May 06, 2010

Details In Red.

"Perfection lies in the details, but perfection itself is not a detail".

My mother used to say this very often. Unfortunately I do not know the origins of this quote, which I believe carries a lot of truth in it. As it is often the details that create the big picture.

I am not a perfectionist, and although I like to pay attention to details in my surroundings, I do so only if I choose to. I can walk into a room and be quiet oblivious to its decor, as I usually rely on the overall impressions I feel upon entrance. First when that impression has settled in do I look around and notice the objects.

I can not claim to have any kind of talent in interior design. However, just like with fashion, I rely on my instinct, using colours and shapes that I feel create a pleasant atmosphere. With my inclination to the eclectic and bohemian, I stay away from the modern and streamlined. I most likely break all the design rules and my home is anything but stylish, but I hope it is unique in one particular way; there is not one single other one like it.

Inspired by a comment that the lovely Sandy left here recently and that was inspired by this post on her lovely blog, I decided to share with you the red details in my home. I have already disclosed in the past that I own a cosy red sofa. However, that is far from the only red in my home.

The red details can be found almost everywhere. They most likely do not create perfection in the overall sense, but they create a home perfect for me.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful ornaments and red suits you perfectly.

The weather report: COLD, COLD, VERY COLD.

Have a warm day at the office.


Brian Miller said...

nice. i like the red highlights. smiles. i have little fashion sence myself...on occasssion maybe but...nah, not me.

Avo said...

Aesthetics are clearly personal thing, but from these pictures, it looks like you dedicate the same care for detail to your interior as you do to your exterior... Of course you have more direct control on your interior, and that just materializes that care. Thanks for the visit!

Cheryl Kohan said...

Red is the color of warmth, courage, and vitality and I think that suits you perfectly. I do love the color red. That's a beautiful collage, Zuzana. I hope you are having a great week.

Mike Minzes said...

Awesome quote!

My understanding is that perfection only exists in nature, but detais are everywhere.

Details are more important than perfection because pefection is something we can not obtain in this world.

Beverlydru said...

Your photos have become pure art. It's really wonderful to watch talent blossom and I say "Bravo!". Your collage is wonderful... it could be in a catalog and I would buy as much as I could!

Kath said...

Me too! Lots of red in my home, including my red bedroom! XX

Sukanya said...

Oh.. so lovely to see the red details in a collage.. Am imagining your house with all these details in place.. should definitely be a unique and inviting place :)

Have a great day Zuzana.


Claus said...

Beautiful!! There is quite a lot of red in your home!, and it surely must give a warm and inviting feeling to your rooms. I began thinking about the colors at home...there is plenty of yellow, and quite some orange, but actually there is plenty of everything around! Like you, in a more cozy style, than the modern straigth and clean lines. Actually, there is plenty of local art and ceramic; very "Guatemalan" if you will. I should write about that!
Thanks for sharing your style and home Zuzana!
have a pleasant day!

Anonymous said...

From what you have shared with your blogger friends, you have a great sense of creative design and style. I take the Arcitectural Design magazine and enjoy seeing all of the beautiful interior designs... so appealing to the eye.
Keep up the good work, Zuzana, you're doin' great! :) The Bach

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Red, beautiful RED! Love it. I just have a deep, visceral attachment to true red. It makes me soooo happy! Love your red touches. Everybody in my family knows, "Get Tracie the RED one!" I even have a red iPod Shuffle, inscribed in pig-latin, from my family. Love it.

sprinkles said...

Love those red candles!

I'm certain I'm probably breaking all kinds of design rules but I don't care. I'm happy with my little house and that's all that matters! I don't have much red in my house beyond candles.

I've heard that if you're depressed, you should wear red and it'll cheer you up.

Laura said...

I love the reds Zuzana...the feel so rich and inviting to me...warm, bold yet funky and comfortable..what more could a home need?

Sumandebray said...

Red, gold and black colors have the power to make bold and definitive statement. Nice post.
Red is also associated with communists.
Long time back I had a post on colors too

Reading Tea Leaves said...

TSome great comments on this post - very interesting!

I love the red accents in your home Zuzana, even something as simple as a bowl of red apples can add extra colour. My home is quite muted but I like to add colour with flowers and fabrics.

I missed yesterday's post so off to have a look now!


Sandy said...

Bravo - great touches of RED! I love the RED collage. And that cute red rocking horse lantern is to die for. I think you have more pops of red in your home than I do. My Dad put red and white tiles in one of my childhood bedroom's floors at my request when he asked what color I wanted. RED was my answer to him all those years ago. It is such a warm, inviting color just like you! I was tickled you mentioned me and that I was your inspiration. I'm still waiting to see your red couch. I toured a home here that was decorated for Christmas and the lady of the house had a red couch and I loved it. I even asked my hubby if a red couch would bother him (one of these days we need to replace our sectional - it is about 20 years old). Now I have to figure out what I am going to post for Cindy's My Romantic Home Show n' Tell Friday. Well, dear friend I better go.


Gal Friday said...

You most definitely DO have a stylish home, but in a comfortable way. I love the red touches(I now realise I don't have much of that hue in my own home--mostly cobalt blue, lime green and yellow) and I always like the true Scandanavian (mixed almost with a Greek/Meditteranean feel)feel I get from seeing the interior shots of your house.

Rajesh said...

Wow! wonderful decorative items in red.

S. Susan Deborah said...

Red is the colour of passion and life-force. I can see all that in the display of 'red' in this post. Red has something, doesn't it?

Trying to imagine your house, I can't but wonder at the sheer vitality in the abode and with you, no wonder.

Joy always,

Cat in the road said...

Those last seven words sum it all up, "...they create a home perfect for me." Our living arrangements are a reflection of who we are and our own individual tastes.

Hilary said...

I think that I tend toward green touches the way that you go for red. I like how you captured the reds in a mosaic. Nicely done, my friend. :)

Zuzana said...

Elizabeth, Brian, Alesa, Cheryl, Realliveman, Beverly, Kath, Sukanya, Claudia, The Bach, Rosezilla, sprinkles, Laura, Sumandebray, Jeanne, Sandy, Tina, Rajesh, Susan, Scribe and Hilary, thank you so much everyone for your great comments full of compliments and kind words about my decorating skills and my photography.

Indeed, as some of you mentioned, red is the colour of communism, a regime I grew up in, I guess it has left a trace in me.;) But it is also a colour of Love and Passion, two things I am all about.;)

Your visits and opinions are at all times much appreciated.;)