when we return from Alaska. Have a beautiful weekend Zuzana! PS - it's all in the news about the shutdown of airspace in Europe. Mother nature can't be control as much as we would like to think man can control it.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend dear Zuzana!

Much love: Evi

tony said...

Im am sorry it's cloudy for you today Zuzana,but it's good to see you are not a "Fair Weather Gardener" !
Have A Sweet Sunday!

Pearl said...

The pruning looks great! Gardening is so rewarding.

And the empty air? After September 11th (New York), the skies over the U.S. were very quiet. Honestly, it was nice -- unless, of course, you were trapped far from home!


Jeannette StG said...

I see you're making good use of your weekend! Your cherry laurel looks beautifully trimmed now!
I love the new pic of you (you must stand out among the blond haired Danes:))

sprinkles said...

I should really take better care of my yard.

I was gone all day and when I came home, there was a message on the phone for me. It was from my mom saying that if I'd just answered the door, they would've mowed my lawn for me. They couldn't get at the lawnmower in the garage. I called her back and told her I wasn't home and that's why I didn't answer the door. I tried to convince her to come back now that I was home but she said no, I'd missed out on the opportunity. So I guess I'll have to mow it myself tomorrow.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hope your lovely shrub rallies and survives. It very well may surprise you! I hope so! I had the most beautiful, fragrant Persian Lilac shrub last year that my dog would not quit digging around! Sadly, it did not make it and I am searching for another which I will plant in another location. Have a lovely weekend! V.

Gal Friday said...

*a bit off topic, but wanted to say...I love the new photo of you on your page. You look so lovely in white and those earrings are fantastic! :-)
Hope it's warmed up for your Sunday and you might get a chance to sit out and enjoy that spot on your terrace by your laurel bush.

Kath said...

What a loevly spot, you do have a very pretty garden Zuzana. Enjoy the warm weather. It is sunny and warm here, but very cold in the shade and in the house.

Mahmud Yussop said...

You're looking gorgeous in the new photograph.Thanks for droppin by at my new blog.You're a dear friend. Love from Sarawak.I can see the spring magic is casting its spell around your garden.Looks as green as here:)

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I'm sure it will come back ever stronger after pruning - they are very resilient plants.

The sky here yesterday was so blue but today has been cloudy. All the airports are closed and our fiends visiting from Brisbane, whom we saw today, have little prospect of returning home on Tuesday!!

I love your new photo Zuzana - you look very glamorous indeed:-)

Hava a wonderful evening.


Reading Tea Leaves said...

I did of course mean 'friends', not 'fiends'!!!


Vagabonde said...

You did a great job of pruning and I’m sure this will be beneficial for your plant. I also loved your sunsets in the post of 15 April – you witnessed some lovely ones and your pictures are dramatic.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You have a wonderfully green thumb ;-) And I'm sure your Cherry Laurel loves you, and will perk right up under your care! What a beautiful patio, and place to drink your coffee...I can imagine that you find tremendous peace and joy in your early morning communion with nature! Simply inspiring! Love, Janine XO

Its Time to Live said...

Does all the ash in the air make your sun rises and sunsets brighter and red? I used to love the forest fires, not because of the destruction but the red sunsets.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Love your beautiful green dear Zuzana!

Zuzana said...

Denise, Brian, Zuzu, Sandy, Evi, tony, Pearl, jeannette, sprinkles, V, Tina, Kath, Mahmood, Jeanne, Vagabonde, Janine, It’s Time and Phillip, I truly hope you are right and my Laurel will come alive again.;)

Your visits are always very much appreciated.

Claus said...

It is beautiful and with your care, I'm sure it will heal nicely. The "false winter" on my side has caused some of my Amaryllis to have early stages of a fungus: too much water, followed by hot temperatures are optimum conditions for all kinds of diseases in many plants... I'm taking care of them, and I hope they will heal alright.
have a great week ahead!

Zuzana said...

Dear Claudia, I hope you are aright. Just when I trimmed it back, exposing its stalks, it has turned very cold and it is snowing today (VERY unusual for end of April!). I really hope this will do no further damage.
Always happy when yo stop by.;) xo