April 02, 2009


Since I became fashion conscious, that is since my early teens, I have loved the fashion of the H&M. The full name is Hennes & Mauritz AB and it is a Swedish clothing company. In Sweden we refer to the store as "Hennes", but I believe in the rest of the world it is know by the H&M initials.
Hennes is a Swedish word that actually means "hers" in translation, as it was originally selling exclusively women's apparel.

“Fashion and quality at the best price” is the company slogan and I have to admit that it lives up fully to this mission.
In all those years that I have been their faithful customer, they have manged to supply me with fashion that is not just hip, stylish and fun, but is possible to obtain to incredibly reasonable prices. No matter the age, one can find plenty of interesting clothes and jewelry in their stocks.
During the 90's, while living in North Carolina, I truly missed the fashion and style of my favorite store. Since my return back to Scandinavia about a decade ago, I am again a devoted fan and today my purchases are made solely on-line. Even though I occasionally visit the multitude of store in the city, the internet store is still my favorite place to shop.

This year, H&M introduced a new branch in their on-line shop, entitled "Home". Now, besides clothes, I can also purchase everything from sheets and towels to cutlery and china and decorations. Just like their fashion, the design for the home is anything from stylish, simple and elegant to items that are bursting with colours, with eclectic feel and patterns.
Soon, I indeed will find no more reasons to leave the house.


j. said...

Haha.. I love H&M too.. however, I have to go through so much just to get stuff from them. I have to ask my cousins to buy stuff for me then ship it here. Oh well, no pain-- no gain. Its not really me who does the work anyway. lol.

Hehehe.. dont you think online shopping is scary? I mean in the sense that you can get addicted to it and not leave the house at all. You can basically get anything online now.. even pets! hehe..

Ive only recently started to get into online shopping even though Ive been selling stuff online for a couple of years. haha.. But there's just waaaay too many awesome vintage items online.. my fingers wont stop clicking. hehe


I dont know many scientists.. but you are by far the coolest ive met and read about. :-)



Julie Hibbard said...

I must admit I prefer a root canal to clothes shopping...but shopping for MY HOME...I LOVE!! I know we have a New "H & M" store near my home...I may just have to bite the bullet and do a bit of shopping there soon!
Wish you could go with me!!

sallymandy said...

Hi, thank you for posting about this company! As I've gotten linked in with fashion bloggers, I see a lot of people noting that their clothes come from H & M. I have not heard of the company before. Even though I'm trying to limit my purchase of new clothes and instead "refashion" old ones, I'm going to check it out. :)

Have a lovely Thursday!

You're welcome for the award.

Mahmud Yussop said...

I do very little online shopping coz I like window shopping and walking while shopping ( for excercise reasons).Maybe in future when transport costs and time become serious issue I'd consider this option.

Pyzahn said...

H & M just made it to the flatlands a couple years ago, but I knew of it from visits to Chicago.

My gratitude goes out to them for bringing us affordable fashion. And I'm so excited to see they have expanded to a home division. Tho it will probably take a decade to get here.

Lovely blog. It still thrills me that I can peek into the lives of creative women across the world.

Diane said...

We don't have H&M here (or any good stores, for that matter). I'm the consumate catalog shopper. Well, not really... I'm a catalog BROWSER... not so much online, though. I think I need to turn the pages :)

Reasons said...

Thanks for the tip, knew about H&M clothes but not household stuff - will check it out.

Had a nice visit and good catch up here today. Had to laugh, the only place I feel asleep in 'public' was on the loo in Denmark. I was on a work trip with EF Language schools. Total exhaustion!

Holly said...

Ahhh Z,...you are a kindred spirit. What fun we would have shopping together online, and at the mall, or the flea market, or the second hand stores. Treasure hunting for that 'just so perfect' little item that is hiding and waiting for us.

I have to admit that I have never heard of your favorite store, but I really love that style. It looks very art neuveau to me. I have to admit that I have always been very style conscious myself. :):)

Gal Friday said...

Oh..how could you do this to me?! I am on my Lenten "no shopping" thing and now I want to go and check out the H&M website.
I went into the H&M store the last time I was in Boston, but found it overwhelming--too many great clothes..everywhere!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

I love H&M! I have only known about H&M since my first trip to New York 6 years ago. Very affordable and such cute items.

I remember that when I went down for my 2nd trip to New York(all work related trips) I took an empty suitcase just for H&M.

Those pitures are great. They have cute and colorful home items. Love it!

xoxo, Shelly

Hilary said...

I've never heard of them, but it's nice when you have a reliable place to shop. :)

Zuzana said...

yes on-line shopping is surely scary that way; sometimes when I go through a site I end with 3x the amount I am willing to spend in my basket.:P And then to sit there and try to decide what to remove is a torture.;) It is indeed so easy to just click yourself through the whole process, you feel like you are not using real money.
What is good about H&M site is that you have the possibility to change your order withing a few hours after placing it; thank goodness for that as I often go back and remove some items, otherwise I would go into personal bankruptcy.:P
Ah, what a wonderful compliment you gave me in the end of your comment; I am not sure anyone has ever complimented me this way. Thank you.

that was so funny! Rot canal! Aw.;)) I am sure if I took you shopping , I would change your mind.;) And I sure would love to be able to do that.;))
But perhaps, considering all this, maybe the on-line shopping is for you then, right?;))

the should be now also in the US and it should be possible for you to use the on-line store, if you follow the link I post here; you just need to change the country.
I am still amazed by their prices, they are by far the most reasonable ones considering what you get.;) And the fashion is lively and fun.;)
Thank you again for the lovely award, it means more than I can express.;))

I bet the reason for that is the wonderful climate in your part of the world. As here, 80% of the time the weather is dreadful, I rather prefer to be home while shopping.;)))

always love when someone new stumbles upon my place.;)) And I share your thrill about the journeys we can take while reading other blogs.
Thank you for stopping by and please come back again.;))

considering that you work on-line, perhaps that is why shopping on-line is not that pleasing.;)
I used to be a catalog shopper before the internet.;)

=Reasons to be cheerful,
how incredibly fun that you did fall asleep there!;) I guess there must be something in Denmark that effect people that way.;))In the water perhaps? Or in the beer and the snaps;)
Interesting to hear about your stay in Denmark, I would sure like to hear more about that at one point.;) Maybe in a post?;)

so right you are! Why are you so far away... I sure would love to go shopping with someone like you, we would know how to do it with style, right? ell perhaps one day, one never knows.;)
I am sure you would enjoy some of the store here, judging from your artistic incline and your sense of style.;)

aw, sorry!;)))) But not to despair, Lenten is almost over and then you can go crazy.;) At least now you have some inspiration.;))) Glad you too enjoy the H&M merchandize.;))
And guess what, it is Friday today.;)))

great to find another kindred spirit! I love the fact that you took an extra empty suitcase! You are talking my language.;)
Always glad when you stop by.;))

so true. I have a few shops on-line that I like to stalk.;)) They are all a bit different, some are more expensive, but then I shop there when they have seasonal sales.;))
By the way; I am so looking forward to my CD cover.;) You will be so swamped with all the orders; I am sure.;))It was such a cool (and popular) idea.;))

G said...

I have *yet* to visit H&M. The Swedes are amazing... that and Ikea, what a remarkable success. We have a big H&M near me... I shall visit it this weekend for a little retail therapy. :)

Zuzana said...

please do pay them a visit, when you find the time.;) I almost never leave the store empty handed.;)
I always enjoy when you stop by.;))