October 10, 2011

Touched By An Angel.

I did not grow up with religious views, nor teachings. To attend church was strictly prohibited in the communist east. I was however baptized in secrecy, as my mothers uncle was a priest and my mom always exhibited a deep sense of beliefs, which became part of my life in an unforced way and felt very natural.
I can not claim thus to be religious, however I do carry a golden cross around my neck, I do pray at times and I believe that there is more between heaven and earth than can be explain by simple natural laws. Despite being a scientist, governed by logical thinking, I am also forced to keep an open mind, thus I see myself as a deeply spiritual being believing in the unseen and the mysterious.

Slightly more than a year ago, I decided to change my life.
Very drastically and basically from one day to another. Being stuck in a reality I did not enjoy and in a relationship that was draining me, I felt deeply unhappy and felt a force rising within me on regular bases, urging me to act. Knowing that waiting around for things to get better was futile, I opted to finish that which was already broken and started anew, jumping into the unknown and foreign, even though I was terrified. I embarked on a journey that took me through the most unbelievable twists and turns of fate, making me feel a broad spectra of emotions - anything from deep devastation and sadness to happiness of indescribable proportions.
Simply, I started to live and simultaneously, very interesting occurrences began to take place in my life, as I have described previously.  One of these has been an odd instance of numerology, which continues today still - even in a greater intensity than before - therefore it occupies my thinking, while I am trying to look for answers to this peculiar phenomenon.

I see sequences of numbers. Everywhere and daily.
The sequences wary, but they are there. Every time I gaze at an instrument that displays numbers or time, I see 13:13. Or 22:22. At times 12:34. Often this manifestation becomes very intense if I am worried, anxious or upset about some occurrence in my daily life.
The other day when I was driving home in my old Toyota, I glanced at the display in the panel in front of me. It showed 18:18 18. The first two digits signified time, the last the outside temperature in Celsius. I had to smile and recalled a similar event taking place a few months back, when we drove to Prague to visit my family this past July, when the same sequence was 22.
About twenty minutes later, gazing at the odometer I got to see this; 88988.
It seemed that on that particular day, the number 8 was of significance for me.

My numerous inquiries has led me me to realize that the explanations I seek might be as versatile as trusting this is only a natural statistical phenomenon or the revelation of our subconscious conveying hidden messages to believing that this is indeed a form of communication by someone divine, the angels.
What surprised me mostly during my search was the infinite number of people that seem to be experiencing the same sightings. Hundreds of people out there write about seeing particular sequences as well as seeing random sequences, at different periods in their lives. Even books has been published on this subject and when I mentioned my experiences to my mom this past summer, she read me a passage from one, stating in no uncertain terms that seeing sequences of numbers are the means by which our guardian angles tell us that we are on the right path.

Now, what do I choose to believe.
Perhaps I have been touched by an angel, the one who I have been praying to all those years when I cried myself to sleep. Or perhaps I have just tuned into something that has always been there, gone unnoticed to me before, until my senses became enhanced by life's experiences.
Whatever the explanation might be, one thing is certain - I have never experienced this phenomenon before last year, around the time when I found courage to take leaps of fate. Thus perhaps it is a sign given to me by something divine to trust myself and to trust the path I have chosen in life.
As after all, the result of that change has brought me to heaven on earth.

"Angels are speaking to all of us... some of us are only listening better."
- Anonymous 


Elizabeth said...

Sign given, if we only truly could understand their meaning life would infinitely becomes more easy.
But, as you know, I'm truly happy for all the good that is sent your way.

Enjoy your monday.

Snowbrush said...

Maybe I'm just too tired to think clearly tonight, but I don't see the significance of the numbers being in a sequence. For example, if I took five dice, threw them, and they all came up fives, that would be impressive, and if I did it a second time, that would be even more impressive. Yet, the odds of all fives would be no greater than the odds of any other combination. However, our brains are programmed to make connections--or to at least imagine them--because seeing connections enhances our ability to survive. I get that you do see significance in repetitive numbers, but I'm at a loss as to just what they mean to you and why.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A wonderful post of how numerology connects with a divine force! Surely many things in nature are unexplained and this is one of them!! Interesting indeed.

Reasons said...

Hi Zuzana, I have been gone a while, but had a catch up here today. It seems a lot has changed for you but you seem to adapt and always find the best in any situation. I do hope you are right about angels! X

Kath said...

Very thought provoking. Thankyou for sharing xx

S. Susan Deborah said...

How I wish we understood. But I'm happy that you were visted by an angel. may angels always comfort and make you happy, dear Zuzana.

Joy always,

Dulçe ♥ said...

I so much agree and like this post.

It so seems the older we get the more spiritual we become, and thus we start to believe in those things that used to be futile... Angels are those who protect us, all the time, although we were not aware of them there they were and are. All we must do is stop and sense, listen, watch and realize. And then we realize nothing is casual. It's all about miracles and that magic around us.
So glad you are in the same path..

Yesterday was 9/10/11, yes I noticed but said nothing- and oh so much happened in my spiritual growth... (to be continued)

Cheers Zuzana!♥

Becky said...

This was indeed thought provoking,thanks for sharing.I do believe in angels,I think all of us here on earth have one always close to us.I am Greek Orthodox faith I felt so sad to hear you couldnt worship freely, such a wonderful mother you had to baptise you.

Thanks so much for this informative read Zuzana,as always my friend.Have a lovely new week!

Brian Miller said...

i believe nothing is random and everything has a purpose...many i think we do not know until much later so i believe you just tuned into what was already there zuzana...what a trip it has been eh? it is exciting and scary when you do tune in, as you see so much more...

A Lady's Life said...

I believe you
I carry an icon of ST Nicholas in my car and I am sure he protects me from harm.I often felt an angel sitting on my shoulder whispering something to me so I avoid a disaster.
I pay attention to it and then I do.
Like the time a moose ran in front of my car. Something told me to slow down right at that part of the highway. Had I not, I would have hit it straight on. The extra moment I gave myself by slowing down for no reason, allowed him to run through safely and me to brake just enough to miss it.
So strange things do happen.

Janelle Goodwin said...

What an inspiring post! I believe that we are being given signs all the time. But it's only at certain times in our lives that we're able to be open to them. Whenever I'm doubtful of life I get the sign 6:53 on the microwave. That was the time my son was born. And that was a true miracle.

swenglishexpat said...

The unknown and the incomprehensible certainly are intriguing, but I think that we sometimes see what we want to see, filtering out the rest. Like a natural selection that works subconsciously.

tony said...

So Many Look For Clues "Out There" When ,Infact,The Answers Are Staring Right In Front Of Us. Being Sensitve & Open Is The Only Way, But,yes, Zuzana, It takes Courage.

Anonymous said...

There are many mathematical patterns in nature, so why not in our daily lives?

To believe that you have been touched by an angel is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I am a believer in number sequences. I have one that is very significant to me that I see often and at special times. I believe that you have opened your mind to new possibilities and that is why you are noticing them now. I am very excited about the date 11-11-11 this year. Here is a web site that you might find interesting. http://spiritlibrary.com/doreen-virtue/angel-numbers

Myrna R. said...

I think there is more unseen than seen in this world. So, numbers must have a great significance - they are infinite yes?

I don't understand it, but I don't rule out anything. Hope happiness is in your numbers. I really think it already is.

Dan said...

I think the more you delve into the 'mysterious' the harder it becomes to deny the existence of something else. I don't know if it's truly mysterious, or whether we just can't get our heads round it yet. I think there's probably a lot of knowledge that we have forgotten through time too.
PS. Did you see the news about the scientists who think they've found that travel faster than the speed of light?

Dan said...

Aargh, missing word 'particles'. It's been a long day!

Unknown said...

just a thought, maybe you are becoming more aware of your surroundings. I will start noticing #'s for sure now. sounds like an exciting journey you are on. I am beginning a new one also. long overdue!

I have not been visiting my blogings at all in quite a while. Have been so busy and not much time for blogland. but winter is coming and I will probably have more time then to spend at the computer.

have fun and enjoy!!

SandyCarlson said...

You are in touch with a spirit, and it is a beautiful thing--and clear. Such clarity is possible outside of religion, I think.

Hilary said...

Something we have in common. I wrote about this and other occurances a couple of years ago. It continues happening to me daily.

I do believe it's an awakening of sorts.. and yes, that we are on the right path.. to something.


sprinkles said...

Very interesting post, Zuzana! I don't have this phenomenon but I do believe I'm on the right path.

I remember having a psychic reading a couple of years ago. The guy said that there was an older gentleman in my family who watched over me as well as some woman who had something to do with the property I own. At the time, I thought the guy was probably an uncle on my dad's side.

Now I think it's my grandfather on my dad's side. I've had a few dreams about him over the years, including one shortly after my dad learned of his cancer diagnosis. I think maybe it was my grandfather's way of telling me at the time that my father was going to die and to prepare myself for it. I didn't get that from the dream at the time but looking back on it, I do think that was the message he was sending me. It makes sense.

I sometimes wonder how the Irishman is doing. Don't know why. Hope he's well.

Rajesh said...

Very interesting experience.

Colleen said...

This is so beautiful Zuzana. I have no doubt you have angels watching over you. Love to you today dear friend.

bright star said...

I too think that there is something else,I know the science and it seems to prove otherwise but there is a longing for the spiritual! love Angela x

Reading Tea Leaves said...

This is such a fascinating subject Zuzana. I recall watching a TV documentary about numbers and sequences and how they create sense and order in the physical world. However the idea of a guardian angel is such a comforting one isn't it.

I'm so happy that you will be starting a silver birch diary again. It's wonderful that you can see and touch one again in your new home.

Have a lovely autumnal week!


Donna said...

Zuzana, I love this post. I believe in angels. I've been noticing 11:11 all the time, all different places and often wondered what it could mean. You, my dear friend, have explained it beautifully.


Kat_RN said...

That was a very interesting post. Maybe I should start paying more attention.

Anonymous said...

LadyCat showed me an article on google about sequence of number... and so many of them mean spiritual significance. I spot them all the time now. 444 angels are watching over you. 555 something is about to happen to change your life. 333 you are in tune with God and Christ himself. Thanks for the great interesting post Zuzana... wish you and your man were at the Willow Manor Ball. Tess is my my niece. xo

Zuzana said...

Elizabeth, Snow, Rahul, Joanne (welcome back), Kath, Susan, Dulce, Becky, Brian, Lady, Janelle, swenglishexpat, tony, ladyfi, LadyCat, Myrna, Dan, Doreen, Sandy, Hilary, sprinkles, Rajesh, Colleen, Angela, Jeanne, Donna, Kat and Tom – what a beautiful mixture of opinions and I so enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments.
Indeed, at one point in our life we start paying attention to the unseen. We might never get the right explanations and we might never find proofs, but ultimately that is of no importance, as true beliefs need not to be proven.

Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to read my thoughts, even those that sometime stray onto such versatile and unexplored paths.;))


Ms.Chief loves wigwams! said...

fascinatingly beautiful. Sooo delighted for you. Smile deeply within Zuzana, life's meaning doesn't always have reason :) ENJOY!! Realise you can utilise & read all hidden messages, the whispering of the Universe & its synchronicity .. read, listen & learn. Pay close attention it isn't only numbers. Energy alchemy, spiritual analogy - no such thing as an observer - no such thing as coincidence! Whatever label attached to such awesome phenomena is no where close to capturing the whole potentials & truths , the hidden language of energy vibration - education - is so accurate its scary. Enjoy & embrace it. It will guide you well. Huge hugs Darling Soul xXx