February 18, 2009

In Dreams.

I always dream in the night. Sometimes, I can not recall the dream any longer in the day, but I always remember it in the moments after I wake up.

I dream in colour only and I am never aware of the fact that I am dreaming. To me everything is very vivid and very real. I love my dreams, no matter how graphically terrible they can be at times. I have been falling and flying, I have been trapped and been hunted by evil, while experiencing terror and fear. But I have also woken up from dreams that transcends anything, that leave me feeling invigorated and powerful. I have dreamed of encounters that were so authentic, that in the moments of the awakening the borderline between reality and fantasy was difficult to define. I have felt invincible and beautiful, with the ability to turn time around and to live in parallel worlds or experience alternate lives.

I have many books on the subject of dreams. No one really knows what happens to us when we sleep. It is known that all animals require sleep and many dream as well.
Some people have claimed to see future incidents in dreams, while others have solved problems, scientific dilemmas or mathematical equations while asleep. I have family members that have found lost items in dreams.

Well I have never solved any of the big problems while asleep. I know I need to sleep a lot, or my mood is melancholic, bordering on dark and my reactions are slow, my brain numb.
To me each night holds a promise of adventure, excitement and suspense. After a night full of exquisite dreams I very well understand the meaning behind the term "dreams come true".


Julie Hibbard said...

Part of what's missing in my life is good sleep. I have NEVER been a good sleeper...I have had to take fish bowls out of my room because the fish were noisy and kept me up at night!
I never feel fully rested and rarely dream.
Wow. That's a sad sentence. On the other hand, I love to nap. Nearly every day I lay down for an hour or so and feel very good when I wake up.
I dream intensively during this hour.
Hmmm...I need to work on this. I have a lot of things I have lost, and maybe this is the key to finding them.
hope all is well with you!
I want to come visit!

Diane said...

I like the idea of adventure and excitement in bed, too... but I prefer to be awake ;) Hee hee.

I like to watch Sundance when he's (obviously) dreaming. He whines and his legs twitch like he's running. I wonder what/who he's chasing :)

Melanie Gillispie said...

I love dreaming. I love to watch animals dreaming, their little paws running and thei little faces twitching. I dreamed about my Granny Dink the other night, and I was really upset because my alarm went off right as she was getting ready to talk to me and I woke up thinking that it would have been the first time in almost 6 years that I had heard her voice and it made me sad. I also dreamed about my cousin Jason after he died. In the dream, I looked up to see him sitting at the end of my sofa. He was holding a baby girl in his arms. I said, "Jay! We miss you!" He said, "I miss all of you too!" And, that was all. My aunt had a miscarriage between Jason and her youngest son Craig, and I wondered if the baby Jason was holding was the baby that would have been his little sister had Anne not lost the baby. It's all so interesting.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Dreams are my brain rolling down a grassy hill, shouting "Wheeee...!".

sallymandy said...

Hi, thanks for this post. Dreaming is one of my pleasures too. And, I have also had problems sleeping in my life. I'm glad I finally got over my resistance and got medical help for that, because life isn't livable for me without adequate sleep. I hope to encourage the commenter who has trouble with sleep to do whatever is necessary for you. You deserve good rest. Naps count!

Betsy Brock said...

Dreams are so interesting! My sister and I am always looking up meanings to our dreams. There's some good websites, too. Dreamdictionary.com is one.

Hazel Designs said...

I know you're probably sick of me yammering endlessly on about Twilight, BUT your post reminds me - the story all came from a dream, she wrote it all down and built a story around her dream. And became a millionaire from it. So you should keep a notebook by your bed in case you dream a story good enough to become a bestselling book :)

Noelle Chantal said...

By the time I'm awake, I usually forget what my dream. I don't know why and it irritates me when that always happen.

It's great how other people found their lost items in dreams. And most esp how dreams can be a guidance to future incidents.

It's really amazing where dreams lead us. :)

Mahmud Yussop said...

I have my share of dreams, very good to most nightmarish.Prophetic and nonsensical. Am now hoping for the dream of my life- a glimpse of Heaven . If you will it, will it come true? I wonder.

Zuzana said...

=Julie, sorry to hear that you have trouble sleeping. I too, with age, sleep more lightly. As a young woman, there could have been a freight train going through the room and I would keep on sleeping.
Well, at least you can take naps and dream while taking them, so all hope is not lost yet.;))

=Diane, LOL; I always laugh when I read your comments. Here is wishing you excitement in bed in an awaken state.;)) Hehe!;))
My cat does the same as Sundance, twitching and emitting strange sounds, I too often wonder what he is hunting.;))

=Mel, your dream sound interesting; you now, I believe there is something to it. I often wanted to try and meet with someone I know in dreams I have heard it is possible. I am sure your encounter should not be dismissed. As with everything, if you believe in it, it is true.;)

=J Cosmo, those are the best dreams ever!! Hehe!;))

=sallymandy, I agree. It is also scientifically proven that we need to sleep. I recall an experiment going terribly wrong, where someone was kept awake for days. I think this person lost his mind following this episode. We need to sleep to function.
Thank you for stopping by.;))

=Betsy, I will check out that site ASAP. Sound interesting. I have many books on meaning of dreams and use them often.;))

=Hazel, I thoroughly enjoy your obsession with Twilight, so no worries.;)) I did not know the author based those books on her dreams. How fascinating! From now on I am keeping a dream journal!:)))

=Noelle, maybe you should keep a journal too, by the bed and write the dream down as soon as you awake.;)) And I agree, one should not dismiss dreams; they are an insight into our subconscious.

=Mahmud, I have dreamed of everything between heaven and earth, but never of the actual haven.;) But then again, it depends, I guess, what we define as heaven.;) Let me know if your wish comes true.;))

Hilary said...

I rarely dream - or remember dreaming, but when I do, it's in clusters. I'll have a series of nights where I dream often and semi-vividly. You wrote beautifully of dreaming. This one's a keeper.. as are you. :)

sallymandy said...

Does anyone know what really interesting, cool animals in dreams symbolize?

Protege, I'd like a letter tag.

Zuzana said...

=Hilary, right back at you, my dear friend.;))
I hope the dreams you dream are wonderful nevertheless.;) Always love reading your candid comments.;))

=sallymandy, it depends on what animals you dream about. Here are some animals I think are cool:

cat: you will take a journey
horse: freedom, independence, happiness, money
lion: power
leopard: problems and misfortune
eagle: your ambitions will come true

If you let me know exactly what animal you dreamed off, i can help more.;))

And as for you letter, what about the letter "T", hope it will work for you. Thanks for playing.;)))