December 02, 2009

When The Moon And The Sun Converge...

These are the days of the full moon. I am endlessly intrigued by the silver disc and can gaze at it for hours, mesmerized by its radiance. Its presence in the night sky holds my everlasting fascination, keeping me enthralled. I often lie under its cool glow late at night, watching it through the roof window over my bed, as I slowly drift to sleep.

There is a compilation made by the German group Hubert Kah, entitled "Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Berührt", (direct translation "When The Moon Touches The Sun".) A typical product of the eighties, it has the traditional escapist sound that appeals to the dreamer in me. I used to listen to it as a teenager, late at nights when the moon was full.

Yesterday, that sentence kept resonating in my mind, as I was driving across the bridges connecting the Danish Islands, witnessing a celestial show. In the southwest, there was the burning fire of the setting winter sun. In the opposite cardinal direction, the cool glow of the full moon could be observed.
It felt like driving through an enchanted landscape, so very fitting the onset of the Holiday season.
(Please click images to enlarge).

A winter evening, captured with my phone.


Kath said...

I would love to be able to take photos are beautiful as those!

Julie Hibbard said...

Beautiful and inspirational...
you and the moon.

Gal Friday said...

Your writing is as beautiful as your photos.
And, I understand you when you describe feeling as if you are moving through "an enchanted landscape"--that often happens to me, too.

Brian Miller said...

the moon was so bright and full here last night...i love nights like that...truly heaven on display. beautiful pics...almost as your words. smiles.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the moon been amazing the last two nights? I'm right there with you, Zuzana, staring into it until it sends me dreaming.

Sandi McBride said...

The sun and the moon...they both have such control over our lives and you have captured it all for us...lovely post, thank you!

Keith said...

Beautiful photos. It looks so amazing there. It really does. I hope this finds you doing well. Thanks for your comment on my Something post. I love Frank's version of the song, but nothing beats George.

swenglishexpat said...

And imagine, people through centuries and millennia have admired the very same sun and moon, still beautiful.

Noelle Chantal said...

hi, Protege! how are you? its been forever since my last visit here! i so so miss your blog! been very busy lately. i'm missing a lot here! hehe :)

anyway, as usual your posts about nature is always refreshing. and you always get the best shots of the sunrise and sunset. and just like this one, beautiful pictures! are you sure these are shots from your phone? so fine!

"..watching it through the roof window over my bed, as I slowly drift to sleep." -sounds dreamy to me!

i hope you are doing great as ever! by the way, i LOVE the new default photo!! you look like a bohemian goddess, Protege! beautiful lady! :)

Calli said...

Beautiful words paired so beautifully with those gorgeous images. I love the sun and the moon and the energy that emanates from them both.

Lovely post~
Calli xo

Kat Mortensen said...

Gorgeous photos and video, Zuzana! It is such a captivating thing, the moon. Is it not?

I'm a Cancerian, and supposedly ruled by the moon. Coincidentally, today's haiku is #24 which is also the date of my birth in June. Neat eh?


Kat Mortensen said...

I forgot to mention how much I love those windmills. We have an area of farmland about an hour north of here where my husband and I stop sometimes just to watch the many windmills spinning agains a bright blue (or gray) sky.

Claus said...

Lovely always :-)
It's full moon here as well, as last night I was thinking how about it. Its light is so strong, there was lights coming in from every window. No need to turn on the light when going to the bathroom! :-))
I like the song...very 80's indeed!And though I don't understand a single word, it is easy to the ear. Very nice.

Unknown said...

Ah, nice thoughts Zuzana. When I look up an ponder the Moon, I think of my interview with Colonel Frank Borman in his Las Cruces, New Mexico airplane hangar 8 years ago. I was the first American journalist granted an interview with him in 16 years and he was so humbled at his place in history as Commander of Apollo 8 which orbited the Moon. Your post brought bak such a thrilling visit! xo and have a nice day!!!:D)

Hilary said...

Lovely, lovely post, Z. I especially like the two photos on the right. You capture the most intriguing colours.


it's as if you have taken my words right from my mouth - i too lay at night keeping company with the glorious golden orb in the sky out my bedroom windows - i never have drapes on the upper half of my windows for that very reason - so i can see the moon every night - and while i am a true SUN sign, i am fascinated by the moon, like you - i can totally understand the ancients who worshipped the sun and/or moon - and my own individual life and momentum are so governed by both these brilliant entities in so many ways - sorry, i digressed!

beautiful beautiful post!!!

thanks so much for your visits at my places - i always look forward to them!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Thank you Zuzana. The celestial speaks to our deepest wonder.

sprinkles said...

The song you shared is most definately early 80's.

That picture of the windmills reminds me of my time in the Netherlands. When I lived there, windmills were everywhere! Once, I got to tour inside of one where people lived. Very unique home!

Cat in the road said...

I’ve been away so I had some reading to catch up on. Your poetic prose for “Counting down for Christmas eve” triggered my memory of the classic, “Twas the night before Christmas.” Your list of ‘Thanks’ was very humbling and sincere. I feel your BLOG is so popular because you have a very positive attitude towards life.

Diane said...

Beautiful, Z! I'm much more drawn to the sun than the moon but I can appreciate the beauty of both :)

Betsy Brock said...

The moon was very bright last night! We have a skylight in our bedroom and it felt like we left a light on! ha!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... really neat post here... you are into it....My wife and I noticed on Tues evening how the moon had a glow around it. What does that mean anyway?
Let the Moonglow and Sunshine in !!
The Bach

Unknown said...

last night was full moon here too. wow it was so big, kinda scared me a bit, but it was beautiful.

Stacey J. Warner said...

oh how I love the moon! so magical...

I've been staring at it for three nights now...

much love

steviewren said...

I'll never forget one weekend when we were camping beside a lake. The moon was huge and full those two nights. I didn't want to sleep. I just wanted to lie there and watch the moon and dream.

S. Susan Deborah said...

Loved the moon as well as the music. Splendid.

Joy always,

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful post. I've seen you so much around the bloggyhood, I had to pop over and say "hello".

Zuzana said...

thank you, that was kid of you to say. So happy when you visit.;) xo

thank you, right back at you.;) Your words always make me smile.;) xoxo

thank you my friend, glad you can identify with the sentiment.;) Your comments mean the world to me always.;) xoxo

thank you, a romantic like you probably serenades his wife each time there is a full moon, I bet.;)

yes, the moon has been out of this world the last two nights and fortunately it has been clear enough here so we could see it.;) I am happy you too enjoy looking at it just before falling asleep.;)) xoxo

glad you enjoy this post, thank you so much for your visit, it is always appreciated.;) xo

thank you.;) Yes, I guess sometimes nothing beats the original.;)

I agree with that, I often think in similar direction, somehow understanding why the moon was sacred to the primitive man.;) Great to see you stopping by fellow ex-Swede.;)

welcome back sweetie, I really missed you and your incredible comments, I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your very kind words and compliments, they warm my heart at all times.;) xo

thank you, so happy you enjoyed this post and the pictures and so happy to have you visiting as well.,) xo

I agree, the moon is simply the most enigmatic object I the night sky. I am a Cancer too, so I can relate to your feelings. Glad you love the Danish windmills, they are almost a trademark of Denmark.;) xoxo

isn’t it just so much fun to think about the fact that we both watch the same moon? Makes the distance somewhat relative.;) So glad you listen to the song and so happy to hear that you liked, this one only gets better with time.;)) Always appreciate when you stop by, dear friend.;) xoxo

wow, I can not believe you interviewed him, what an honour and what a privilege. It must have be an incredible memory for you, thank you so much for sharing it here. I am glad that this post was instrumental in binging back such a wonderful moment in time.:))

Zuzana said...

thank you my dear friend.;) Any time you compliment my photos it means the world to me as you are so talented yourself.;) Imagine that these were taken with my iPhone. I was a bit upset that I did not have my camera as the phone has no zoom, but after all, it turned out quiet well.;) xoxo

you captured the true essence of the feelings that encompass me every time I gaze at the full moon. So glad you share the same appreciation and awe for this cool disc in the sky. Thank you also for your words and visit.;) xoxo

and thank you back for your beautiful and kind words and for stopping by.;)

yes, it has that 80’s sound right.:) I am very intrigued to hear that you live in Netherlands, can’t you tell me more? Always so happy when you stop by.;) xo

no one leave more poetic comments than you. I always enjoy reading your words as I understand them completely, thank you for always being so kind and complementing in your ways.;)

thank you my dear friend, I am a sun worshiper as well, but the moon fascinates me.;) xoxo

the same here, it felt like the whole bedroom was alight last night, but I love it. I fell asleep looking at that cool disc above me.;) xoxo

thank you.;) I think the glow around it, or the ring(s) has something to do with the water or ice in the air. But I am not sure.;) Thank you so much for stopping by.;))

yes, it is fun to think about that we all look at the same moon.;) So glad when you visit dear Denise.;) xo

I agree, it is magical indeed. Thank you for always finding the time to stop by.;) xo

I think I can completely relate to what you must have felt. Also, in the country side the moon becomes even brighter, as there is no interference from the city lights.;) xoxo

thank you so much, your kind words are very much appreciated.;) xoxo

welcome, so glad to see you visiting.;) Thank you for your kind words as well.;)) xo

BPOTW said...

Such a lovely post!

Rinkly Rimes said...

Very beautiful and romantic.

Zuzana said...

thank you so much and thank you for stopping by.;)

thank you for your kind words.;)