April 21, 2009

All Good Things...

"All good things must come to an end...”.
Well, at least that is how the saying goes. And there is some truth to it. The past week has been wonderful, but too short and the end was bittersweet. But that is the definition of true happiness; those brief, fleeting moments in time, which are precious and seem to elude us defiantly.
I find consolation in the fact that one day in the future this happiness will return to me. Every end has a beginning and everything goes in circles; I prefer to be happy for a few fleeting seconds in what seems like eternity, than never have to have the privilege to know happiness at all.

The Irishman brings not just sunshine into my heart and soul, but he also brings true, real sunshine with him every time. The weather breaks all the records upon his visits.
And this time was no exception; the last few days were filled with blue skies and plenty of sun.

Nature has changed significantly and visibly in the last couple of weeks. I took a picture of my fast growing clematis this past Sunday and the difference a week has made is blatantly obvious. A small collage further signifies the alterations that the warm April brought to my garden.

We are now on the threshold to the summer months, with the long days, white nights and the unique kind of magic that is so symbolic of Scandinavia.


Taking Notes said...

It is these fleeting moments and days of happiness that are the most treasured and memorable, I think. Where would we be without those moments!

The Scandinavian summer hinting on the horizon must hold such promise - all that wonderful light. We are in the midst of a couple of lovely warm sunny days here in the UK too.

So glad to have you back!!

Julie Hibbard said...

You have been missed. So glad you enjoyed your time with your lovely man...I agree with the few fleeting seconds of happiness...I'll take it every time!
Enjoy the sunshine my friend!

Betsy Brock said...

How sweet that even the weather rejoices with you when your Irishman comes! Looks like everything is turning green there!

Reasons said...

Ah those handsome Irishmen with their charms - I married mine!

You are so right, happiness always steals away a little light when it has to be taken away. You have your memories and the promise of more..hold that thought, your inner strength will sort out the rest.

Melanie Gillispie said...

He's magic, the Irishman Weatherman. Maybe just the way you guys feel together brings on a change in the weather?

Missed ya, Z! Glad to be back!

Diane said...

I missed you, darlin'... sorry you're sad about P leaving... but you'll see him again soon! Enjoy the sun in the meantime :) xo

Claus said...

Awww, so glad you had great days! Welcome back.
I couldn't agree more with you on your idea of happiness. Happiness are little moments that are worth thousand of days. They begin, and end rather quickly. But that is why they are more valuable, and desired and hope for.
Nature has turn green and pretty in April! Another reason to be happy.

Mahmud Yussop said...

It's so good to hear you singing the song of life- Joy.And with someone so close to heart.Aha, I see the leaves are turning green again. How magical. So nice to have you back in cyberspace :))

swenglishexpat said...

Spring and happiness, what more is there to wish for?

Donna said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your time with your sweet Irishman. Sounds like you are having delightful weather!


Hilary said...

Your happiness bring sunshine. And he'll return soon. :)

I love your comparison photos.. great job. Maybe you'll add to it each month. ;)

Gal Friday said...

It's such a pleasure to have you back in "Bloggerland", but I can understand your bittersweet feeling of slightly fading happiness.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I knew I would not be disappointed in visiting Denmark today...I so enjoyed your before and after garden photographs!


Thank you. I try my best to share with you a piece of my wardrobe, what I like to wear on a daily or weekly basis as well as what I've been listening to. :)

Legs Legs Legs = lol, I'm blushing here. :)

My Mom once told me, life is made up of moments, if you were happy all of the time, well then, you wouldn't know it. You might just miss it. Moments are what a life is made up of; those special moments. :)


Holly said...

I nearly cried. I am so glad that you enjoyed your precous time with Mr. P. I am sorry that special times like that fly by so fast, and end all too soon. I am feeling a little meloncholy myself being back from visiting with my family. I guess that is what makes it all the more enjoyable.

I loved your pictures today. Just gorgeous. He is like magic for you,...always bringing the sunshine with him. Just your brand of medicine.

Beep said...

I wish you lived nearer to each other. (((hugs)))

Noelle Chantal said...

"I prefer to be happy for a few fleeting seconds in what seems like eternity, than never have to have the privilege to know happiness at all." Beautiful words, Protege. And I also wish both of you lived nearer to each other.

By the way, your garden is showing more greens! very nice! And good to hear that your days were full of sunshines. What a difference the Irishman can bring. hehe :)

Zuzana said...

yes, I really agree with you; happiness is a moment in time and those precious seconds are worth the wait in between.
Thank you for the warm welcome, I am glad to be back as well.;)) The light, the sun and your warm words makes everything easier as well.;))) xo

ahh, I missed your never ending optimism, your cheerful comments always make my day.;)
Thank you again.;))) xo

yes, I take that as a good omen.;)) Nature here is something like 5 weeks ahead of time as we are experiencing a record warm and sunny April.;)) Always glad when you stop by.;))

=Reasons to be Cheerful...,
what a wonderful thought, your words about inner strength is what I needed to hear today. Thank you.;))
And yes, what is it about the charm of the Irishmen, I am completely spellboud, to say the least.;))

so glad you are back as well!!! You were missed.;)
I like the way you think about the weather magic we create, that is a great (and romantic) thought, if there ever was one.;)) Thank you dear friend.;)xo

it is great to have been missed, with so many friends here one can never be sad to long.;) Thank you so much for always being so kind and generous with your words.;) xoxo

that is so correct; the moments that we are truly happy are short and therefore even more yearned after.;)
Yes, the nature is very much ahead now here and it feels like summer is imminent.;)
Thank you so much for your kind comment.;) xo

it is great to be back,;)) Every time I post pictures of the nature here I think of you, as I now you enjoy seeing the seasonal changes, which are absent in your surroundings.;)) Thank you for your always wise and kind words.;)

yes, indeed, there is always the sun, as the song goes.;))) And as for happiness, well that is partly up to us.;)) Thank you for stopping by and welcome back as well.;))

I had a wonderful time in every way, and even though now I feel a touch of sadness, the lovely comments that you and other leaves help me immensly.
Thank you so much.;) xoxo

yes, happiness and sunshine somehow do come hand in hand.;))
I am so happy you like the collage; yes indeed my thought was to make a small one every time there is a major change. Maybe at one point I can have all seasons in one picture.;))
Always glad when you stop by, dear Hilary.;)) xo

I am glad to be back and I am sure time heals everything.;) It is always most difficult the first few days.;))
Thank you for your kind comment, you know it helps greatly in improving my mood.;))) xoxo

I am happy you enjoyed my little collage.;)) I love nature and the changes that happen in front of our eyes every day are magical. I am glad to be sharing them with others that appreciate it as much as I do.;))

your mom is very wise.;)) But then all moms are.;)))
Yes, you always look stunning, I love visiting your place as it helps me keep up with what is hip in the land of fashion.;)
Always glad when you stop by.;)) xoxo

every time I read your comments is is like I was writing them - I think you are so much like me.;))
I am sorry you too feel a bit sad after a visit with your family. I know better than anyone how it is to have only a precious little time with them and I hate good byes.
Thank you for your always kind and generous words, they mean the world to me.;) xoxo

you express my inner wish, thank you so much for that big hug. Right back at you.;))

you are so sweet, your words always make me smile and feel good. I love when you stop by.;))
I am happy and flatted you like the way I write.;)))
Yes, my garden is now alive and everything is growing. This is the beginning of the best time of the year.;))) xoxo

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Glad to hear that you had a visit from the Irishman. I agree with having a few fleeting seconds of happiness....you are such a sweet girl.

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

ah, thank you for your beautiful words and such a wonderful compliment; I am always happy when you stop by.;)xo

Hazel Designs said...

Aww, I'm so glad you were able to spend some precious time with your Irishman. I hope he comes back soon!