June 05, 2009

Night Sky In June.

We are now approaching the summer solstice, which will take place on the 21st June, in about two weeks. In Scandinavia, the period in late June is centered around the Midsummer celebration, a pagan tradition welcoming the Midnight Sun.
To me reaching the solstice is a bit of a bittersweet finale in the season of light, as I know that from that point on, days will get shorter again.

Nevertheless, the next two weeks are signified by the culmination of white nights. The night is now truly absent and the sunset slowly turns into sunrise, a phenomenon that will never cease to amaze me.


Tom said...

I think the thing I miss most about living in the UK are the long summer evenings. Here it's dark by 7:30pm although it's still typically warmer than a UK summer evening! A nice evening out in a pub garden with good friends while it stays light until 10pm or so is a memory I can't forget.

United Studies said...

It never ceases to amaze me, either!

Mahmud Yussop said...

This phenomenon is indeed magical. I love your photography.

Betsy Brock said...

I love how you document this! Our evenings are staying light longer but without seeing the change in a photograph we really don't realize it to this extent. And I think after June 21st, they start to lessen each day. I love the lighter evenings!

Claus said...

Impressive indeed Protege!, especially for people like me, who never experience such a phenomenon on this part of the world. Really beautiful photographs.

Holly said...

That is the craziest thing. I think that nature is the most amazing artist of us all. I hope that you are soaking up these extra long summer days so that they can tide you over when they start to get shorter again!! :)

steviewren said...

Does the absence of darkness change your ability to sleep during the summer nights any? I always find it easier to wake up during the spring and summer than I do during the late fall or winter.

I was amazed when I went to Great Britain to find that it didn't get fully dark until after 10pm and it began to get light sometime around 3:30 in the morning. Here we have daylight savings time in the summer. Daylight comes around 6 and dark by 8.

Kat Mortensen said...

I have an award for you, Protege.


Rajesh said...

Most amazing shots of the colorful sky.

Zuzana said...

glad that this brought back a lovely memory; who knows, maybe one day you will be experiencing those light nights again:;)

glad you like those long days too.;))

thank you so much for that compliment, I am happy you enjoy this.;))

yes, I think the difference is more visible if you are further up in the north. I never noticed such a difference living in NC either.;))

thank you so much, that is very kind of you. I am indeed happy you enjoy this update and find it interesting;))

indeed so right you are; I am definitely gazing at the sky every evening and I marvel at this beauty.;)) And try to soak up the sun each sunny day.;)) xo

yes, it defintely affects me if I go to bed past 2am. Impossible to fall asleep after for example a party, as it is light outside. Furthermore the birds start singing at 2:30 am, so no sleep therefore either. It does makes it easier to get up in the morning though. But then comes winter, getting up in pitch darkness is a torture out of this world. At the worst, we get barely 2h of light in the winter.

ah, thank you, I will be right over!!

glad you like and notice the colours; I agree with you, I love them too.;))