June 06, 2009

The Time Of Roses...

I love roses. Right now, all my rosebushes are blooming. The roses that grow on my terrace, came with the house and to begin with, I wanted to get rid of them. Not because they were not beautiful or difficult to care for, but because they were (and still are) every year attacked by some sort of bug. I have tried everything to fight this pest, all kinds of chemicals available on the market, but nothing helps. It is nothing visible, the only thing I see is flowers and leaves that become ragged on the edges, as if eaten. Someone told me recently, that it is indeed some sort of vermin that lives in the ground and comes up in the night to feast on the beautiful plant and there is nothing one can do about it. Short of getting rid of the rose.

Today I have accepted that I have only a short time each year to lavish in the beauty of the roses. This incredibly resilient plant is as beautiful and fragile, as it is strong and dangerous, with all its thorns. It blooms almost all year around; the top picture depicts flowers that I picked one year in early December.
I admire the rose and I would love to resemble it; lovely to look at, but dangerous to the touch. A treat for the eyes, yet to be approached with care. So strong, coming back each year with stunning beauty. Bringing happiness to anyone who gazes at it, signifying love and ethereal beauty.

If I had to pick one flower or plant that I resemble, it is definitely not a rose. At the best I am an orchid; I am sensitive and require a lot of care, attention and love. I pose no threat to anyone; what you see is what you get. And I will only thrive if cared for properly; if ignored or neglected, I will die.

But I would much rather be a rose.


steviewren said...

Your roses are beautiful. I have one puny rose bush. It's blooms are sad. At my old home I have wild roses that ran along a fence. They bloomed only once a year but they were beautiful while they lasted.

If I had to chose a flower that represents me, it would be the zinnia. Sturdy and tall, colorful, but prone to mildew, in need of plenty of sunshine and a shower every couple of days.

Gal Friday said...

I see my rose bush every morning right outside my bathroom window(how lovely!), and they are just about to open and bloom but not as far along as your roses just yet.
Your roses are beautiful(I also have a rosebush that was already there when we bought the house--but it is only one bush with deep pink blooms)and so varied in colors! I am sure they smell heavenly, too.
I know what you mean about the bushes being attacked by a pest--my rose bush gets that problem later in summer, too.
Right now, the leaves are green and glossy and it looks so healthy but later when those bugs(whatever they are) attack it, the leaves get holes in them and it looks sad! But, we have had some success with a certain chemical spray my husband was told to use(smells realy noxious and the only chemical I ever use in my garden). I will try to find out exactly what is in for you it since I know we used up last year's bottle and will need to get more.

Mahmud Yussop said...

Rose is one plant I find very difficult to grow here because of our tropical climate. Where they are commercially grown are in our highlands area. I find the blooms very lovely and captivating. Its fragrance is indeed like the scent of a woman - man longs to devour but alas so dangerous to touch. Beware if a man sees a true rose in a woman he'll be hopelessly crazy over her. I guess that's my own personal view.

Anonymous said...

SO PRETTY! My..I love roses too. I have one rose bush, my first very own rose which I planted this year. It's an American Beauty. It's got plenty of leaves so far, but no blooms.

Kat Mortensen said...

We had two rose-bushes when we moved to this house. Alas, they were on the side where our neighbour's horrid van exhausts toxic fumes and the roses didn't do well. I wasn't up to working at them diligently and didn't want to see the neighbour, so I took them out.
I do love roses though - white, yellow, pink and peach. I remember my dad always would sing, "The Last Rose of Summer" at the end of the season every year.



I love roses so very much too. But I think I would like to be a daisy. ;)

Happy Saturday, then, Dear<3


MsTypo said...

Your roses look lovely! :) I think i'd be a vibrant geubera daisy. Common but spectacular and slightly larger than the norm. :)

Unknown said...

oh i would love to see your garden. I bet they're amazing!

Hilary said...

The roses are beautiful.. and your analogy, as always is fascinating. I think I'd like to be a Forget-Me-Not.. ;)

Donna said...

Your roses are beautiful and I bet they smell delightful!

(I think I'd be a daisy.)


Zuzana said...

the wild roses you describe must have been beautiful, they are my favorite kind of roses.
I also love the flower you would resemble - they are so colourful and indeed worship the sun.;))

how lovely to have a rosebush right outside your bathroom window.;))
And yes, please I wold love to know how you treat your roses against that bug.;))

your personal views are always appreciated by me and this one is no exception.;))
Indeed roses can not grow well in tropics, they need cooler climate and they do very well here in Scandinavia.;))

thank you.;) I ma sure your rose will bloom soon, here we are this year ahead by almost a month and everything grows unusually fast and well.;)

sorry that you had to get rid of the rose; that is sometimes a problem with neighbors.;)
Thank you again for the lovey award.;))

daisies are beautiful, they also love the sun which is very appropriate for you.;)
Hope your weekend was lovely.;)) xo

thank you.;)) You have a great way with words and I think you are a stunning geubera daisy, my mothers favorite flower by the way.;))

thank you so much.;))) It is not that amazing, just a small terrace, but I try to do my best to make it look good.;))

thank you dear friend.;))Forget-Me-Not used to be my absolute favorite flower when I was a girl. My favorite and very precious coffee set is with that flower as a motif.;)))

thank you so much, and I love daises; they are so significant of the spring season.;))

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Roses are the best (and tulips, my favourite).

Michelle H. said...

Your roses are beautiful. Sometimes I have to take a step back and get a fresh look at flowers. I see so many in the wedding business that sometimes my eyes just pass by such beauty.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

What a beautifully written and poetic post! I have developed a love for roses, and have one very obliging rose bush that is huge, covered in blooms and very fragrant. It is right by the path to the front door so I can "stop and smell the roses" each time I go by it.

Jill said...

Oh! Although fleeting, the beauty of a rose is breathtaking!!!

My trellis now has wilted roses...losing their petals...but I will look forward to next year!

Zuzana said...

I love tulips too.;))

yes, I can relate to how we fail to see the beauty in something that surrounds us at all times. Sorry to hear that you will be on a break for a while, look forward to see your return. xo

I guess your pictures says it all and I love the idea of "stopping to smell the roses.";)

that is the spirit; I too try to see the positive side of things, knowing that everything goes in circles.;))