February 13, 2010

Heart On Fire.

It is cold, it is snowing and more snow is on the way. So, I can either decide to be really upset about that or choose to ignore the weather all together.

I am opting for the later, going into a weekend of hibernation with Batcat - this includes good books, relaxing music, feel good movies, comfort food and of course - cosy fire.

The below is what my Saturday fire looks like. Perhaps even if you can not feel the real heat, you can get a virtual joy from it. After I filmed the clip, I noticed that one of the logs looks a lot like a heart - how very appropriate for the occasion.

And to those of you who actually do decide to watch the below, look for Batcat appearance about seven seconds into the clip - at least in sound, showing his approval of the fire.
We are wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a happy Valentines Day tomorrow.


Brian Miller said...

i hope you have a wonderful weekend and valentines. thanks for the fire...got a surprise snow shower last night that covered our world again. nice to feel the warmth...smiles.

Elizabeth said...

Hej Zuzana,

That's the best idea. Just stay indoors, after getting the groceries, and enjoy yourself with music, books and movies. Hope you will have a lovely valentine's day.

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for the song of yesterday. Loved it.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful and yes I saw the heart shaped log and heard Babcat. Yes you will have plenty of chances to see the opening show of the Olympics many times. Enjoy your weekend dear one.

Shelly's Style Shop said...

The fire looks cozy and nice. Enjoy your nice and relaxing weekend. Batcat seems to be enjoying every bit of it. =)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Batcat. Thanks for sharing your wonderful warming fire. It makes me warm while looking at it. =)

xoxo, Shelly

Julie Hibbard said...

I feel warmer already! It's so calming...with the music playing in the back ground...is that Diana Krall?
I so wish I could come sit by the fire with you--I'll bring the wine and the warm conversation...
one of these days!!
OR, you are always welcomed in my home. It's another 72 degree day here in Orange County, California. But for some reason, I kinda wish I was in the snow in front of a fire...

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a warm and happy Valentine's Day, dear friend!


what a wonderful way to start my day - a day that outside my own heart and my own little world is cold and colder and white and whiter, still - so thank you so much for this beautiful blazing fire here and the music - all sublime! thank you! - have a wonderful heartfelt weekend lady!

Kath said...

Your fire warmed me, just looking at it! I think I'll light mine tonight and open a bottle of red wine :D

sprinkles said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I wish the Irishman could be there for you.

I saw that heart shaped log you were referring to. How appropriate for the holiday!

And I heard Batcat too, I'm glad he's enjoying the heat.

Some of the best weekends are those where you do absolutely nothing!

I like your idea of ignoring the weather. I do that often if it's snowy and/or nasty out. I close my curtains so that I don't have a reminder of it whenever I pass by a window.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You said you can feel I'll get a job soon. One of my friends, whenever I tell her I have an interview, she always says she has a really good feeling about this new job. At this point, I'm just frustrated so I hope that your feeling comes true and that I do get one soon. It was nice having the time off at first but I'm ready to get to work!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Dear Zuzana:

A lovely Valentines to you and your Irishman.


Nessa said...

I do feel warmer. And there is a burning heart in the heart of the fire.

Purdie Pyrate

Gal Friday said...


I heard Batcat loud and clear!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend. I heard Batcat...he has a sweet voice. And I saw the heart...it was "heartwarming" : )

tony said...

Have A Lovely Warm weekend.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Zuzana,

LOVE the virtual fire.

Get cozy, read, pet Batcat, have lots of good fires, eat great food, and find peace.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

steviewren said...

Between the crackling of the fire and the mellow music, I feel warm all over. Thanks for sharing both. I stayed and semi hibernated today myself.

Anonymous said...

What ambiance! Love the fire. I think I'll go built one here. The soft music is also setting the mood for a great weekend of relaxation. I heard BatCat. Our shy Skip is now approving of me more. Maybe someday he'll let me pet him. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!
The Bach

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Dear Zuzana!

Just stopping by and wishing you Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you having a wonderful one... :-)

I'm on a vacation in Thailand and will return to my blog on the 25th of February.

Much love: Evi

Sandy said...

Happy Valentine's Day Zuzana! Very nice fire. We are gong out to an early supper and then to Michaels to get some craft supplies. We have more snow coming tomorrow and we will have a fire tonight too. You should do a video of BatCat.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

sprinkles said...

This time I did notice you didn't post! Hope you're just having a wonderfully romantic day and have been too busy with that to post!

Hilary said...

Thanks for the minute of warmth. I noticed the Bat Cat merow right away but not the heart shape. Hope you had a great one.

Beverlydru said...

What a great title! Hearts on fire and golden nerves... you're quite the word crafter. I've been close to the fireplace all weekend too. Cozy and warm. Happy Valentine's Day!

Holly said...

Hey Z,...it was soo lovely to escape to your blog today and hide here and catch up on all of the lovely things that you have to share.

Thank you for your heartfelt and kind comments on my last 2 posts. You have become a true and genuine friend and I appreciate your friendship! You have such insight into life and such a nurturing and gentle way of sharing them. I thank you for that. Love, Holly

Claus said...

While Batcat was happy with the cozy fire, Lucas and Mateo where laying on the floor. It's been very hot around here! Not as hot as the real summer will be, but hot enough to switch the warm bedcovers for something lighter. These differences, within one planet, always catches my attention, and leave me in awe.

Zuzana said...

Brian, Elizabeth, QMM, Shelly, Julie, Zuzu, Gypsywoman, Kath, sprinkles, Susan, Nessa, Tina, LadyCat, tony, Sharon, Stevie, The Bach, Evi, Sandy, Hilary, Beverly, Holly and Claudia, so glad you enjoyed the fire with me.;) And Batcats vocals as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by this weekend and I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day as well. I always appreciate your visits and kind words.


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

I am happy to bask in the 53 seconds of warming fire Zuzana!

Reading Tea Leaves said...

Sorry this is late Zuzana but I hope you and Batcat had a wonderfully cosy weekend and a happy Valentine's Day.

Jeanne xx