November 21, 2009

The Colours Of November.

The weather gods have taken pity on us and finally send us some sun. After weeks of rain and even a devastating storm in mid week, this Saturday was beautiful.

I spend a few hours outside tending to my terrace that needed some attention after the late autumn storm. Later I took a walk around my house, in the common backyard and marveled over all the berries and fruits that add colour to the barren November landscape. Together with the few evergreens that I have here and there, they make the my surroundings come alive. I always though of November nature as gloomy, bare and dark. However, if one only takes a closer look, rich and vibrant colours can be found just outside my door step.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post & mosaic, Zuzana! You have a lot more color this time of year than we do - very pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Nessa said...

I love the berries that are out this time of year. They are like ornaments.

Silly Saturday #7 - Charm or Chores?

Blogaire said...

Beautiful montage Zuzana, it's so uplifting to find vibrant colors still clinging to a November landscape. And sunshine is definitely a boost to the spirits. Here it's been a gloomy month weather-wise and in some parts it's already been the wettest November since records began, with widespread flooding in the south of the country.
But what can we do, just try to keep warm and dream about Spring that will eventually arrive and chase away our Winter blues.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend Zuzana (and Batcat).

Kath said...

Lovely photos....I was just thinking what a wonderful patchwork quilt they make :D

Cat in the road said...

I notice a change in your attitude towards the colder weather. At first you found it bleak and depressing, now you’re finding the ‘hidden colors’ that autumn has to offer. I think one of the reasons your postings are so interesting is that they are a mirror reflection of your emotions. I also like the contrast in color that you put into your collages.

Brenda Pruitt said...

You are so right! I find that if I really look, I might see a spider web, a bird's nest, or some other magical thing!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love the contrast. Like nature gives us splashes of color against the neutrals of winter. You are right--what we have to do is open our eyes to it! C

Diane said...

Everything here's a bit grey at the moment, though we still have a bright gold tree in the yard... though I'm sure we'll have a bright gold yard before too long :)

Happy Saturday, dear Z! xo

Brian Miller said...

there is still life, even in the most barren times...nice. hope you have a color filled weekend!


oh, what beautiful colors of fall! i've always loved the red berries that we have here in autumn - wonderful collage of photos! and i especially loved the musical post below - an artist with whom i was not familiar but whose voice i will not soon forget - and tragic story of his life/death - thank you for sharing all with us - have a wonderful remainder of the day!

Pearl said...

Oddly enough, Minneapolis remains quite warm. Normally the snow is on the ground and will stay there until at least March. Not this year!


Lynne said...

Your photos are lovely. November does seem to be more colourful this year.
I'm glad you have some sun. Enjoy it while you can.

steviewren said...

Do I see a rose blooming in your mosaic?

I would have known from your jubilant mood that the day must be beautiful there today. I feel the same way on a sunny day after weeks of rain.

sprinkles said...

I don't know how you make those collages but I always look forward to stopping by and seeing the new ones you post just about every day.

Because of you, I've made a point to really look at the beautiful fall colors this year. It's too bad I never paid much attention before and missed out on all the beauty of it in previous years. Never again!

It was fairly warm here today too. The weatherman said it was supposed to snow yesterday and today, so glad he was wrong! Yesterday was chilly on and off and quite windy. Today was warmish and sunny. Still miss summer. Oh well, it'll be back before you know it.

Unknown said...

There is suspense and splendor in Autumn colors. I feel it is a special season, albeit, brief. You have captured its nuances here beautifully, Zuzana! :)

Jeannette StG said...

You found so much to photograph!
The left sky and trees is something I would like to paint. A stormy blue sky with clouds...but the red bush is also delightful!
Thanks for sharing, Zuzanna:)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Autumn colors have their own beauty! Lucky they are those who can enjoy it, like you Zuzana!

Gal Friday said...

Goodness! What's that "still blooming" purple colored flower you have??! And your apricot colored rose is a beauty--you are lucky they are still blooming for you.
So funny...I was just making a "mosaic" of photo images from my week(spent mostly at work--blah)and when I visited here, you had also created a mosaic. :-)
We have the same sort of yellow and red berries here--for the most part, that is all the color that remains outside.

Hilary said...

Another beautiful mosaic. You manage to find the most vibrant colours in an otherwise dull month. That's so you!

Zuzana said...

thank you for your always kind words, perhaps the sun made more noticeable.;) xo

I agree, like pretty beads of colour.;) xo

sorry about the flooding, that must be so terrible. I have seen reports about the terrible weather in England and Ireland on the news. Here it rained again today; our November is indeed on the way to break many records as well. Thank you for your always wonderful comments.;)

ah, yes, you could make a beautiful quilt out of them, I have seen the pictures on your blog.;) xo

you are very clever and very perceptive, I think you are onto something there.;) First after I read your comment did I realized it myself, very well put.;)

my sentiments exactly, so right you are.;) xo

I agree, I could not believe how much colour there was when I indeed took a look.;)

yes, I think you are about three weeks behind, enjoy the colours while they last my friend.;) xo

very poetic, but then again, you are a poet at heart.;) Hope your weekend was great as well.;)

thank you so much for your lovely words, so glad you enjoy my photography and the music I share. I appreciate your visit.;) xo

strange weather is everywhere this year; it is relatively warm for the season here too. We have had no frost yet this month, which is highly unusual.;) Thank you for stopping by.;)

thank you.;) The whole autumn was more colourful this year I think.;) xo

yes, that is a rose.;) Roses are the longest blooming flowers in my garden, sometimes long into December.;) And yes, there is just something about the sun, it is so vital to me.;)) xo

what a lovely comment, I feel so touched by your words. It makes me glad to have been instrumental in the way you look at nature around you. So happy too that you like the pictures I post and that you find so much inspiration here. Thank you dear friend.;) xoxo

thank you, your words always warm my heart.;))

thank you and please feel free to paint it, if you really wish.;) I would be honoured.;) Yes, I was amazed myself how much beauty the November nature had to offer.;) xo

always so kind in your words, I so appreciate your kind visits.;)

the blooming purple flower is the Autumn Heather. It will bloom long into the winter, I love that is so colourful through the most dark and colourless season.;) And yes, the roses bloom long into December, it astounds me each time.;) Your collage was indeed beautiful.;)
Yes, I have no idea what the yellow berries are, they just seemed so lovely.;) So happy to see you back again, dear friend.;) xo

aw, thank you my friend, your words mean the world to me at all times.;) xo

MsTypo said...

I keep meaning to ask how you do yoru collages. Do you have a program or do you do them yourself? They're always so well put together!

Sumandebray said...

Wow! what a lovely color ..... and more strikingly what a contrast. They are fighting alone in the barren land.. it seems

Zuzana said...

thank you.;) In regards to the collages; I use Photoshop. I think you might be familiar with that software. It is simple and user-friendly. Let me know if you need more info by email.;)xo

yes, "fighting alone in the barren land" is about right.,) Always happy when you stop by.,)

Gal Friday said...

Thanks for letting me know the name of the blooming plant--I know you have blogged about this plant(the heather), but I didn't realise it stays alive for so long in the season! We have nothing like it here...

Claus said...

After the brightness of summer, I think the rest of the seasons might be seen as gloomy and less colorful. But when closely looked at, their own colors and shades are simply wonderful! Wouldn't you agree? It just take a little time to get use to them :-)

Zuzana said...

you are welcome.;) Yes, it is an amazingly sturdy plant, it survives the winter in my pots, keeps green throughout the summer and flowers again beautifully comes September.;) xo

I fully agree, so right you are. There is magic in every season, I firmly believe.;) xo