December 06, 2009

Second Advent Tradition.

The Second Sunday in Advent signifies yet another tradition of mine. The tradition of writing Christmas Cards. My friends and my family live spread all over the world and I still relish in writing and receiving handwritten Christmas cards.

The days of December are very short. It feels as if there is barely and daylight at all. As we are approaching the winter solstice, our days has been shortened by more than ten hours since June. If the skies are cloudy, such as today, there is really no daylight to speak off. We are surrounded by twilight at the best, which beckons us to light candles and the fire in fireplace, staying inside.
And so, when all the chores are done, as soon as the early afternoon turns dark and the long evening settles over my neighbourhood, I sit down by the fire with Batcat at my feet. I pour myself a glass of Hot Spicy Wine and put on my favorite Christmas music. As the wind howls in the chimney, it is easy to feel inspired writing Holiday Wishes to those that I miss the most.


Nessa said...

Beautiful tradition. I make my cards every year and try to have them out by this time too.

Santa Puppets

Elizabeth said...

Just wished we didn't have to miss all those people we hold so close to our heart.

Love E.

Sandi McBride said...

Yes, today is when I'll do all my choosing and addressing...our family tradition, as well!

Keera Ann Fox said...

What a lovely tradition!

Brian Miller said...

what a wonderful tradition...and a hand written note shows the extra effort and personalized...nice.

Keith said...

Hey there. How are you today? Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I did have a great birthday. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

Kath said...

Your fire looks heavenly, I have mine lit today and sewing some hexagons for my latest snuggle quilt.

Beverlydru said...

I've been enjoying the fireplace on this chilly weekend and needed your words to get me busy addressing cards. The stack has been calling my name. Thanks for the inspiration.

Holly said...

Traditions, Traditions, Traditions!!! You are so inspiring. Because of you I will be getting out my address book today! :):)

Your red sofa is adorable, and chic, and classy! Well done!! xoxox

Unknown said...

this is a great tradition, that many have let go of. you are inspiring my friend!

Anonymous said...

The second advent Sunday... I must study up on the Festive traditions of Christmas.... I'm sure of hearing them before, but must refresh my memory. Sounds like you are real cozy and at the best of spirits to write heart felt warm notes to loved ones and friends. LadyCat and I just now finished with wrapping the last of the gifts... I can't believe it... we are actually done with gift shopping and wrapping,, I think!
Enjoy that wine and fire! The Bach

j. said...

Hi Ms. Z! Missed your blog~

Its been a few years since anyone in my family exchanged actual christmas cards.. we usually just email (ugh) or call each other (yey) these days.. but I do miss having to write greetings for them.. oh well.. hehe..

Have a great one!



oh, a wonderful tradition and one i think is applicable to any day of the week or month - the written word is so nearly a thing of the past but one which brings so much individual happiness to so many, i think - i mean, what is better than seeing a little piece of paper containing a words of caring from someone we love - and holding the little note - putting it away and then pulling it out again to touch, to read, to feel - beautiful!

steviewren said...

It sounds like a cozy way to spend a cold winter's day. I need to get to work on my cards.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I've never lived in a place that had so little daylight. Wow! Sounds like you're making the best of it though. And I'm sure your surroundings make up for it!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Sounds divine--writing out cards, sipping wine, thinking of memories of old friends as you write notes....if only I coudl trust myself to mail them...C

Betsy Brock said...

I love the tradition...haven't started mine yet, but need to soon!

Unknown said...

Ah, traditions are cool! And with Batcat and Zuzana! You know, for years I created a two-sided Christmas Letter and handled all the graphic art work too. It cost me a fortune an the local shop stopped using spot-printing. So, my cards today are limited to a few faithful friends. I'd enjoy sending you one if you can e-mail me your address Zuzana. xoxo and smiles! :D)


sprinkles said...

I love getting Christmas cards too! Some people, this is the only time of year I hear from them. It's nice to get a card and know that someone thought of me as they were writing out the card.

I've been thinking I really should send out mine this week. I have cards left over from last year that I never got around to sending out and I certainly have the time. Now I just need the motivation!

I've never lived somewhere that had so little daylight. Don't think I'd like that! But at least you get to use your candles! Love that really tall candleholder next to the fireplace.

Rajesh said...

I love the x'mas cards. Sadly with the advances in technology, the cards are slowly disappearing.

julochka said...

i've never been good at sending christmas cards and as a result, i only feel guilty when i receive them, but you make the writing of them sound quite hyggeligt. :-) perhaps now that i have a gocco printer, i should reconsider. the pleasure in sending a handmade card just might be great!

Kata Wagner Berg said...

I have been started the 1st candle Advent yesterday....maybe I am late? I though the last we have to start to burn in Christmas Eve.

Zuzana said...

thank you, I am looking into starting making my own.;) I need a bit more time in a day to be able to do everything I want.;)xo

I agree so with you.;) Always so happy when you stop by.;) xo

glad you share this tradition with me, love your visits.;) xo

thank you, so happy when you stop by.;) xo

thank you, yes I am a very traditional girl.;)

glad to hear that you enjoyed your birthday, always happy to read your comments.;)

so glad you too can enjoy the fire, it is the best place to be in the winter, don’t you agree;) xo

you are vey welcome - so glad that you found inspiration here. Your visits always make me smile.;) xo

yes, traditions are very important. ;)Thank you for always having something very kind to say to me here, dear friend.;) And I am delighted you enjoyed my red sofa post.;) xo

thank you and right back at you. Your visits are so very appreciated.;) xo

what a wonderful comment, I can not believe you are done with your gifts.;) I have to send mine this week. I am always so happy when you stop by.;)

so good to see you back dear friend.;) I do not think I will ever stop sending Christmas cards.;) I am just too nostalgic that way.;) xo

I agree with every single word you say, it is so very true. There is nothing like the words written by the hand of someone we care deeply for. Thank you for always finding the time to stop by.,) xoxo

it was a very cosy day indeed.;) Always happy when you stop by.,) xoxo

yes, it is very dark here right now. December is still fine, it is January that will be difficult to get through.;) xoxo

I seem not to feel it as trouble when it comes to cards, not writing nor mailing.;) I hope you find the inspiration one day, until the your thoughts count for plenty.;) xoxo

thank you, I am sure you write wonderful cards.;) xoxo

I have been thinking of creating my own cards actually, I just need to get started (and need more time). I bet the ones you make are lovely! Your comments are always very dear to me.;)

I agree with everything, it is a way of sending someone a small greeting, as it might be the only one in the whole year.;) Thank you for always finding the time to stop by, it means the world to me.;) xo

yes, that is true. But hopefully the sentiment of mailing letters and cards will never disappear.;) Always happy when you visit.;) xoxo

I hope you will get a chance to send some cards out this year.;) I am sure you could make beautiful cards as well.;) Always happy when you stop by.,) xo

welcome.;) This Sunday was the 2nd Advent, so this means the second candle out of four should be lit.;) Not too worry, it can be confusing at times. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind comment.;) xo

Claus said...

I love cards! when I entered the world of pen palling, I loved the fact that I could finally share some of my favorite things. I write cards to my friends every year at Christmas time, only I have to do so as early as middle November, in order to post them at the beginning of December, crossing my fingers they will arrive right on time. Season's Greetings!

Zuzana said...

ah, sorry for responding so late. I know that you love writing cards and letters, I am so happy that there are people like you still left in the world.;)