November 29, 2009

Tree Decoration.

The is the last Sunday in November and this year, it is also the day of the 1st Advent. Although a religious observance, Advent is today a very traditional celebration in Scandinavia, signifying the onset of Christmas Holidays.
Families gather to drink Mulled Wine with traditional advent snacks, which can vary between the countries of the North. In Denmark, it is common to serve æbleskiver, which resemble and taste like small, round pancakes.

I have my own tradition that takes place on the last Sunday in November - I decorate my Christmas Tree. I love the laid back feeling of the day and the activity in itself connects me in a strong way to my past. The tree was such a center point in the Christmases of my childhood. Always decorated by my mother, who relished every year in creating a true artwork in the middle of our living room, making it look differently each year. This always took place on the day before Christmas Eve and I often felt that the time we got to enjoy its glory was so very short. Therefore, today, the tree in my home is decorated in the beginning of December, thus I can enjoy its presence and its beauty throughout the Holiday Season.

As much as my home is cluttered with objects and decorations, the way I decorate my tree is somewhat an opposite to that. I keep it very simple. The decorations are few and almost entirely only red. I love to leave most of the tree bare, as it is simply so very beautiful in its natural state.


Julie Hibbard said...

Just looking at your pretty ornaments made my heart so happy...
There is a certain joy just in having the tree in your home--the smell, the change in the room...the pretty decor and lights!
You have inspired me this morning--I may decorate a little today...
And there will be photos! :)

steviewren said...

I agree with you, the shape of your tree is very beautiful. I on the other hand abandoned having a real tree after my divorce. It got to be too hard to buy it, haul it home, cut the end off and get it in the tree stand by myself. So I bought my 1st ever artificial tree, but it was so heavy I couldn't move it by myself so my son still had to come and help me. Last year I bought a smaller lighter tree, but my son is coming today to help me get it put up anyway. Bless his sweet heart!

Unlike you, I am unable to leave my tree simple. I have to find a place to put every single ornament. I ends up being packed with stuff...stuff that has tons of happy memories.

I imagine you there with your cozy fire, the smell of fir in the house, twinkling lights and candlelight. Ready for the season. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your "Let the Season Begin" traditions in the lands to the north. Sounds like you live a very carefree lifesytle and I must agree with your aphorism. Good for you!
The Bach

Brian Miller said...

hope you have fun decorating! ours is up as well...and we started the tradition of tacos on tree trimming night...go figure... smiles.

Bhushavali said...

Lovely decors... Do post larger images of the X'mas tree with completed decor...

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Blogaire said...

Oh you are so organized Protege! And your tree is beautiful for it's simplicity. I can see that you are a real Christmas person and will be busy preparing for and celebrating the festival over the next few weeks, so enjoy!
Have a good week also.

G said...

I love this post! Your tree is enchanting. I love all the rd, and the pic of BatCat peeking over the edge of the box is classic. What remarkable eyes he has. Getting a tree and decorating it is my favourite time of the year. I'll pick up my tree on Friday and decorate it on Sunday, after it's had a couple of days to relax. Can't wait!

sprinkles said...

I was thinking today that I usually don't put up any decorations or anything since it's just me and the pups but this year I'm thinking that I'm gonna put up the miniature tree my dad bought me the first year I moved into my house. Maybe then things won't seem so bleek around here.

You have very pretty decorations!

Holly said...

Your tree is indeed a very pretty shape. I decorated my house from top to bottom today. (Including the tree.) It makes me feel somewhat closer to you to have shared that activity.:)
I am happy for you that this season brings you more warmpth, peace, and light then the rest of the winter. Your home really does look so inviting.

Yesterdays post was very poetic and enjoyable!

Lynne said...

These two posts are truly lovely. They have a calmness about them which is unusual for this time of year. It's lovely to read about your traditions.
Lovely mosaics too.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

The tree is beautiful...I love all the is the perfect contrast to the lovely green!!
We too, decorated our tree yesterday and I love to simply gaze at pretty!

Claus said...

What a wonderful tree!! And so traditional. I think traditional is the best way to go with Christmas decorations. Other colors: not so Christmas-y I think, though they seem to become more popular these days. There are stores with purple and pink decorations, as well as sky blue! Weird to me, to say the least.
I too have my tree up. But it took us so long to decorate the rest of the house, the tree is still empty. It is during the last week of November/first of December, though, that we decorate the house, so we are still on time. We literally change the house! I can't wait to show you. When you think of a Christmas "nut", think of me...and soon you'll see why.

Calli said...

What a beautiful blog, tree and words. I just put mine up yesterday, a gorgeous 'new' Frasier fur artificial, went up in a snap! Thank goodness, though have yet to decorate it, but that's the best part!

I've enjoyed my first visit~

Thank you~

Zuzana said...

I am happy that you found inspiration here.;) Hope you had a lovely weekend dear friends.;) xo

yes, I know what you mean with have to do everything yourself. I too sometimes hate it, especially when I have to carry heavy things. It is nice to have friends that can help out in that case.;) I bet your tree is stunning though, one of those typical fairytale like.;) xo

thank you so much for your visit and kind words; I just visited your page and all I can say is very much likewise.;) Thank you so much for stopping by.;)

I love the idea of tacos while trimming the tree; who cares, as long as you guys had fun. I bet you had.;)

glad to see you back, hope you had a wonderful break.;) And likewise in every aspect.;)

thank you and I sure will, so kind of you to stop by.;) xo

thank you, but I am not sure how organize I really am.;) I am usually pretty good when it comes to do something I enjoy.;) Not so much when it is other more tedious chores, like cleaning.;) And yes, you are right, I am very much into Christmas, hope you can bear with me.;)

thank you so much for your kind words; glad you noticed Batcat! Yes, he was helping me out yesterday by running away with all the bows.;) Even this morning I found few of them ripped of the tree, scattered over the floor.;) He looked like he was grinning.;) He is really hilarious.;) God luck with your tree, I hope you will post some pictures once it is all decorated.;) xoxo

I am so happy to hear that you will put up the small tree.;) I am telling you , once you start, you will get into the spirit of the season.;) And it is so worth it as the winter is hard and long.;) Always happy when you stop by.:) xoxo

so glad to hear that we indeed were doing similar things this weekend. I bet it must have been fun with all the kids around you, helping out, each in their own way.;) Yes indeed, this is how fond memories are made.;) Thank you for your kind words, your visits always mean the world to me.;) xoxo

thank you, that was very kind of you to say.;) So happy when you stop by.;) xo

thank you, glad you like my simple styled tree.;) And so happy to hear that you were busy decorating this weekend, bet it was fun.;) xo

thank you for always taking the time to stop by, I love your visits.;) I can not wait to get update on your Christmas preparations and pictures of your home. And you being a Christmas “nut” sounds perfect to me, at least I am not alone.;) xoxo

Hilary said...

You've photographed this event perfectly. I especially love that shot of Batcat watching. He's waiting for that box to be emptied, isn't he? ;) Beautiful tree.. photos and sentiments. Yours always are.

Zuzana said...

thank you, how great of you to stop by.;) I always love new visitors.;) I hope you will have fun decorating your tree, artificial or not, I am sure it will be enchanting anyway.;)

Zuzana said...

thank you for your great comment as always.;) So happy you too noticed Batcat being all crazy eyed, ready for some trouble.;) And so right you are, he was in the box as soon as it was open.;) Always so happy when you stop by.;) xo

Unknown said...

As a single guy, I admit that I have not been inspired to decorate my place in years. However, I do love seeing lights and most of all, the faces of children who are so important to me and who warm my heart throughout the year! Your tree looks so beautiful!

xo and smiles!


swenglishexpat said...

Not many other of your readers will understand this, but the Christmas tree in the collage makes me think of Hasse Alfredsson's Danish "julgransförsäljare", who sold Danish Christmas trees that had grown by the sea in a twisted kind of way, and then in the indoor warmth twisted back so you did not have to dance around the tree...
Do you remember? Sitting on the shelf next to me is a box with 11 CDs of Hasse's characters. Endless fun! Take care Protege.

Noelle Chantal said...

beautiful christmas tree decorations! i esp like the christmas balls on the 2nd photo. is it hand painted? beautiful!

and i like the shape of your tree. and you are totally right about making it simple 'cause the tree itself looks really beautiful in its natural look. :)

Zuzana said...

I know what you mean, but I have decided that I love Christams too much to not care about it, even if I had to spend it alone.;) And then again, I have Batcat and he counts as a kid.;)

ah, that brings back memories of my Swedish Christmases that are so long removed from my life now. I still recall them fondly as they were the last ones I got to spend with my family. Thank you for this great comment.;)

thank you, glad you too like the simple beauty of the Christmas Tree.;)No, those decorations are not hand painted, but they sure do look that way.;) xo