December 22, 2009

Christmas City Illumination.

Cities become fairytale like during the Holiday season. Particularly after the onset of darkness, which happens in the early afternoon in Scandinavia.

I love to take a walk in the streets just a few days prior to Christmas Eve. There is an atmosphere of joy all around. Despite the certain feel of the holiday rush, as some still feel overwhelmed by the last gift purchase, when I watch the smiling faces around me, I sense happiness.

The lights lining the streets and decorating the stores take my breath away ever year. Intricate decorations, unusual ornaments line the sidewalks and the walkways, making the evening bright and tranquil. This year an extra Holiday feel is added by the white frosty blanket that covers the streets.

When it comes to the magic of the bustling metropolis, it is never more appealing or enchanting than during winter, as it becomes decorated by the glittering snow and illuminated by Christmas lights.


Anonymous said...

You are adding to my Christmas spirit with these words of kindness, peace, and love shown on the faces of bustling shoppers. Your pictures have caught a moment in time when the world comes together to greet peace, good wishes, and well-being to all. I'm very excited this Christmas Season with so much to be thankful for and also with the opportunity we have to share with people in far away places. You too enjoy the "last" day before Christmas.
I love your choice of movies too, but I haven't seen "The Family Stone"... I'll have to catch that one soon. Thanks!
The Bach

Kath said...

With what's going on in my house, I come here for my Christmas fix :D
ho, ho, ho!
Kath in England

Brian Miller said...

i love to see the town all aglow in lights...there is a certain joy in the air as you walk taking it all in...we have a great little town nearby that does some amazing things this time of year....happy holidays!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful holiday pictures you made. Christmas spirit all over.

Enjoy your day off.

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I particularly love the photo with the clock! You are right, Christmas TRANSFORMS the place!

I am being caught up in Christmas festivities and don't know how much visiting I will be able to do so want to wish you a MARVELOUS CHRISTMAS Zuzana!!

Julie Hibbard said...

There is absolutely NOTHING like this in Southern California...NOTHING. I especially love all the hearts! The lights, the snow, the people bundled up!
Yep, something is missing from the whole Christmas experience when everyone is wearing shorts and flip flops at Christmas time.
YOU have blessed me this whole month with your beautiful photographs!!
Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Your photos look like a winter wonderland! I agree with Juile...the hearts are very unusual & beautiful. I remember our downtown being very festive when I was a child, but it they don't decorate like they used to. So this is wonderful to see!
Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones : )

Keith said...

I love driving through the city at night during Christmas. It looks so beautiful.

Kat Mortensen said...


My best wishes to you and your family for a God Jul!


Kata Wagner Berg said...

That is one of the reason I like beautiful everything.

I like it in Scandinavia that the lights stays on at all the houses all year(normal lights)

I like the snow what it's falling on your blog.
Can u help me how can I have like that?

Hilary said...

Oh wow.. beautiful photos. I love that canopy of lights.. just lovely.

Richard Jesse Watson said...


The Artist Within Us said...

It has been more than thirty years since I have been in Europe or for that matter my trip to Denmark.

I recall the Old World style architecture and charm. Looking at the photographs, childhood memories come back to me and I see I really never left, there is still a part of me rooted to my past even after all these decades.

Thank you for sharing.

G said...

I can imagine how these decorations take your breath away. Your pictures take *my* breath away. That canopy of lights is stunning! I think other cities around the world should take inspiration from yours. :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

You create a beautiful Christmas spirit with your gorgeous pictures!

♥Mimi♥ said...

There is just something about all of those lights twinkling, isn't there? No matter what your mood earlier in the day - when the night comes creeping in and the lights go on - well, it's time for your heart to sing. Lovely, lovely photos!

sprinkles said...

OMG, these pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

My town decorates but nothing too fancy. There is one town over that I got to explore one Christmas season and there were lights galore just like in your pictures. Looking at these pictures makes me smile!

Thank you for the wonderfully sweet message you left on my blog. I truly appreciate your kindness and your friendship.

I hope you have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Brenda Pruitt said...

You're right. It's positively beautiful there.

Claus said...

I took some pictures of how Guatemalans dressed their homes, streets and businesses for the season. A little bit hesitant to post them now that I've seen the most gorgeous ones in Scandinavia!! Beautiful indeed, and something to appreciate and enjoy at this Christmas time. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

This is a very Hopeful Christmas you have posted, Zuzana and I love reading your words. They are, in fact, inspiring and point to Christmas Seasons from my childhood and to perhaps those still ahead. Blessings to you! xoxo! :)

Unknown said...

happy holidays Zuzana!

love the photos.

I am Denise Katipunera

Kat_RN said...

Wow! I do not miss the cold and wet of snow. I do miss the beauty of it. You have so many more lights than we do. Your snow video was fun, I can pretend for a minute that it is just outside my window. I love being able to share the season in so many far away places, while staying warm by the fire. Once again you have lifted my spirits. Thank you for sharing.
Merry Christmas,

Zuzana said...

The Bach, Kath, Brian, Elizabeth, Jill, Julie, LadyCat, Keith, Kat, Kata, Hilary, Richard, Egmont, BPG, Phillip, Mimi, sprinkles, Brenda, Claudia, Michael, Denise and Kat – thank you all for your kind words and compliments about the beauty of my city, all decorated for Christmas. Thank you also for your kind Christmas wishes, they are all returned with the same token to ALL of you.
Your visits are greatly appreciated at all times and your words mean so much to me.:))


United Studies said...

This makes me miss Christmas in Denmark!