October 03, 2008

Playing Tourist at Home.

I have been having a visitor for almost a week now. I enjoy having people over, mostly, as it gives me a chance to actually discover and re-discover the beauty of the place I call home. Lets face it, when I work, I have very little time, if any, to stroll around the city, or make long drives in the country side. Not to mention visiting any sights. And when I take a vacation, I travel abroad, most likely south to a warmer climate. But every time I show my visitors around, I realize how beautiful western Denmark really is. Especially the penninsula I live on. The variety of the nature, the seaside, the woods, the cities. Sometimes, no matter how far one travels and what incredible things one sees and experiences, the most striking places might lie just around the corner.


Lars Shalom said...


G said...

It looks so beautiful! It sounds like you have had a wonderful vacation. :)

Zuzana said...

Thank you for the compliment - I only wish the vacation was longer.:)