April 11, 2009

Summerlike Easter.

We have had a continuous string of warm days. It has been a rare two weeks, with sunny days and the occasional shower in the night. I can see the nature changing in front of my eyes. I love this time of the year, when every single morning I can look out onto my garden and see that something new has sprouted, in what seems, just over night.
We have had the warmest April beginning on record and also the warmest Easter on record as well.
Today I worked many hours trying to remove the weed on my front terrace; it is painstaking job as the terrace is tiled and in between the tiles something unwanted always grows. However, this year I truly enjoyed it as the weather was gorgeous.
I also took out my coffee table set; this usually means that summer is approaching fast.
Both my terraces are filled with ladybugs. I could not resist making a little collage of the many beautiful tiny red "pearls" that decorate my many flower beds and pots.
Hoping everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend.


Donna said...

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

I love ladybugs, and they're so good for the garden.


Hilary said...

I'm so happy for you that summer weather has arrived. We're back and forth between winter and spring here. I love how you called the lady bug "red pearls." Just beautiful. :)

Gal Friday said...

Awww..those ladybugs make me smile to see them! No ladybugs, or bees even, out around here.
I know what you mean, not minding a normally tedious chore like pulling up weeds, if the sun feels good while you do it.
I have heard that a kettle of boiling water or vinegar poured on weeds in between the cracks of pavement will easily kill them. I have never tried it, though.


I love ladybugs, as a kid I used to rescue them from the pool, jacuzzi. And feel like they had granted me one wish for the rescue! :)

Happy Easter xo!

Betsy Brock said...

I love what Fashion chalet said about getting a wish for every ladybug rescued! How fun! We don't have bugs of any kind just yet. Nothing says warm weather like getting out the patio set! yea!
Happy Easter!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Aha, weeding work -if I have the time, I love to do it.Like sweeping the leaves on the garden floor or steps I find these two 'chores' very therapeutic. Yet to explain why? Lady bugs everywhere?

sallymandy said...

All these photos were wonderful to see. The first one is beautiful. I like to see changes in your garden, too. Thanks for the ladybugs Protege. And have a good Easter.

Jill said...

Happy Easter!

I imagine a lovely coffee and scone are in order for your patio set! The lady bugs are pretty...what makes them so very attractive compared to other buggie friends...simply because they are red??

Enjoy your day!

Michelle H. said...

I can't decide which picture I like the most. I love all of them. Happy Easter!

Zuzana said...

happy spring and Easter to you too.;)
Yes, the little insects help the garden so much, thank you so much for your always kind comments.;))

your kind words always make me smile.;) I am sure spring will decide soon to stay around you as well, there is no way of holding it back. We are having a very rare weather for April and I am enjoying it as much as I can.;))
I hope you had a wonderful Easter so far.;))

yes, aren't the ladybugs just so cute.;)
I think what you suggest to fight the weed works.;)) To be honest I do use some sort of eco-friendly spray later on to maintain the terrace weed free; but to begin with, the only thing that works is a good old "knuckle fat", as they call it here in Denmark.;))
Hope your weekend is splendid!;))

I am sure they did granted you a wish, anyone how believes it, will get one.;))
I hope you are having a wonderful Easter.;))

we have everything flying around now; butterflies, bumblebees, bees and ladybugs. It is amazing, it has never ever been this early before.
I hope your Easter is lovely.;)

I too love sweeping up the leaves, I think mostly as they bring the best out of autumn.;))
Yes, indeed why are the cute insects everywhere? The only answer I have is that it got so warm and sunny so quickly, all of them emerged from heir hideouts at the same time.;))

thank you for your always generous and kind comments.;)
You will be happy to know that I plan on posting many pictures of the changes in my garden, hope you will like them.:)
Wishing you a continuous wonderful Easter.;)

so right yo are; I used the patio set for my morning coffee as it is facing east. I often eta breakfast there as well.;))
Yes, I think the colour and the pattern and the fact we grew up with lovely stories about ladybugs as children must make them so attractive to us later in life. Plus the fact that they are harmless and very good for the garden.;)
Hope your Easter weekend is lovely.;)

thank you so much dear friend; likewise I am hoping your Easter weekend is wonderful.;))

Noelle Chantal said...

It's good to see that summer is fast approaching there. The coffee table looks perfect in your greener garden! And those red ladybugs are additionl colors aside from your colorful blooming flowers. hehe :)

Zuzana said...

that coffee table set is in use a lot in the summer when I have my morning coffee.;)
I agree, the ladybugs are a perfect addition to the beauty of the garden.;)