November 12, 2009

Batcat And His "Sleeping Bag".

Batcat is a cat of a very reserved nature. Perhaps it comes from the fact that he is an indoor cat. He just doesn't take well to strangers. He likes people, but any contact has to be done on his terms only. Anyone who just approaches him thinking to become his best friend has to think again. Batcat of course also chooses the objects of his affection carefully. Some visitors will be ignored and he will greet them with his absence. Some intrigues him and he will curiously wonder around, investigating the events as they unfold.

Batcat has always liked the Irishman, from the very beginning. He behaves very much the same when he is around as when I am alone with him in the house. Maybe it is because he instinctively knows that the Irishman understands cats, having been around them his whole life.
Recently, he even gave Batcat has most beloved (and best ever!) gift. A paper bag. Now, why have I never thought of that before? I have bought numerous fancy baskets and soft blankets in the pet stores, fun "cat" toys as well, all to be completely ignored and ending up discarded or given away to friends. Who knew that a simple paper bag would turn out to be the best place to sleep and play with? These days, Batcat has abandoned all the warm spots on sofas as chairs and happily rests in his new "sleeping bag". That is, when he is not investigating (relentlessly!) all its "bouncing back" corners, as seen in the short clip below.


Tom said...

My two love paper bags and tin foil. I think it's because they make a noise. Plastic bags are a favourite as well as long as they are tossed up into the air and they can attack them while they float back down.

I've never understood why they like or dislike certain people, but they love anyone who feeds them treats!


Hilary said...

Love that Batcat! Cats are so easily amused and so very amusing all at the same time. The best gift one of my cats ever had was a box which once held a printer. He would spend hours in there often with something like a cork or rolled up bits of tin foil.. sometimes just his own tail to challenge him. It was hilarious to hear his wild commotion from inside the box then pushing the flaps up with his head, he'd surface with this crazed look in his eyes and run his energy off through the house. Gotta love cats. Thanks for that fun video of Batcat. :)

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Batcat is beautiful and, let's see: 1) cautious around strangers; 2) chooses the objects of his affection carefully, and 3) loves simple things.

I think Batcat is also wise! C

Unknown said...

Oh Batcat is so cute. Koffy will instantly love him. My koffy likes cats. I bit strange but he loves cats. But some cats here tends to be very violent with him. One day i saw him with lots of scratches on his face done by one of my in-laws cats.

Cats are a bit more mysterious than dogs i got to say that.

Brian Miller said...

cute cat. where did the name come from? we found our cat in a woodpile. she is starting to get a little crotchity with age, but thinks she is the mother of my children...watching over them at night and always checking on them.

Nessa said...

Batcat is beautiful.

Thursday Thirteen - Me & Music

Gal Friday said...

How unique about Batcat and the paperbag resting spot!
I have had cats who love the *inside* of a paper bag(for hiding and playing), but had never heard of a cat you enjoyed a bag as a sleeping/resting spot! Your Irishman certainly knows Batcat very well. :-)

G said...

Those are wonderful pictures! Tibby adores tissue paper and wrapping paper, but tissue is the best. His favourite day of the year is Christmas. We make a bed of all the tissue paper wrappings, and he lays on them, then we cover him with the rest and he stays in his nest for hours. We leave a bunch of them for him for days to play with as it seems to make him very happy. Strange and wonderful creatures.

Michelle H. said...

Cats are so easy to please, sometimes! :-)

Claus said...

Aren't animals the best? I like to stare at them when I'm new to their environment. To me, it is so interesting and intriguing to see them investigate. I have never had cats in my life, though there was "Lola" in school grounds back in the day, and I was the only one who dare to play with her. Why didn't anybody liked her I always wondered. Now I'm also wondering about Batcat! One can spend countless hours just looking, right?
My mom and I have invested in tons of toys and puppy beds for Lucas and Mateo. And where do they sleep? on my mom's pillow. And what do they play with? A rock! It is priceless, as that credit card says. :-)

Unknown said...

I love the name..."Batcat". What a little character!! It sounds like he is very selective. :D

Keith said...

I love the name Batcat. So cool. Great post. I love cats. My favorite pet of all time was a cat named Kobe. I put him a really nice bed. He would never sleep in it. He loved to lie on top of magazines.

julochka said...

batcat looks like such a good kitty. and that standoffishness is what's so good about cats, isn't it? i hate how dogs ingratiate themselves shamelessly. no cat would ever do that. they have too much self-respect. go batcat!

Sumandebray said...

Every living soul in this world have their likings and dislikings.
wwe need eyes and heart to recognize that. Together you make a great family....

United Studies said...

I wish I wasn't allergic to cats, because we would certainly have one! They are adorable and fun to watch.

And make good companions.

Holly said...

That is adorable!! Cats seem to find comfort in the strangest places. Mine likes to lay on my kids backpacks,...especially when they are trying to do their homework.:)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

She looks so comfortable and pleased!

Donna said...

Batcat is so cute! Isn't it funny how our pets are so easily entertained.


Stacey J. Warner said...

It's always the simple things that bring the most pleasure!

much love

Maria said...

What an adorable cat. And he approves of the Irishman? Better again!

Maria said...

What an adorable cat. And he approves of the Irishman? Better again!

MsTypo said...

Yours is the fifth cat post i've read today. I think the universe is telling me to get a pet. But i'm not sure it'll be as cute as Batcat. :)

sprinkles said...

The pictures and video remind me a lot of my kitty who passed on a little over a year ago.

Scratches was very cautious around new people too. He'd hide when someone new came to the house. After they'd been there for awhile, he'd do a walk through. If he didn't like the person, he'd stay hidden. If he decided they weren't so bad, he'd come back a little later and clean himself while the visitor looked on. It was embarassing sometimes!

And Scratches like bags too. Actually, the simpler the toy, the more he liked it. If I went out and bought him toys, he wasn't interested. He'd much rather play with something he found lying around the house that made noise.

I miss Scratches!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

I love Batcat! I've only just realised how much he looks like Bobbi. They almost have the same markings even down to the little "brush" of white on their faces that look like they've been at the paint tin!
My two also like paper bags and cardboard boxes.
The little film is so sweet - I bet he could sit there for hours exploring those corners!

Jeanne x

PS Thank you for your email xx

Reading Tea Leaves said...
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Betsy Brock said...

I love our rabbit, Nugget, but there is just something about a cat that I terribly miss!

Unknown said...

a grocery bag is lots of fun for cats. my cat loves to be inside and then I scratch on the outside and she jumps and attacks, then I scratch in another spot. fun for me too!

Margie said...

I have an indoor cat named Smokey that looks very much like your Bobcat.

So enjoyed this post!


Kat_RN said...

That is just plain cute. Our Spontaeous cat, loves chasing her ribbon and miraculously, playing with the cat toy I made her.
Maybe she does not realize I know she likes it.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Batcat is so CUTE! It made me laugh when I saw him on the paper bag. hihihi

It's so funny that Batcat prefers a bag over a nice soft pillow. Sounds like my kids. The simplest things make them happy. ;-)

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

xoxo, Shelly

Lynne said...

I love the name Batcat. He's lovely. I love the quirky ways of animals when you get to know them.

Zuzana said...

I can just picture your two cats going crazy with paper and foil.;) Glad to see you stopping by.;)

the account of your cat in the box is priceless. I also recognize the way they can run through the house to loose the extra energy.;) Always happy when you stop by.;) xo

Batcat thanks you for thinking such great things about him.;) He sure would like you.;) xo

so funny your dog likes cats; usually this likeness is apparent when the animals grow up together.;) xo

it was given to him by the Irishman as he thinks that my cat looks like feline Batman; Batcats name is actually Samson.;) But none but the vet is actually calling him that by now.;) Funny about you cat being so protective of your kids.;)

thank you so much.;) xo

my former cat, Gypsy, loved to be inside a paper bag and he would jump into them as well.;) Cats are simply hilarious.;) xo

Tibby sounds like a fun cat; I so would love to se him in his Christmas wrapping paper nest.;) It would make for a great Christmas card.;) xo

yes, at times they are.;) Always glad when you stop by.;)

what a fun comment; it seems that our pets prefer the most simple place to sleep and the simples toys as well.;) xoxo

ah yes, Batcat is a lot of fun at all times, he makes me smile every day.;)

glad to hear that you too love cats; it seems that your cat and Batcat share the same love for paper.;)

ah, Batcat would love your comment and so do I.;) Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.;) xo

so right you are.;) And I liked the idea of the family.;)

sorry about your allergy, it must so annoying not to be able to have cat as a pet… Thank you so much for stopping by.;) xo

ah, so funny, then your kids have an excuse for not doing their home work I guess.;)) xo

yes, he sure does.;)

thank you. Yes, it seems that our pts need very little to be happy.;) xo

exactly, it is just like with us humans.;) xo

yes, he truly likes him; and I think it is mutual.;) xo

yes, it is a sign, please get a cat.;) They rule.;) xo

what an absolutely touching comment. I am glad this reminded you of your cat. I recall the post you had recently about Scratches.;) He sounds like a great cat.;) xo

yes, he does look a lot like Bobbi, I thought the same when you posted pictures of your cats on your blog recently.;) My old cat in the US, Gypsy, loved cardboard boxes as well.;)) xo

I so understand what you mean.;)) xo

that reminds me of my old cat in the US, Gypsy, he would love to do the same.;)) xo

welcome! Glad you enjoyed this post and so happy you stopped by.;) xo

welcome and thank you for your lovely comment. Cats are just the best pets.;) xo

yes, it seems that everyone prefer the pleasures found in simple joys.;) Hope your weekend is lovely too.;) xo

thank you; I love him to bits.;) I appreciate all your lovely comments.;) xo

Kath said...

Hello Protege, I came over from Bun Mountain, where I learned we share a love of Wolfhounds. I also discovered we both have a hansome Irishman in our lives, who is good with cats. I shall carry on reading now, to see what else we have in common! best wishes from England