November 22, 2009

From Green To Bare...

Today it is raining and the sky is dark, but I still relish in the memories of yesterdays sun. The last week of November is about to start and it brings with it the end to our autumn days. Now, we will hold our breath as we enter the first winter month, one of many to follow...

But before we say good bye to the fall season, I would like to revisit the last three months one more time with the help of my Birch Tree. The magnificent tree that I can gaze upon at all times from my kitchen window. I have never before watched it so intensely, or noticed it in the same way as this year. Following the change of its foliage through the lens of my camera have made me aware of its beauty and the magical transformation it undergoes each season. I have been looking forward to be sharing with you its splendor each Sunday in the past three months and I feel somewhat sad now, when it is about to conclude.
Today it stands bare and lonely in the rain. The last of its brown leaves disappeared during the mid week storm, thus making it obvious that winter is about to start.

I hope you have enjoyed this installment of my progressive photography, as once termed by Hilary, my good friend and a very talented photographer. I look forward to return to the tree in a few months and take you on the backwards journey, from "bare to green".


Julie Hibbard said...

"The pain now is part of the happiness then..." CS Lewis

Loss is nothing more than remembering how things used to be. It's time to appreciate what is now.

LOVE your time lapsed photography. LOVE to watch the natural change of seasons. The predictability is almost enviable.

Have a lovely weekend, my beautiful friend!

Nessa said...

I love birch trees. There's something about their white, parchment like bark with the black marks like some ancient runes.

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Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We shall look forward to the progression from bare to green again. I love this study. C

Hilary said...

How cool to see the full progression and it will be a joy to see it return from bare branches, to snow-laden to bud, to full foliage once again. Thank you for the kind shout out and linkage, my friend. I may have come up with the term (IF I actually did.. I never did Google it) but you sure have perfected the process. :)

Keith said...

Hey there. How are you doing today? I hope you've been having a fantastic weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

steviewren said...

You've got to show us the birch when it snows. Only then will the seasonal transformation be complete.

What do you turn your attention to once winter comes? How do you while away your weekends? I watch more television. I'm trying to get myself into a couple of projects. I started crocheting a scarf. I sit bundled under a big blanket a lot. It is very hard getting my living room warm with its a-framed ceiling.

Stacey J. Warner said...

So wonderful to see that tree move through its life is reminder that everything is in constant motion, nothing stays the same.

much love

Brian Miller said...

so cool to see them all together like that...hate to see fal coming to close so quickly...hope you had a trememndous weekend!

Brenda Pruitt said...

If the seasons didn't change, I doubt we'd note this beauty in such delight. For we'd be so accustomed to it and it would just be part of the "unchanging" landscape. Having it leave and come back makes us that much more grateful for its beauty. Oh, the eye of the camera sees so much!

Unknown said...

birch trees are one of my favs also. I am glad we have changing seasons. it is very bare right now in Michigan. brown, dead, bare ... not a pretty time of year. but soon snow!

Kat_RN said...

Even without leaves, your birch is a thing of beauty. My dogwood still has some leaves, but they are falling fast. Our winters are mild, you are welcome to share. Shall I include more pictures of sunshine, or will that make you miss it more?

Loli Martinez said...

Hi Protege ,passed to greet you .Geniales photographs showing the nature magic.My visit was a pleasure.
A kiss from Spain.

Unknown said...

Your sensitivity to the changing seasons and how that reflects on life most positively is so inspiring, Zuzana! I always enjoy my visits here. Have a beautiful day! :)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Such beautiful pictures dear Zuzana...We had an extremely wonderful autumn here in Ningbo, 26-28 degrees until last week. Now it's cold here too :-( I look so much forward spring but the next month we can enjoy the holiday spirit (that's at least great about winter time).

Thank you so much for your wonderful letters dear Zuzana, they means a lot to me. I still owe you an answer for your second letter and as soon as I can I will write you a long mail :-)

Missed you dear, much love: Evi

sprinkles said...

I was reading through your post thinking that I hoped you'd continue with the progressive tree pictures in the spring. And was thrilled to read that you do plan to continue! Thank you, I've enjoyed watching the changing colors.

Donna said...

It's a beautiful tree and interesting to see the progressive photography. Beautiful pictures, Zuzana.


♥Mimi♥ said...

I just ♥ how you chronicled the life of that tree. If you don't mind, I think I'll do that to one in my neighborhood from spring until fall. What a lovely idea.

I just have so much fun when I come here to your blog. It is so peaceful and tranquil. A nice time for me to stop and slow down for a bit.

MsTypo said...

I've been hoping you'd do this post. Wow. The passage of time through trees. Love it!

Sumandebray said...

ever changing face of the garden ... we are watching you!!!

Zuzana said...

always a pleasure to read your kind words.;) So glad you enjoyed the life-cycle of my tree, it will be back.;) xo

I agree, they are my favourite trees and I can see many of them from every window in my house, I love to watch their change during the year.;) xo

thank you, glad you enjoyed this.;) xo

I love the term and I think of you every time I use it.;) You inspired me to continue with this kind of photography, therefore well deserved the mention.;) Always happy when you stop by my dear friend.;) xoxo

I had a great weekend, hope yours was fine as well.;))

very well my friend, as soon as it is covered with snow, the picture will be posted, so look for it my dear.;) My attention in the winter is turn to relaxing with television, good books and sleeping. I can sleep 10h -12h in the winter, so lots of time gets wasted that way, LOL.;)) xoxo

I agree, nothing stays the same and change is the only constant.;) xo

my weekend was great, thank you. Always happy when you visit.;)

I couldn’t agree with you more, your sentiment is so true. I love the change that the seasons bring at all times.;) xo

(great new picture), I agree, this is most likely the most darkest and most depressive time. But, this to will pass and soon Christmas is here.;) xo

I love mild winters, I wish for them at times.;) Please, do share sunshine pictures, they sure would help.;) xo

so glad to see you stopping by, glad you enjoy my autumn pictures, so far removed most likely from the warm climate of yours.;) xo

right back at you, your comments are always so kind and poignant, thank you for stopping by.;)

so glad you are back!! Your autumn sounds heavenly, we do not even have those temps in the summer.;) I am happy to hear you had fun on your travels, I am always so very happy when you stop by.;) Likewise, thank you for your lovely letters as well.,) Welcome back my dear friend.;) xo

I agree, I was myself kinda of sad that it ended, but not to worry, it will be back!;) Always so happy when you stop by – thank you for your kind and always sincere comments.;) xo

thank you so much, so happy that you enjoyed watching the change with me.;) xo

thank you very much, so delighted that you enjoyed this and by no means, please feel free to do your own “progressive photography”, I am looking forward to see it.,) xoxo

yes, I recall when you said that in your comments .;) It was my intension to do this all along as I have done with “White Nights” and “Clematis” previously.;) I so enjoy putting the collage of the many pictures together in the end.;) xoxo

yes, my garden is never the same, every season has its magic.;)

Gal Friday said...

The birch tree and the environment around it looks just as beautiful as it did when all was lush and green, with the plummy red tones of November around it now.
I loved looking at all the photos in your "progressive" series. I would love to try to do that one day with a certain lone tree I pass nearly every day, but knowing me, I would forget to take pictures...

Absolutely Ladylike said...

And this is my favourite part of visiting your blog: you always answering to the comments and I just looooove reading it back :-)


sallymandy said...

I've never been patient enough to record the changes a tree goes through, though our house is on a tree lined with maples that also turn beautiful colors in the fall. It's really interesting to see your photos here. Thank you for sharing them.

Claus said...

What a wonderful journey! And changes so noticeable in the big collage! Thank you for sharing the wonders of nature Zuzana! This progressive photography is a wonderful idea...hope I could've stay with that building progress I started with. I'm sure I'll find something interesting to share :-)

Zuzana said...

glad you enjoyed this theme, it will return once again.;) As for the camera, I have often used my phone and it works wonders as well.;) That is, if you have camera on your cell.;) Or have a cellphone for that matter.;)xo

I really try to answer as best as I can, but I have to admit to have sometimes answered in one comment to everyone, when I run out of time.;) But I am happy to hear you and others enjoy my answers and will do my best to continue.;) xo

thank you and so good to see you visiting.;) I know you love trees and I always thought of you every time I posted my birch tree update.;) xoxo

thank you dear friend.;) Yes, I so enjoyed taking pictures of my tree, it will be indeed strange not to do this each Sunday...
I look forward to see what theme you will come up with.;) xo