June 27, 2009

Scented Garden.

Every time I travel during the summer months, I become very anxious about one thing - leaving my garden behind. Strange but true.
My garden is my meditation spot and I tend to it from the moment the first bulbs sprout in the very early spring until late autumn, when the time to plant spring bulbs arrives. In fact, as I have mentioned before, the very first thing I do every morning, no matter the season, right after hugging Batcat, is to look out of my large windows onto my terrace. I love all my plants and I follow them through out the year, through all their changes and transformations. I strongly feel that no one can really understand how to tend to them as well as I do. Which is probably most likely true.
This year was no exception. As soon as I arrived back fro my trip, the first thing I did was to rush outside to inspect all my plants. This time around, I left my house, Batcat and my garden in the care of good friends/co-workers and upon my return I was anything but disappointed. The garden did not only survive, it has become luscious and green and some of the plants have grown beyond recognition.

I have two shrubs or bushes, lining my terrace, which fill the warm summer air with heavenly aroma. One of them is Caprifolium, better known in English as Honeysuckle and the other one I am sorry but I fail to identify, as it came with the house. I have been told it is a type of Jasmine as it blooms with very fragrant, white, rose-like flowers in June. Honeysuckle usually blooms twice, once in June and a second time in late August-September. It is usually the last plant that still have flowers in the end of the summer season.

This year both plants are simply magnificent. The Honeysuckle is covered with scented blossoms to the bursting point and the Jasmine perfumes the air like never before.
Sitting underneath these shrubs during a sunny summer day or on a warm summer evening is just one of many simple pleasures that clearly defines the core of happiness in my book.


swenglishexpat said...

I can smell them from here. Aaaah!

Donna said...

Beautiful flowers! When I was young, I used to sip the honey from the honeysuckles.


sallymandy said...

Oh my goodness...those are gorgeous. I can almost smell them from your description.

Zuzana said...

I so wish you could;))) Hope you are having a lovely weekend despite the fact tat you might mostly work.;)

thank you, I might just try doing that.;)) Hope your Sunday is lovely.;))

glad you like them.;)) I hope your weekend is lovely dear friend.;))

Jill said...

You are right...these bushes are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Zuzana said...

thank you so much.;))

Claus said...

Beautiful garden Protege!! I have two growing bushes of a variety jasmine flower. They have given a few flowers, but not enough to scent the environment. They are small though, so maybe when they grow enough? I hope so! It must be wonderful to have such natural aromas around!

Hilary said...

I have no idea what they really smell like, but I swear that I could smell them as I was reading your post. That's just beautiful. What a joy to come home to that.

Zuzana said...

thank you for your kind compliments. Usually I can not smell the flowers so strongly, due to the constant westerly wind. But this season the wind is easterly or not at all and the scent has a chance to stay around.;))

thank you, I am happy my pictures touch all your senses.;)) What a great compliment.;)) xo