April 05, 2009

Evening Horizon.

Spring brings back the view of the setting sun. Although I prefer the dramatic sunsets, when the sky is cloudy and bursting with colours of contrast, the sunsets on clear evenings have another kind of magic.
I love to watch the sun move, as it sets over the horizon slowly, but visibly. The orange globe of light turns slowly into a red disc, which disappears bit by bit until it is gone, leaving the world submerged in twilight.
Below is such sunset captured a few days ago, for the first time since autumn.


Reasons said...

Absolutely beautiful. A simple yet stunning pleasure.

Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave.

Diane said...

You're a scientist, an artist AND a poet, my friend... xo

Donna said...

Beautiful sunset! You captured it all.



Giver? How funny is that? I always wondered how blogger comes up with its 'words'. Have you any idea??

A Sunset is so romantic, wistful, calming and nostalgic all at once. What a great post topic and photograph, dear!

Erika & Sweety! ;]


my word verification:
cycoquet ?? LOL !!

Hazel Designs said...

These are gorgeous pictures!!!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Thanks( many, many) for sharing the few wonderful seconds of the setting sun with us. Your northern sunset appears immensely beautiful.

Hilary said...

Wow.. so beautiful. Impossible to not stop and take notice. :)

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Great pictures. I love beautiful sunsets. You captured a great one!

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

=Reasons to be Cheerful...,
thank you so much for your kind words;)
I hope your weekend was lovely; I always enjoy my visits to your place.;))

you are way too kind.;) I guess the pictures did most of the talking this time.;)
Hope your weekend was great, my dear friend.;))

thank you so much.;) It was till so much better in reality.;))xoxo

yes I thought that word was so appropriate considering it was a "giveaway".;))
I think the verification words are just random letters put together by the blogger, they are not suppose to make sense. However they often do to me.:P I have now collected almost 20 real words over just a few months.;))
Hope your and Sweety's weekend was great, always glad when you find the time to stop by.;))

thank you so much for those kind words; I so enjoyed the picture of the cherry blossoms you posted the the other day.;))

you are so kind!;) I am so happy that you enjoyed this Scandinavian sunset. They only get better as the sun will set later and later, until June, when it almost doesn't set at all. That is the magic of living in the far north.;)

I have this playing out in front of my windows on daily bases, if the weather permits. It always leaves me in awe and I never ever grow tired of watching it. Nature is magnificent this way.
I only wish I was a better photographer, as I never really seems to capture the reality adequately.
Hope your weekend was good, dear friend.;)))

thank you so much for your always kind and positive words; it makes me happy when you stop by.;))

Michelle H. said...

Absolutely beautiful sunsets. I love them more than sunrises. It's just something so peaceful to watch the day wind down.

Zuzana said...

I agree, sunsets are more peaceful as everything is winding down.;)) Glad you enjoyed the pictures.;))