April 10, 2009

Easter Cinematography.

While growing up in Sweden, I recall that there was a tradition to broadcast particular films on television during the holidays. It became quiet customary to repeat a special broadcast every year. That was long before the cable with its multitude of channels. We only had two at that time and one of them would always show the Anglo-Italian television miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth" during the Easter weekend.

I was already then enthralled by this masterpiece. Even though it is over thirty years old, still today I watch it with the same intensity as I did when I was a young girl, as it is close to impossible not to be captivated by the creative force and visions of Franco Zeffirelli, the director. His perceptive talent in casting, the ability to create authentic settings and his compelling storytelling has always appealed to me. Other of his works worth to mention in this context would be the adaptation of the famous Shakespeare love tragedy, Romeo and Juliet from 1967.

The success of this Easter miniseries was attributed not just to superb direction, but also to the astounding performance, both visual and creative, by the actor Robert Powell in the main role. Zeffirelli also did again cast Olivia Hussey (who appeared ten years prior in his "Romeo and Juliet") in the role of Mary. Her ethereal appeal brought serenity and a tranquil allure into this important role.


Mahmud Yussop said...

Happy Easter! to you.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Hmmm, I do not think I have seen this film! I am going to watch it...based on your recommendation.
Thank you and have a joyous Easter weekend!

Julie Hibbard said...

Happy Easter dear friend...
You are an inspiration every day.

The Clever Pup said...


I saw your comment on Sallymandy's Blue Kimono.

If the Danes call Daffodils Easter Lilies, what in fact do you call Easter Lilies?

Just curious. Happy Easter.

steviewren said...

The sound isn't working on my computer right now. I've got to crawl under the desk and see what came unplugged.

I've been watching the images without sound and they are stunning. I don't think I ever see this version of the greatest story ever told. I'm going to check my local cable listings and see if this movie is on any of the channels this weekend.

How will you spend the day? My youngest son and I are going to join my daughter and her husband at church in the morning and then all of my siblings and our parents and children will gather later to spend the afternoon with one another. Have a blessed Easter!

Holly said...

Happy Happy Easter Z!! I truly love this holiday. I am a religous person and it holds special meaning for me. :)

Happy Birthday (late) to your sister yesterday. I am glad that the two of you remain so close. There is nothing like having a best friend in your own sister!

Beep said...

That is the show I try to watch every year at this time now that I have the DVD. It has touched my heart deeply from the first time that I saw it on tv.

Hope you have a happy Easter!

Zuzana said...

thank you so much, hope your weekend is great.;))

I can truly recommend it, it is a wonderful peace.
Likewise wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter as well.;))

thank you and right back at you dear friend! Wishing you a very Happy Easter.;))xo

=clever pup,
I believe they are just called Lilies or "Longiflorum liljer", (Liljer=Lilies).
Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing you likewise a Happy Easter.:)

I ma so happy you liked the clip; belie me the movie will leave you breathless.
My Easter has so far been very laid back; unfortunately I had to work yesterday and today I enjoyed the beautiful summerlike weather.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend with your children and family, that is a lovely company to celebrate with. The best actually.;))
Wishing you wonderful Easter.:)

I am wishing a wonderful Easter and everything with it that you hold so dear.
I know you, if anyone, will understand how it is to have a sister that is far away.
Always glad when you stop by, my dear Holly.xo

I am so happy you know of this wonderful masterpiece and that you enjoy it as well.
Wishing a wonderful Easter, have a lovely weekend.;)

Noelle Chantal said...

I think I have seen this movie already. This are the movie they play in local channels during holy week special. But the most recent Easter movie I've seen was The Passion of Christ. That movie deeply touched my heart.

Zuzana said...

yes, "The Passion of Christ" was very well made. I am glad you recognize the series I speak off, I watched it again this Easter.:)