November 03, 2009

A Drive In The Countryside.

When I was driving back from the airport on a very early Friday morning last week, although my mood was somber, the drive home was simply stunning. Somehow the beauty of the nature around helped me to forget about my sadness for just a while...

We were up early that morning, it was still dark and the world was half asleep. As we headed south on the highway, we watched the sun rise on a pristine autumn sky, while the clouds retreated slowly. It was one of those unforgettable moments in time, sharing a simple yet beautiful experience in silence...
The air was cold and fresh and held a promise of a beautiful fall day.

When I was driving back alone, the deserted country roads offered stunning views and I could not resist taking a few shots out of the car. The beauty of the autumn countryside made the drive one of a kind.
(Please click images below to enlarge.)

It seems also somewhat appropriate to mention that I have joined the Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by South Breeze Farm. I will post a single sentence each day, under the image in my sidebar, throughout the month of November, listing the things in my life that I am thankful for.


Elizabeth said...

Good morning.
You are showing the Danish countryside at its best. Love the pictures, know the sentiment.

Sumandebray said...

with such fascinating views, it must be very difficult to reach home and not settle down somewhere midway.
I guess that is the power of the mother nature and that is the reason they call those moments as magic moments..... they have the magic power to bring a smile on your face no matter how you were feeling!!!

Blogaire said...

Sunrises are unbelievably special when they slowly reveal a beautiful landscape on a calm quiet morning. Thanks for sharing those lovely images with us Protege, have a good week.

Unknown said...

stunning photos Zuzana!! I love your writing. I always can feel and see what you write about. You are a treasure......

Nessa said...

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year and you captured it wonderfully.

Tuesday's Tales #1 - John

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Those images of the Danish countryside are stunning - you have much to be grateful for dear Protege. Sorry no Monday poem this week - the dreaded lurgy has got me and I can't think straight, may have to go and lie down soon!! But not before I catch up with your previous posts - I can't miss a-one, love them too much. Jeanne xx

MsTypo said...

As always your blog has taken me away on a wonderful trip. Beautiful. :)

Maria said...

This is so typical of you, Zuzana. You find the positive in each and every situation. What an inspration you are!

Hilary said...

The photos are just wonderful.. such a beautiful morning.. at least visually. :/ I can tell by the sun that it was very early.. not a very long week but I sure hope it was a full one. Hugs to you, my friend.

Betsy Brock said...

What a beautiful sky! So nice to have a little something to lift your spirits! :) As if the clouds and sun were saying "until next time!"

Keith said...

That looks beautiful. Many times when I've been down and stressed out, I will get in the car and take a ride. I love to drive through the countryside to look at the scenery and clear my thoughts.

Sandi McBride said...

I don't know, I just want to reach out and hug you...can you consider yourself hugged? Warmly?
Beautiful photos...well done!

Anonymous said...

Hello Zuzana,

Your beautiful words and photographs remind me of a quote by John Muir -

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike."

Sending a hug your way.

Julie Hibbard said...

Beautiful and inspirational...
that's YOU!
The scenery is simply stunning...

Brian Miller said...

what a cool challenge...we have so much to be thankful seen through your there for the anyone who will notice.

Unknown said...

Sandi's comments are similar to my own. You are a very sensitive and gifted person, Protege. Your descriptions about Autumn has been a lovely series and it it is absolutely inspiring to read. I come away from this Blog site feeling refreshed and happy. It is difficult to picture you sad or somber. But I hope I can get you laughing soon! :)

Beverlydru said...

Glad to know the gift of the beauty of nature continues to speak comfort to your heart. I'll have to check out South breeze Farm's meme -sounds terrific.

Claus said...

Didn't you want to stop, get off the car, and just stay there for a while, simply looking? It has happened to me. It is curious how the very simple things in life are the ones that amazes us the most. Great collage!, and great pictures. Sorry you will get so many of my comments at once...busy, complicated and chaotic days on my side, to say the least.
I hope you are having a great week! *hugs*

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Melancholy day, eh? We just took our son and daughter in law back to the airport after their wonderful visit... I'm glad God sent some beauty your way to ease and comfort your heart. Thanks for generously sharing it with us.

Donna said...

The sunrise is beautiful, Protege, and so are the other photos. Glad you could enjoy it.


sprinkles said...

Those pictures are absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing them. That top left one, the clouds almost look like a soft comforter.

Hope you're feeling better now.

Stacey J. Warner said...

The photos are mesmorizing...I'm sorry you were sad.

much love said...

Thank you.. you're a sweetheart!!!! :)))))))

Phivos Nicolaides said...

A countryside is always beautiful and especially in a Scandinavian county like Denmark!

Barbro Andersen said...

Love the thankful challenge <3

I found myself thinking about you both yesterday and today as I was looking out my bedroom window :)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I know what you mean about the beauty of nature easing the pain of life somewhat. I recall driving numbly to work one day, depressed over my circumstances, then noticing by turns first the beautiful morning sun coming up and then--of all things--a bumper sticker which said, "It's only one six-billionth about you." Somehow it helped to know that this beautiful world is big enough to encompass my pain and make my troubles seem small. Thanks for reminding me. C

Zuzana said...

so glad you enjoyed the beauty of Danish country side, which you know so well.;) Happy every time you stop by.;)xo

so true.;) It was a beautiful drive and nature always have that effect on me:;) Always happy when you stop by.;)

that is exactly right, you seem to appreciate those too. Likewise wishing you a lovely week.;)

that was such a nice, kind comment - thank you. And absolutely likewise.;) xo

thank you, so happy you enjoyed the drive as well.;) xo

sorry to hear you are not well. But how wonderful to hear that you enjoy your visits here. I am always happy when you stop by.;) Thank you for that kind comment.;) xo

thank you so much, glad to be able to repay that same favour.;) xo

what a kind thing to say, I am so happy you think this.;) xoxo

thank you so much, your comments always mean the world to me as you know me so well.;) I so owe you an email, I know.;) xoxo

I like that, I will try to remember that.;) Thank you.;) xo

I share that sentiment totally; I love the effect nature and beautiful surroundings have on me.;) Always happy when you stop by.;)

ah, you are so kind.;) Thank you for the hug and warm words.;) It surely helped.;) xoxo

that was an absolutely exquisite quote, I am writing it down as it is a quote very much to my liking.;) Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.;) xo

so are you.;) Thank you so much Julie.;) xo

as you are a romantic and a sensitive soul, I knew you would understand the sentiment here. Thank you so much for always finding the time to stop by.;)

you are just the best, your comments always make me smile. What wonderful and kind words you bestow upon me, thank you so much dear friend.;)

thank you; the challenge is as tailored for you, I believe.;) xo

yes, I did certainly wanted to stop, it was way too amazing... You are always so eloquent and vivid in your comments dear friend and they always warm my heart.;) xo

ah, so you felt similar sadness too recently. But, I guess we have to be happy for the moments we get.;) Thank you for your kind words.;) xo

thank you so much, I know an artist such as yourself appreciate the beauty that surrounds us as well.;) xo

so glad you enjoyed these and so right you are.;) Thank you for your kind words.;) xo

thank you so much for your kind comment and compliment.;) xo

you are more than welcome - you are so very talented.;) Thank you for stopping by.;)xo

yes, you are right and a world traveler like you would know.;)

so happy to see you stopping by; and what a sweet, touching sentiment as well.;) Thank you. xoxo

what a beautiful story... I believe that life is made up of moments that are meant to be. If we pay attention, we will see what is hidden. And if we only look, there is an explanation to everything. Thank you so much for stopping by.;)

Gal Friday said...

Thank you for sharing these photos from your corner of the world here. That sky with the greenish tinge to it(top left in your collage) is really something!
I always say I will keep my camera on me at all times, and in the car especially, for I seem to see the most amazing skyscapes when driving to and from work...but I seem always to forget.

sallymandy said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you!

Zuzana said...

I LOVE my camera, it is as small and tiny as the palm of my hand and fits in my pocket.;) I keep with me these days even at home, as Batcat can sometimes strike the most unbelievable poses.;)
Always happy when you visit dear friend,

and thank you for your visit.;) xo