April 06, 2009

Dancing Queen.

I love to dance.
Whether I am good at it is another matter.
I only know, that when the right music starts to play, I am the first one out on the dance floor.
I do not have to be persuaded or told twice.
I need no partner.
I do not care who is watching.
I will dance alone or in a room full of people, all I need is a music that captivates me. A melody with a rhythm or a beat, that makes me want to move.

I am not the only one in my family. My sister shares this passion, with one crucial exception; she actually makes it look good. We inherited our love for dance from our parents, both skillful dancers. Still, to this day, I own one of the numerous beautiful, custom made gowns that my mother has had made for the many balls, she and my father would attend as a young couple. It is a silver-blue evening dress, in a timeless cut and I hope one day to be able to wear it to an event it was designed for.

Each year, in the period stretching from February to April, ballroom dancing events were held almost every weekend in grand old hotels, when I was a child in the former Czechoslovakia. Both my parents loved to attend these, together with the circle of their friends. I recall how excited my mother was when she finally got her finished dress delivered and she was getting ready for an evening out. She always looked beautiful.

Of course my sister and I never got to experience ballroom dancing, but we became true 'dancing queens' at any discothèque we would attend when we were younger. To us it was not important who asked us to dance or whether we would be dancing alone. We usually just moved to the dance floor as soon as we arrived and left it at closing time. We were joined by various dancing partners during the course of the evening, but they all would leave us quiet rapidly, when they realized we had no intention of doing anything else but dancing.

Gone are those days and I cannot recall last time that I danced in public. But put the right music on and I will be taken back in time and place, becoming the queen of a dance floor. If not in skill, at least in passion.

Below is a rare clip of ABBA's gigantic hit "Dancing Queen", as it was performed for the first time ever publicly, in honour of the King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, the night before he was to marry Silvia Sommerlath in June 1976. You can briefly see the young royal couple in the end of the clip.

Happy Monday everyone.
And don’t forget to dance.


j. said...

Ha! You never fail to surprise me with interesting tidbits about yourself, Ms. Z~ I also love the idea of attending parties where people would ballroom dance. It sounds romantic and even more so when you add the gorgeous dresses the ladies mustve worn... plus the dapper looking men. Gosh, why dont we have similar things (besides the school dances) for our generation? *sigh*


I adore Abba! hehe..



Gal Friday said...

I love to dance, also(every morning before I leave for work, in fact) but I am not so comfortable about doing it in front of people, usually. I wish I were more like you in that.
Is that your disco dancing dress, I see in the little photo? Does your Irishman read this blog(and will he take you dancing??)
The video is a hoot (the outfits!) and is making me want to dance. :-)
May I recommend a wonderful Japanese movie to you? I think I already told you about it, even--"Shall We Dance?".

Betsy Brock said...

Oh Abba...that takes me back! I'll be humming this all day!

Michelle H. said...

Wow. I remember listening to Abba when young. I'm a terrible dancer, ballroom or otherwise. But I think it would be wonderful to watch others do it.

Diane said...

My grandfather owned a dance hall in Scotland and my mom and dad danced beautifully together. I, sadly, inherited none of that talent. I look afflicted. Damaged. Scary. :) I do appreciate it, though, and one day will take ballroom classes... I just need to find a partner :)

Mahmud Yussop said...

I share your spirit to dancing you write so eloquently here. My favourite dance steps are the cha cha, disco, reggae and rumba.The way you write makes me look for my dancing shoes again.Dancing always make me happy .

Beverlydru said...

I love to dance too! I don't do it skillfully but joyfully. I came over from Rosezilla's and I'm always interested in people living in different spots in the world. Enjoyed my little visit to Scandanavia.

Hilary said...

You always write a wonderful post. I can just picture you, looking so pretty in your mother's ball gown. I hope you have the opportunity soon!

And who doesn't like ABBA? :)

Reasons said...

You make a good as well as interesting point here. As a nation we don't dance enough do we? My kitchen sees a fair bit of dancing to be honest and we pranced around at a Burns night in Feb. but we need more of it!

Holly said...

How completely enjoyable!!! I always like to hear your stories. I LOVE that you actually own one of your moms beautiful ball gowns. Your parents sound like they would have been sooo cool to be raised by,...and very well rounded. I too love to dance!

The photos you posted of yesterdays horizon are surreal!! (Breathtaking!)

Zuzana said...

my sentiments exactly. I wish these events would still be in fashion. However, I think they actually are n central Europe.;))
Yes, ABBA still rules.;))

I would love to see that morning dance!;)) My Irishman sings incredibly and he yet has to take me dancing.;)
That dress is my mothers, it is from the 70's, amazing right? It was custom made for her and fits me very well.;) I so agree on the video, the costumes are one of a kind right?;)
And that movie I have still not seen, only the American one with the same name.;)) And that one I liked a lot.;))

yes, that group was something else and the music is still around.;)) I hope that the tune was not to annoying to have in your head all day.;))

where did the time go, right? And you know what, I bet you are a good dancer.;)

that is incredible - a dance studio? Wow, now I understand why you wrote so much about dancing with your father in the past. I loved your "just for one dance" post.
I really do not think it maters if we dance well. I am lousy at it and I look very strange when I dance. But I do not care as I love it.;) Here is wishing you to find that right partner, dear friend.

glad this post brought back the joy of the dance for you.;)) Rumba is such an evocative dance.;)) I bet you are a skillful dancer.;))

so right you are!! I share your sentiment; I love to dance and I do so with joy more than with skill.;)
Thank you so much for stopping by, glad you enjoyed your stay. And please come back again.;))

your comment are always filled with kid words and wonderful compliments, they make me smile.;))
I too hope to wear that dress some day. You know the hopeless romantic in me.;))
One more time I have to tell you that those covers you posted yesterday blew me away.;))xoxo

=Reasons To Be Cheerful...,
so right you are! Dance, song and laughter makes us happy. It is contagious and it is good for us.;) Thank you so much for stopping by.;))

yes, my parents have been an inspiration to me and my sister in almost everything they have done. How perceptive of you to pick that up.;))
You always leave the most sincere and genuine comments; I am so glad you enjoy my stories.;))
Glad you liked the set of sunset pictures, they leave me in awe still, after all these years I have lived here.;)) However, the pictures do very little justice to the reality.;))

sallymandy said...

Wonderful post! Especially loved the story about your parents' dancing weekends.

Abba's song was the one I chose at the age of 13 when I wanted to be picked for my school's "pom pom" squad. I practiced and practiced a made-up dance routine in my bedroom, and then wasn't brave enough to actually try out for the squad. I still have that memory when I hear the song, though.