October 11, 2008

Two Hearts.

I love candles. I have zillions of candle holders all over my house. In Scandinavia, October and November are the darkest months of the year and it is a tradition here to light candles in the evenings. Not just for the light, but also to spread heat and to create a cosy atmosphere.
Today has been one of those really dreadful fall days, that are so common in the North. Windy, drizzly, rainy, cold and most of all, dark. Perfect day to just curl up in front of the fireplace.
As I sit there, I can see two of my favorite candleholders, called "Two Hearts", which I placed on the shelf just above the fireplace. They were a birthday gift from one of my friends. I love the simple, natural design. Made of rough materials, such as concrete, metal and black glass, they are very sturdy but still appear so delicate and fragile. Just like the Scandinavian nature. Designed by a Swedish artist, Annica Vallin, they are a part of an art collection, called "The Hearts Desire". All the pieces are made out of natural materials and inspired by the rugged beauty of the Swedish west coast.


G said...

Lovely candle holders. My next home *has* to have a fireplace, I so miss it! Enjoy yours... :)

Zuzana said...

I so know what you mean g! I had mine built last year, the best thing I ever did! In fact, I love my fireplace so much, I am going to write a post about it in the future, so keep checking back.;)