February 28, 2009

Venus And The Moon.

Yesterday evening, while driving home, I experienced a magnificent celestial sighting - the planet Venus was positioned in an unusual convergence with the almost new Moon. The crescent moon was lying under the bright shining Venus on a completely cloud free evening sky. It was a mesmerizing sight, visible in most parts of the world; however the position of the two objects in relation to each other vary slightly, depending on the location.

Venus has been emerging as an evening star for quiet while now here in the north. If the sky is clear, it is visible as the first star of the evening in the far south, almost southwest. I am trying to enjoy the sight as much as I can, as Venus does move in an orbit around the sun and will, soon enough, disappear and become the morning star instead.


Noelle Chantal said...

Oh, I noticed Venus while driving with the boyf a while ago. Definitely magnificent to look at! The crescent moon is wonderfully aligned with Venus. As if they were dancing and having chitchats. hehe I enjoyed looking at them as the boyf drove me home. :)


Wow, thank you. The RVCA model (that you said looked like me!!) pretty much made my day; weekend! =]

The song playing is La Femme Chocolat by Olivia Ruiz <3

There isn't any greater relaxation than starting up into the sky late at night; the stars, the quiet. What a lucky sighting!! =]


sallymandy said...

Protege, I'm so glad you posted this. Already I'm appreciating your generous spirit through the kind comments you've left on my blog. And I saw that same convergence of moon and Venus last night from my house...it makes me feel like we're neighbors. My husband found me and my daughter just about dinnertime and said, you have to come see this. It was gorgeous. We live half the world away from you....technology does bring us closer together...!

I am going to stick with my blog. Thanks.

Mahmud Yussop said...

OMG,what a magnificient sighting.I'm short of saying" Beauty lies in the eyes of the believer".

Betsy Brock said...

I think Venus is our first evening star, too. It's so bright and beautiful. I love this picture with the new moon! Tuesday night we were out driving and I saw the big dipper and thought of that gorgeous picture you posted of it above that castle in Germany. Sigh!

Zuzana said...

=Noelle, what a very romantic drive that must have been.;)) The Moon dancing with Venus sounds indeed poetic.; I hope your weekend was great.;))

=fashion chalet; it is truth, the likeness is what immediately caught my eye.;))
I agree; gazing at the night sky is relaxing and mesmerizing at the same time.;))

=sallymandy, what a lovely, candid comment! I too feel that watching the sky can make distances obsolete.;) We all look at the same stars, the same moon and the same sun.
I am happy you too got to enjoy this beautiful sight. And I look forward to more posts from you.;))

=Mahmud, your words indeed ring true.;) Always glad when you stop by.;))

=Betsy, how wonderful you got to see the Big Dipper! I love the stars; I can gaze at them forever as it is in the night that I feel how vast and endless the space is and how small we are.;)

G said...

I saw the crescent moon last week, it must have been the first night, and it was the thinnest sliver, just beautiful. Luckily it was a clear (very cold) night so it stood out beautifully.

Reporting from Toronto... :)

Zuzana said...

glad you got to see that beautiful moon too. I know that you -just like me- love the moon.;))