April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday.

Another beautiful day is reaching its end here in southern Scandinavia. Just like yesterday, it will offer a sunset out of this world - this one was taken yesterday when light cloud cover covered the setting sun.
I have been told, that if I ever wanted to sell my house (which will most likely never happen), I should decorate the walls with the multitude of sunset pictures I have captured out of the living room window over the years. Everyone who has experienced the sunsets from the house told me, that would guarantee a sale in no time.

Today I weeded the back terrace and I could not help but notice how much everything has changed since yesterday. Again over night. Particularly my clematis. I love those climbing plants, as they turn from nothing to something so stunning, it is close to unbelievable. Within a few months, this plant goes from a bunch of empty sticks to a green veil full of cobalt blue flowers. I have decided to post a weekly picture of the growth progress every Sunday, to show how beautiful it will get once we reach August.
The pictures below prove the statement I made yesterday, that is how growth can be watched over night. These are pictures of the growing clematis; note that the second picture was taken yesterday and the third one today. If you look closely, the difference is clearly visible (please click on the picture to enlarge).


Lulda Casadaga said...

Happy Easter! Love the sunset pic...and it is amazing how Mother Nature doesn't care about temperatures...she just works her magic and up pops some daffodils, crocus, etc. I believe that is the blessing of Springtime...new growth...and not only outside, but sometimes within ourselves! :)

I look forward to seeing the progress of the clematis!!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Beautiful,beautiful, beautiful! Sunset. Can't wait to see the green leaves and flowers pop out.

Zuzana said...

I agree with everything, it is truly amazing with nature, everything about it is magical.;))
Thank you so much for this lovely comment.;)

always so glad when you stop by.;))
I promise to keep posting pictures of the flowering progress.;))

Tom said...

Protege - I really envy anyone with a direct view of sunsets and sunrises! Beautiful picture as always! I hope you don't mind, though, I took the liberty of playing around with your picture for a few seconds because it looked a little too blue to me. Does this picture look a little better?

Again, apologies for taking liberties, I'm playing around with some of my own pictures right now so thought I'd have a go with someone else's photo. It could probably do with a little more cropping but it was a fun diversion!


Zuzana said...

stunning!!:) I do not mind a bit!!!In fact I take it as a compliment, as it means you like it enough to work on it.;))
It became incredible and indeed much better, bravo! You truly do have a future in photography.
Great work.;) And thanks for stopping by.;)

Tom said...

Just to add, I didn't use any proper photo editing software, just something called Picasa which is free software from google. It takes a little bit of learning, it deals with images a little differently than other programmes, but it's great at making good photos just a little bit better! The crop and the graduated tint tools are quite powerful and fun to use.

Tom said...

One more very quick go - cropped picture - probably too noisy and pixelated but I like the colours! I kept the contrail in at the top-left as I thought that was a nice touch.

I'd love to have a go with the original full-size photo one day.

Zuzana said...

beautiful, almost looks as if painted.;)
Just leave your email here, should you wish and I can mail you the full-size photograph.;)

Noelle Chantal said...

Beautiful sunset photo as always. And yes, please do post all your sunset photos on the wall when selling your house (as if you're gonna sell your house hehe). I can see what a difference a day can make in your garden. very nice! :)

Zuzana said...

you are so very sweet - thank you so much for always so kindly stopping by and leaving all those lovely comments.;)
I am happy you like the pictures and that you can spot the difference a day can make in my garden.;))

Tom said...

Protege - try apacificview@gmail.com. Can't promise I'll make the picture any better than I've already done, but will give it a go.

PS. Stunning sunset here this evening. Photos on my blog!