April 04, 2009

Summer Sneak Preview.

This week, the Spring truly took over the reign from Lady Winter. Winter has departed and will not return for many months to come.
In fact, mild air has been streaming in over Scandinavia since Monday, giving the nature an incredible push. A light hue of green can now be observed on trees and bushes, spring flowers are now reaching their peak and nature is waking up; birds are singing and even insects are emerging from their hideaways, I saw a lonely bee flying away and my terrace is full of ladybugs.

Today, nature decided to tease us with an uncanny summer day. I am sitting here on my lounge chair, in light summer clothes, for the first time this season. I am still in awe of the modern technology, which allows me to be surrounded by nature, yet connected to the rest of the world through the keyboard of my laptop.
The air is still, no wind to speak of; I can only scent the violets I planted a few weeks ago and hear the singing of the blackbirds and the larks. The warmth of the sun on my face feels almost like a vital therapy. So does the light, which is gaining in strength by each day, while the sun rises higher in the sky, bringing the white nights closer by each minute.


Diane said...

I'm so happy you're having a summer day! It's lovely here, too, though brisk and windy. But I'm going to get in and dig in the dirt, which should be soft from all the rain lately :). Have a WONDDERFUL weekend!!! xo

Hilary said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Clearly, I'm living in the wrong continent! But I'm very happy for you. :)

Julie Hibbard said...

You do, indeed, do it all!
Enjoy the weather and have a lovely weekend!

Betsy Brock said...

So very pretty! I love pansies!
We're supposed to get snow Monday and Tuesday! :(

Hazel Designs said...

Your flowers look absolutely lovely!

Zuzana said...

thank you so much, I hope you had a great weekend gardening.;)) I love digging in the ground.;))It is the best therapy.;))
Hope your weekend was great my friend.;))

I am sure that your continent has a lot of beauty to offer; as can be seen from those stunning pictures you post.;) Thank you for stopping by dear friend, hope your weekend was great.;) Here it is almost over;)

you always leave the kindest comments; thank you, I hope your weekend was lovely as well.;))

I agree, pansies come in so many colours and are such beautiful flowers in the spring.;))I particularly like the "pansy violets", as they have a heavenly scent as well.;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend.;) Too bad with the snow, but hopefully it will be only a small amount.;))

thank you so much!;))

Donna said...

Beautiful spring flowers! Warm sunny weather is definitely good therapy.


Shelly's Style Shop said...

I love all your spring flowers. I have been trying to plant, but not so good at it yet! I love those violets!

xoxo, Shelly

Zuzana said...

could not agree with you more, I love gardening.;)) Hope your weekend was great.;))

thank you so much,;)
I am sure you are great at gardening; I recall the beautiful flowers you posted on your blog recently, it sure seemed to me like you were very good at it.;)

Gal Friday said...

What a difference a month makes--I recognise that chaise lounge from when you made the video of the cat "altercation" , but there was no cushion on it then and it looked wintery and barren. So good to hear you had the sun to soak up this weekend--I was doing the same yesterday. I even painted my toes and walked around in flip-flops for a few hours.
You are just a little further along than we are here--the crocuses are the only bulbs in bloom yet and our rhododendrons are not so far along as yours.

Zuzana said...

you have such a good eye; that is right - the difference is clearly visible. And wait till everything is green, my terrace becomes an oasis, where I spend my weekends.;))
This year everything is further ahead as we had very mild winter, I hope this means we are in for a great summer, I sure would love one of those.;)